Al-Sharjabi, IOM discuss collaboration to handle displacement due to climate changes
Minister of Water and Environment Eng. Tawfiq al-Sharjabi, discussed today, Saturday, with the Deputy Director-General for Operations at the United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM) Oguchi Daniels aspects of cooperation and joint coordination to manage the challenges of migration and displacement due to climate changes.
Economic and Social Council Awards BTA for Promoting Role of Organized Civil Society in Bulgaria
The Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) is awarded for merits by Economic and Social Council (ESC) in Bulgarian in recognition of its significant role in promoting the organized civil society in Bulgaria.
Ukraine's grains exports raise the GDP 5.5%
The Ukrainian Ministry of Economy reported that the Gross Domestic Product (GPD) during the time from January to October this year grew at a ratio of 5.5 percent year on year.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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Army extracts hundreds of landmines near Hodeidah city

Hundreds of new tourist facilities given work permits in Marib

Saudi project dismantles hundreds of Houthi-laid landmines, UXOs in Aljawf

Arman: Houthi militia's escalation in Marib killed, injured hundreds of families

National military dismantle hundreds of landmines in Hajah governorate

Houthis-laid landmines kill, mutilate hundreds Yemeni children

Al-Eryani: Houthi militia forcibly recruits African migrants

Two children killed by Houthi landmine in north Yemen

Eryani: The Houthi militia is subjected to massive loss of fighters on Marib battlefronts

Yemen minister warns of massive disaster as Houthis shell IDPs camps

FM, Swedish envoy discuss challenges to peace in the aftermath of Aden terror attack

Al-Kamal: Houthi militia's coup resulted in devastating impacts on national economy, labors

PM announces state's general budget of 2018

Leadership Council members visit former president

Al-Eryani calls for international pressure on Houthi militia on exchanging prisoners

President al-Alimi: We're committed to put an end of the suffering of all detainees

KSrelief distributes 51 tons of foodstuff in Aljawf

KSrelief distributes 51 tons of foodstuff in Aljawf

KSrelief distributes 400 food packs to displacees in north Yemen

Houthi militias' war-crimes against the people of Hajour tribe—Report

Dep. Governor of Marib inaugurates sanitation project

Mahra Governor: 250 families evacuated by helicopters to shelters

Human Rights League holds Houthis accountable for migrant burning crime

KSrelief launched food aid distribution in Hajjah, Tihama and Abyan

VP condoles Indonesian counterpart on tsunami casualties

Houthi militia shells Awd villages by artillery

Yemen expresses sympathy with Afghanistan

'MASAM' removes 1557 landmines, UXOs in 3rd week of June

Eryani condemns school attack, says UN silence gives Houthi terrorism greenlight

Lahjgovernor launches shelter aid for displaced families

Passports Department issues 35 passports in Marib

Relief Committee discusses sheltering IDPs in Abyan

Mujalli says battles are defining, approach Alhazm

Al-Arradah puts foundation stone for tourist-entertainment enterprise worth over $4mln

Four children wounded in landmine explosion planted by Houthi militia in Hodeidah

Shabwa governor inaugurates power transformer to boost local electricity

KSrelief launch food and shelter aid to Saada IDPs in Sayoon

MASAM extracts 578 Houthi-laid landmines in first week of February

Yemen expresses solidarity with bothers in Syria, Turkey over earthquake

Yemen condemns tragic attack of Las Vegas

Houthis bar WFP aid from western Yemen town

FM, Egyptian ambassador discuss training Yemeni diplomats in Egypt

Houthi landmine kills civilian, injures a child in Aljawf

First flight boarding trapped passengers from Jordon arrives at Sayoon airport

Arab Coalition carried out 'quality operation' against Houthi camps

Yemen: MASAM removes 1346 landmines in third week of December

MASAM removes 1658 Houthi-laid landmines in one week in Yemen

Indonesian Ambassador meets with Yemeni businessmen in Sayoon

Houthis-laid landmines kill Ali al-Hayek on first day of Ramadan

Two children wounded by Houthi shell

Two children wounded by Houthi shell

Experts dismantle 1230 Houthi-laid landmines in Aljawf

Yemen: Saudi mine action program removes 1352 mines in one week

Hadhramout Governor declares his province cholera-free

Military's helicopters continue to evacuate trapped people in Al-Maharah

Houthis escalated war on Marib but met only a severe defeat: Eryani

Taiz: Two young girls wounded by Houthi landmine

MASAM remove1528 Houthi-laid landmines in Yemen in one week

Army experts extract 500 Houthi-laid landmines in Sa'ada

Army dismantles 7,000 landmines in Houthi stronghold

The ICRC distributes 10 thousand food baskets to the IDPs in Marib

Engineers dismantle three fields of landmines in Shabwa

Farmer, son injured by Houthi-laid landmine in north Yemen

Child protection center opened in Marib

MASAM removes 2956 Houthi-laid landmines in one week

Relief Aid officials discuss status of IDPs in Abyan

YCMHRV informs UNHRC on Houthirecruitment of child soldiers

Yemen: Saudi mine action program extracts 2008 Houthi-laid landmines within days

Houthi militiamen bomb a villager's house in Albaidha governorate

Houthi attacks on population centers exacerbate humanitarian situations: Gov’t official

