Leadership Council continues to discuss local situation & repercussions of Houthi terror attacks
The Presidential Leadership Council, headed by His Excellency President Dr. Rashad Muhammad Al-Alimi, Chairman of the Council, held a meeting to discuss developments in the local situation and the required structural reforms in some sovereign apparatuses.
ajor General Al-Zubaidi chairs an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers
A member of the Presidential Leadership Council, Major General Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, chaired this morning at the Presidential Palace in Ma’ashiq an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers.
Wall Street Closing
U.S. stocks closed higher Wednesday after the Federal Reserve (Fed) took a less aggressive stance than expected.
Yemen reaches 124th place in FIFA's monthly ranking
The national football team has moved up one place in FIFA's new monthly ranking reaching the 124th as published by the FIFA on Thursday.
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Hadi stresses imperative of upgrading Central Bank branches

Fatah stresses imperative of CSO engagement in relief work

Jordan stresses imperative of Riyadh Agreement in Yemen

Hadi stresses imperative of curbing national currency devaluation

Interior Minister stresses imperative of combatting drugs proliferation

Baoom stresses imperative of UNICEF's delegation of full authority to Aden office

FM stresses imperative of timetabled redeployment in Hodeidah

Aden governor stresses imperative of implementing the Riyadh Agreement

Yemen stresses imperative of international alignment against Iran's threat

Hadi stresses imperative of unified countering of criminal designs

Marib official stresses imperative of providing aid to re-displaced IDPs

Chinese ambassador emphasizes imperative of implementing Riyadh Agreement

Hadi stresses imperative of consolidating Mahra stability

SP stresses imperative of pressing Houthis to implement Hodeida agreement

Presidential advisor stresses imperative of implementing UN resolutions on Yemen

Yemen VP stresses imperative of int'l pressure on Houthi militia over rejection of peace

Defense Minister stresses imperative of intensified rebuilding of armed forces

Hadi stresses imperative ofministries' contribution to life normalization

SP stresses imperative of implementing Riyadh Agreement

PM: Our battle against Houthi rebels at crossroad, joining efforts imperative

Designating Houthi militia "terrorist organization" imperative to push peace, says Ambassador Yaseen

Alyemany: Cooperation imperative to prevent establishing new Hezbollah in Yemen

Designation Houthis terrorists imperative, says Minister

Arab League: respecting Riyadh Agreement imperative

Dr. Ba-aum to EU Ambassadors: immediate intervention imperative to control endemics

VP stresses imperative of concerted efforts to complete Taiz liberation

President al-Alimi: Coherent national alignment is imperative

Info Minister stresses imperative of media message countering of sectarian ideology

PM: Riyadh Agreement enforcement imperative to maintain security, stability

Kuwait stresses imperative of preserving Yemen's unity and sovereignty

Lamlas to Griffiths: UN contribution to investigations into Aden airport terrorist attack imperative

Al-Aoud: information, technical support for Indian Ocean country imperative to counter coronavirus

FM says UN Hodeidah mission is beholden to Houthis, ‘not acceptable’

FM says int'l community needs to send strong warning on Houthi abuses

New Aden governor sworn in

Oil minister, Hadhramout Dep. Governor discuss developing oil sector

Health Ministry organizes extensive meeting for organizations

Interior Minister briefed on security performance in al-Mahrah

President Hadi: We've no choice but to eliminate coup, restore the state

Foreign ministry surprised by UNICEF representative's tweets on al-Durayhimi incident

Govt reviews terms of tender for fuel import in Aden

Ass'aadi emphasizes on Yemen reconstruction

FM stresses importance of sending international warning to Houthis to stop Marib war

Yemen Women Union raiseawareness on NDC outcomes

Fatah confirms political leadership' interest in reinforcing local administration

Hadi emphasizes regular payment of military

Telecom Minister, Arabsat address improvement of terrestrial stations

Planning Ministry, Save the Children discuss cooperation

UN should name Houthis as obstructers of humanitarian work, says PM

President's directives are to deal with sabotage acts firmly, says Defense Minister

Hadistresses uniting efforts to achieve financial, economic security

Saudi King affirms Coalition continued support to Yemen

Culture Minister stresses protection of historical sites in Hadhramout

Conference on blood disorders wraps up in Aden

Yemen condemns sabotage attack against four cargo vessels near UAE waters

Iranian interferences prolonged the conflict in Yemen, says Arab League SG

Interior Ministry demands civilians to stay at home

ISIS and Al-Qaeda in liaison with Houthis, their threat's grown critical: Yemen Security official

Jordan condemns double terror attacks in Aden

Civil Service, ACHNC explore join partnership

Arroayni, CSO representatives meet in Mukalla

President Hadi instructs governors to mobilize human resources to encounter militia

Security Council's carelessness will allow Houthis to continue dodges

Fatah hails Saudi, Emirati donations to meet humanitarian needs in Yemen

Shojaa Addeen demands int'l pressuring of Houthis to honor peace deal

Govt reps highlight Houthi violations of ceasefire deal

Hudramout deserves more than two Universities, says minister

Any solution not in line with 3 references will prolong crisis, says Al-Saadi

Aden health officials discuss urgent arrangements to handle Covid infection scenarios

