'MASAM' removes above 1700 landmines, UXOs in a week
KSrelief Center's Demining Project in Yemen" MASAM" extracted 1755 of landmines planted by Iran-backed Houthi militiamen in different Yemeni regions in the 4th week of September 2021.
Secretary-General of the Arab League calls for assisting Yemenis
(Saba)- Secretary-General of the Arab League A hmed Aboul-Gheit on Monday appealed to the international community and humanitarian organizations to immediately provide assistance and relief to Yemenis.
Wall Street Closing
U.S. stocks closed higher Wednesday after the Federal Reserve (Fed) took a less aggressive stance than expected.
Yemen reaches 124th place in FIFA's monthly ranking
The national football team has moved up one place in FIFA's new monthly ranking reaching the 124th as published by the FIFA on Thursday.
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MASAM destroys 1013 landmines, UXO, explosive devices in Bab el-Mandab

Up to 7 thousand land mines, explosive devices removed in April 2020

'MASAM' removes 1320 landmines, explosive devices in 1st week of November

2000 landmines, explosive devices planted by Houthi militia in Sa'ada destroyed

Up to 2782 landmines, UXO, explosive devices removed in 2nd week of May

Up to 850 landmines, explosive devises destroyed in Aljawf

'MASAM' removes 1400 land mines, UXOs, explosive devices in 2nd week of April

'MASAM' removes 1630 landmines, explosive devices in 1st week of December

MASAM removes 1185 landmines, explosive devices in the 4th week of June

MASAM removes 1092 landmines, explosive devices in 1st week of July

Up to 1433 land mines, explosive devices removed within a week

Coalition announces shooting down explosive-loaded jet

Arab Coalition destroys new Houthi explosive boats, says spokesman

Military engineers remove 2,000 mines and explosive devices in Aljawf

Arab Coalition destroys explosive-laden Houthi boat

"MASAM" destroys 1155 landmines, UXOs, explosive devices

Arab Coalition forces down six Houthi explosive-laden drones

Arab Coalition destroys two Houthi explosive boats in the Red Sea

National Military extracts, destroys 3 thousand landmines, explosive devices in Saada

'MASAM' removes 1,250 landmines in the 4th week of September

'MASAM' extracts 4.536 landmines in 1st week of December

MASAM' removes 1413 landmines, UXOs in a week

MASAM removes 1,112 landmines in the 3rd week of June

'MASAM' removes 2018 landmines in the 3rd week of November

MASAM removes 1835 Houthis-laid landmines in 3rd week of April

MASAMA removes above one thousand Houthis laid-down landmines

"MASAM" pulls out 2209 landmines in October

Up to 1810 Houthi laid-landmines destroyed in west coastline

'MASAM' removes 1500 landmines in a week

MASAM pulls out 1600 landmines in 4th week of December

"MASAM" removes 1022 landmines in 1st week of May 2020

Up to 5 thousand Houthis laid down landmines in Hajjah were destroyed

Up to 3552 of Houthi militia's landmines destroyed in Aden

'MASAM' removes 1300 landmines in the 4th week of December

MASAM' removes 1446 landmines in the 3rd week of January

"MASAM" pulls out 3556 landmines in second week of March

MASAM' removes 1184 landmines, UXO in the 2nd week of September

'MASAm' removes 1500 landmines in 2nd week of January

'MASAM' removes 1385 landmines in the 4th week of November

'MASAM' removes 1531 landmines in 3rd week of February

Up to 1740 landmines dismantled in Marran of Sa'dah governorate

'MASAM' removes 1567 landmines in 1st week of January

'MASAM' removes 1846 landmines in 1st week of March 2021

VP reviews demining plans

MASAM demines 2,467 Houthi landmines mid-January 2019

'MASAM' removes 1679 Houthi-laid landmines in the 3rd week of March

Engineering teams pull out over one thousand landmines Houthi militia planted in Sa'ada

Renewing "MASAM" contract at $30mln

Arrabi'ah: Masam Demining Project totaling: $40 million, for Yemen free-mines

Up to 3 thousand Houthi landmines destroyed in Taiz

Army teams destroy 5000 mines, explosives planted by Houthis in Hajja

Al-Eryani: Houthi militia's attacks on Marib caused 344 casualties of civilians

National army destroys 2500 mines in Sa'ada

Houthis blow up mosque in Dhamar

National Army demines dozens of mines planted by Houthis in Boq'