Over 10,000 Houthi violations against civilians in one province in 4 years

Foreign Ministry says Houthi attacks on Marib “confirms what gov’t warned of again and again”

Yemen participates in Seafood Expo Global

Marib Security forces bust Houthi terrorist cell

Al-Eryani: the 21st of September is ill-omened day to Yemen

Iranian agents issuing fake Yemeni banknotes

Houthis strike two north Yemen cities with ballistic missiles

Child killed, another injured by Houthi mine in Jawf

Saudi program extracts 852 Houthi-laid landmines in first week of June

Huge funeral held for the child Lian Tahir, her father in Marib

President directs government to fund Taiz overhead budget

Endowments Minister: Targeting holy Makkah an unforgivable crime

Yemen minister says Houthis hastened burial of burnt immigrants to bury evidences

Saudi demining project extracts 671 Houthi-laid landmines in week 4 of April

Human Rights Minister meets with Human Rights Watch's Prasow

Childhood situation discussed in Spain

Yemen gov’t surprised over UN silence at Houthi migrant immolation crime

Info. Minister, Marib governor follow up on infrastructure development

KSrelief extends Yemen demining initiative one more year

Political parties call on human rights organizations to condemn Houthi escalation

Military engineers detonate naval mines planted by Houthis off Meedi coast

Two children, one young man injured by Houthis-laid down landmine in Taiz

Under Houthis, Yemen press freedom in its worst times in history

Report: 2726 Houthi violations of human rights in Sana'a during first half of 2019

Deputy Governor discusses with NGOs situation of IDPs in Marib

Info Minister says Houthis pressure migrants to hide Sana’a genocide facts

Terrorist Houthi militia's ballistic missile kills three civilians, hurt others in Marib

Massive Yemeni demonstrations to condemn Israeli occupiers' massacres in Gaza Strip

One child killed, his brother injured by Houthi militias' unexploded projectile in Hodeidah

Masam project removes 2500 landmines from Yemen in May's third week

Two civilians killed, 2 others injured by Houthi landmine in central Yemen

Heavy rain falls, floods sweep IDPs Camps in Aljawf

Chief of Staff: The army will have the honor to rid Yemen, region of Houthi terrorism

Two people killed, a third injured in Houthi-laid landmine

GCC Ministerial Council condemns Houthi constant attacks on civilians in Yemen

Houthi snipers kill and injure four women in Taiz

KSrelief provides Aden's health with medical solutions

Yemen Minister says health facilities due to collapse in embattled Marib

Two women injured by Houthilandmine in al-Jawf

MASAM extracts 22,952Houthi-laid landmines in Yemen

Info Minister: One journalist martyred, 10 others wounded in Aden airport attack

Mass demonstrations to denounce the Israeli occupation crimes

Info. Minister condemns Houthi attack on Marib neighborhood

Parliament Speaker: Yemen's dilemma complex due to militias' rejection of all peace proposals

PM offers condolences to Indian counterpart over fall of victims in train crash

Saleh-Houthi militias injure prisoners, relocate them to unknown places

Governor of Taiz discusses CARE's plans, inks agreements with Yemen Aid

Eryani: Houthi element's murder of own relatives a reminder of the dangers of Houthi brainwashing courses

Al-Malik: Houthis fired two ballistic missiles fell in Sa'ada

Defense Minister praises Egyptian support for Yemen

Experts dismantle more than 6000 Houthi-laid landmines west of Taiz

National Army demines 400 landmines northern Sa'ada

Houthi seizure of private university in Sana'a a continuation of usurping episodes

PM condemns terror attack that targeted Egypt mosque

Houthis don’t bother about magnitude of human losses in confrontations, says info. minister

Houthi failed missile attack fell in Aljawf governorate

Marib deputy governor says Houthis pressing ahead with crimes against IDPs

Houthi massacres won’t affect army’s resolve, says Marib governor

Info Minister calls on UN to pressure Houthis into releasing abducted journalists

Abu Baker Salim, Icon of Yemen's music and singing dies

Government delegation condoles the father of the slaughtered family

Yemen FM calls on UN to stop Houthi abuse of women

Parliament condemns Hothis militia's escalation in Marib, Hadhramout

Yemen demands int'l pressure to stop Houthi recruitment of child soldiers

Marib Health Ministry branch launches malnutrition survey

Yemen minister says Houthis responsible for destiny of thousands of activists after detention facility explosion

Two hundred hostages killed under torture in Houthi prisons

Eryani: The Houthi militia has expanded the looting of public revenues

Army hands over 21 child soldiers to the ICRC, says Yemen minister

Saudi team conducting treatments, surgeries for 400 heart patients in Mukalla

Yemen: New Houthi ballistic missile strike IDPs safe haven

President of the Supreme Judicial Council inspects the flow of work in Aden appeal courts

Aden's local council secretary general inspects maintenance work at al-Hoswa power plant

Al-Eryani: Iran attacks on oil tankers, ships confirm its terrorist regime

Yemen government welcomes killing of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri

Investigation committee discusses rights issues with the director of Aden police

Fishermen reject again presence of Iranian vessel in Yemeni waters

Hodeida governor discusses with UN delegation humanitarian situations

Yemen Minister: Houthi summer centers are camps for making terrorists

As 2945 families escape to Marib, competent body calls for int’l humanitarian aid

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