Supervisory committee approves service tenders in Taiz

Health Minister visitspolice copswounded in Aden terror attack

Defense Minister updates PM on military progress

Dhamar: 922 Houthi human rights violations since Jan. 2018

Planning minister says US terror labeling of Houthis may limit their stubbornness

PM, new WFP manager discuss Houthio bstacles to humanitarian aid

Prime Minister follows on plans to deal with cyclone Kyarr

FM raises rebellion issues in north and south Yemen with UN chief

Yemen Minister urges international organizations to move to Aden

Acting Environment Minister, UNICEF discuss promoting cooperation

Yemen PM stresses urgent humanitarian interventions in afflicted Marib

Taiz security committeediscusses life re-normalization

Adenis confirm they rally behind Hadi to activate state institutions

Yemeni provinces prepare for coronavirus pandemic

PM urges continuing economic, financial, monetary reforms

Govt honored all commitments towards peace, Hadi tells US ambassador

VP hails Marib security authority's vigilance

Minister calls on WB to deal directly with legitimate institutions in Yemen

Yemen ambassador briefs Austrian official on Houthi devious avoidance of Stockholm Agreement

2019 Humanitarian Response Plan under consideration

VP says Yemenis must go jointly fighting Iranian-Houthi Imamate theocratic menace

PM emphasizes strict enforcement of Financial Law

VP arrives in Marib, follows on field developments

Yemen responds to EU Council's recommendations

PM meets US envoy, says there must be punishment and consequences on Houthi conduct

Yemen FM says only way to resolve humanitarian crisis is a pressure on Houthis to end their military aggression

Houthis've caused death of 46 Yemeni journalists, displacement of thousands: Al-Osaydi

FM, UNICEF rep. discuss prevention of child soldier recruitment by Houthis

Taiz governor updates Hadi on campaign to crack down on criminals

Govt keen on boosting function of UNVIM, says al-Wuhayshi

Deputy FM, IOM address illegal immigration to Yemen

PM presides over meeting of Hadhramout officials in Sayoon

Endowment Minister calls for further promotion of tolerance and moderation values

Yemen parliament to investigate into fall of cities, towns to militias

Eryani: Houthi booby-trapping of boats threatens commercial ships and international shipping lines

Hadi denounces Houthi-Saleh militias' targeting of KSA civilian regions

PM calls on political constituencies to support government's efforts to manage challenges

PM urges computerizing judiciary through electronic judicial system

Fatah reiterates decentralization of WFP mission to avoid Houthi lootings

Recurrent Houthi violations aim to fail peace efforts, says Deputy FM

Govt's return to the interim capital imminent, says FM

Yemen condemns terror attack against Saudi oil stations

All national media outlets should align behind President Hadi's leadership, says Info. Minister

Yenem-Ethiopian bilateral ties discussed

Al-Eryani demands Security Council sanctions on Iran for violating Yemen arms ban

FM says Houthis push ahead with attacking Marib, refusing ceasefire

Yemen parliament speaker warns against partition of Yemen

Yemen's top relief aid official calls for probing corruption inUN agencies

FM, Danish Ambassador discuss bilateral relations

FM, UN Undersecretary General discuss child suffering in Yemen

UN tolerance allowed Houthistomaintainthe coup, politicians tell Griffiths

Aden rebellion aimed to deflect govt and Arab Coalition from confronting Iranian agenda, says PM

Yemeni-Turkish cooperation discussed

Kuwait emphasizes Yemen's Three Terms of Reference for any political settlement

PM appreciates Egypt's support to Yemen

Fatah calls for urgent int'l intervention as Houthis attack WFP grain warehouse

Joint security plan debated in Aden

Designating Houthis a ‘terrorist organization’ is an entailment of human rights respect, says Al-Eryani

PM meets Arab League's Secretary General

Arab Coalition surprised by UN officials' biased statements regarding "errant strikes"

PM,US Special Envoy discuss Yemen developments

Houthis met govt concessions with stubbornness and circumventions, says Hadi

OCHA to open offices in Taiz

'Naming UAE airstrikes against govt forces as terror fighting work is truthless justification'

Govt negotiators failed to persuade Houthis'to end Taiz siege'

Govt refuses mission extension for biased UN Experts

President Hadi receives U.S. Ambassador to Yemen

Govt stresses troop redeployment in accordance with agreed operations exposition

Saudi ambassador affirms support to UN peace efforts in Yemen

Political parties affirm support for army's advances

Arab resolution under item 10 fruit of different parties' efforts, CMHRV says

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince receives Yemen's Parliament Speaker

Arab League supports Yemen's call for Arab intervention to end Houthi coup

PM returns to interim capital Aden

Bin Mubarak, US Chargé d'Affairs discuss Yemen latest developments

Minister Planning explores EU support for Yemen

President chairs meeting include his advisors and PM

GCC leaders emphasize resolving Yemeni crisis in line with 3 references

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