Spokesperson of Armed Forces holds Houthi militia accountable for Sawan crime

Military center on dealing with mines opened in Shabwa

PM praises "MASAM" demining efforts in Yemen

Army Spokesperson confirms arresting terrorist elements in Hadhramout

Thousands of landmines killing civilians in southwestern Yemen, MSF reports

'MASAM' removes 1352 Houthi militia-laid landmines

"MASAM" demines above 2000 landmines of March first week

Up to 163 landmines removed in Aljawf governorate

Houthis plant landmines in UN food stores

Army extracts hundreds of landmines near Hodeidah city

Up to 150 Houthis-laid landmines destroyed north of Sa'ada

(Masam) team destroys 450 landmines in Aussailan of Shabwah

Foreign Ministry condemns Houthi launch of drones on Saudi Khamis Meshiet

Security authorities arrest terror cell in Mukalla

King Salman affirms Kingdom's persistence support for legality in Yemen

'MASAM' removes 1495 Houthis-laid landmines

Arab Coalition destroys Houthi drone launched at Saudi Arabia

'MASAM' removes above 1700 landmines, UXOs in a week

MASAM pulls out 4911 landmines in second week of February

Up to 1400 landmines, UXOs removed in a week

"MASAM" demines 1,781 landmines in fourth week of March

'MASAM' removes 2183 landmines in 2nd week of June

More than 1700 mines removed in Yemen since early October

Rising Houthi terror activities pose unprecedented danger to int’l shipping

Houthis kill policeman, hurt 7 more by booby-drone attack in Taiz

"Masam" pulls out 11,785 landmines planted by Houthi militia

Demining program destroys mines, explosives in Abyan

MASAM pulls out 1.611 Houthi laid landmines in November

MASAM' pulls out 1396 landmines in March

Aden seaport authorities deny ammonium nitrate is stored at the port

'MASAM' removes 1351 Houthi-laid landmines in a week

Yemeni Defense Ministry team to enroll in training course in Hungary

National Army destroys 1000 landmines, explosives in Sa'da

Al-Maysari, UNDP discuss criminal investigation capacity building project

"Masam" pulls out 9 thousand landmines last October

MASAM extracts 1325 of Houthis laid landmines in the 3rd week of December

Up to 1600 landmines planted by Houthis in Bab al-Mandab region destroyed

Hadi orders govt to clamp down on security irregularities in Aden

29 violations by Houthi militia in Hodeidah within 24 hours

"MASAM Project pulls out 2359 landmines in February

Masam removes 965 mines mid of August

Army experts extract 500 Houthi-laid landmines in Sa'ada

Yemeni-Saudi projects destroy thousands of Houthi-laid landmines in Aljawf

Army busts terror cell, seizes arms and explosives in eastern Yemen

Houthi militia bombs 3 houses in Albaidh governorate

President, deputy condole relatives of assassinated resistance official in Aden

MASAM demines 1157 mines, grenades during August's second week

Army finds arms depots in Saada neighborhoods

Al-Uthaimin: Houthi militia went too far in violating int’l law

Houthi militiamen bomb a villager's house in Albaidha governorate

Up to 1898 Houthis laid-landmines destroyed in Bab al-Mandab

National Program demines thousands of mines in liberated provinces

Demining teams destroy more than 5000 mines planted by Houthis in Midi, Hairan

Arab Coalition destroys drone fired by Houthi militia toward Saudi Arabia

Yemen Commission on HR abuses gathers evidence from Taiz amputees

"MASAM" removes 1,616 Houthi mines during the fourth week of January

Shabwah airport destroyed by Houthi-Saleh militias

Houthi militiamen demolish a house in Taiz

Houthi-Saleh militias forcefully evacuate 60 families western Taiz

One child killed, his brother injured by Houthi militias' unexploded projectile in Hodeidah

Yemen welcomes UN envoy's call to honors Stockholm Agreement

Al-Salami says Iran "responsible" for repeated Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

Yemen demands friends to pile pressure on the militia to stop planting landmines

Pentagon Spokesperson confirms US support to Yemeni government

3 people killed, 18 injured in terrorist attack in Aden

Two women injured by Houthilandmine in al-Jawf

Yemen renews call on int’l community to put Houthis on terror list

Enquiry Commission documents 530 human rights abuses in past 2 months

National Army demines 400 landmines northern Sa'ada

Report: 2274 civilians killed, 2752 injured by Houthis –laid landmines since 2014

The Center of Information and Human Rights Training condemns the militia's crimes in Al-Haima of Taiz

Houthi militiamen kill 6 civilians, hurt 7 more in Taiz

Yemen security forces bust Houthi terrorist cell

PM emphasizes high vigilance among security forces

Saudi De-Mining Project pulls out 919 mines, (UXO)

Government: Houthi attack on Mocha harbor blatant defiance of international peace efforts

Houthis have used the Stockholm Agreement to serve their terror activities: Yemen minister

Houthis worsen humanitarian suffering for political gains

Security authorities arrest a terrorist cell in Ataq

Arab Coalition Defenses gun down 5 ballistic missiles, 4 drones fired by Houthis

Info. Minister calls on Lebanon to stop Hezbollah's antagonistic acts against Yemen

Houthi militia bombards Mocha Port by ballistic missile, drones

Arab Parliament speaker condemns Houthi attack on Saudi airport of Abha

GCC: Houthi militia military escalation blatant defiance of international laws

OHCHR holds symposium in Aden

Houthi militia prevents relief convoy to go to Sana'a

14 civilians killed, 5 injured by Houthi missile attack on fuel station in Marib

Legal Affairs Ministry condemns Houthi militia's crimes against the population of Arhaba district

Fatah: UN acts with Houthis contradict international laws

Military spokesperson: Houthi militia carried out 1428 attacks since cease-fire put into effect

Protesters slam international silence after Houthi-laid landmine kills new children

VP: Houthi militia insists on fighting, disrespects peace efforts

VP condoles relatives of market bomb blast victims

Minister of Information meets with Chinese Ambassador to Yemen

Al-Iryani: Saudi Arabia mobilizes for supporting Yemen, Iran sends weapons for killing Yemenis

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