Defense Minister meets UNMHA head in Aden
Minister of Defense Lt. Gen. Mohsen al-Daeri met the head of the United Nations Mission to support the Hudaydah Agreement (UNMHA) General Michael Perry and his accompanying delegation in the government's interim seat, the port city of Aden, today.
BRUSSELS: European Parliament Urges Lifting Schengen Land Border Controls for Bulgaria, Romania
The European Parliament (EP) on Wednesday called for lifting Schengen land border controls for Bulgaria and Romania by the end of 2024. Air and sea border controls were scrapped on March 31, 2024.
Chinese car sales surges 26.4 percent in the first quarter of 2024
Sales of passenger cars of Chinese brands increased by 26.4 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2024 as some 3.39 million vehicles were sold during the mentioned period.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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PM: Al-Jawf Province promising province, given special attention

VP discusses situations in Al-Maharah province

Luhj Governor chairs a meeting of the province executive office

VP Praises Hudramout province population's support for legitimate government.

Legal government gives Tihama province much attention, says VP

President Hadi was briefed on the developments and situations in Al-Maharah province.

PM appreciates sacrifices made by Dhamar Province's population

V. President, Taiz Governor discuss developments in the province

UNDP' projects in Aden province discussed

PM, governor of Lahj discuss basic services in the province

VP meets with governor of Taiz province

Al-Turki, WFP Director discuss support to Lahj province

Vice President inspects efforts of liberating Baidha' Province

Socotra local authority, dignitaries discuss solutions to province's issues

Fatah, Attaher discuss situations in Hodedah province

Lahj Governor informs VP on situation in the province

Each province to keep 20% of their revenues for themselves, PM says

Shabwa Governor discusses with UN organizations situations in the province

Prime Minister, Amran Governor discuss services to the province

Abyan Governor discusses with UN official humanitarian situations in the province

Hadi praises Shabwa governor's achievements in long marginalized province

VP informed about the situations in Ibb province

PM hails Hadhramis' for purging their province of terrorists

PM meets with governor of Abyan province

UN's agencies on a visit to Hudramout province

Al-Dale'a Governor briefs VP on the situations in the province, extends felicitations on October Revolution

VP meets with governor of Al-Baidha province

Prime Minister discusses with Taiz Governor latest developments in the province

VP, Al-Qawsi discuss situations in the Dhamar province

Prime Minister announces Mahra province disaster area

VP arrives in Al-Jawf province on inspection tip

Governor of Hudramout province lays down foundation stones of several projects

PM, Jawf Governor discuss situations of the province

VP discuses efforts aim to back the military in Amran province

VP is briefed on the situations in Ibb province

Info. Minister lays down foundation stone for Saba Province TV Channel

Govtsays Socotra an afflicted province, 17 people missing

Vice President phones Hadhramout Governor on province's situations

Food shipment arrives in Al-Maharah province

VP, Governor of Ibb discus situations in the province

Shabwa governor briefs the President on the province's situtions

President Hadi: Marib province in focus of the government policy

National Investigating Committee meet with governors of Tihama province

Hadhramout Governor declares his province cholera-free

PM conducts field visit to Lahj Province

Saba Province University signs cooperation agreement with ACA

VP pays inspection visit to Saba Province University

VP applauds troops' advancements in Sa'ada province

Shabwah Governor discusses with Saudi Program basic needs in the province

Shabwah governor discusses with Swedish Envoy situations in province

PM arrives in Al-Mukalla on a visit to Hudramout province

Military experts extract 150 Houthi-laid mines in northern Yemen province

SRC calls on donors, relief organizations to relieve Al-Maharah province

President Hadi stresses the importance of bolstering local resistance in Tehama province

President Hadi convenes meeting of Hodeidah province's senior officials

VP arrives in Marib province

Saudi ambassador visits Mairb Hospital, Saba Province University

Governor of Hudramout updates President Hadi about situations in the province

VP is briefed on military advancements in Al-Jawf province

Socotra citizens transported by air from Mahra to their province

VP, Shabwah Governor discuss situations in the province

Taiz dep. Governor surveys liberated parts of the province

KSrelief distributes 47 tons food aid in northern Hajjah province

Socotra Governor praises Saudi, Emirati support for province

President Hadi orders 1billion YR, 10MGW for Lahj province

Investment opportunities available in liberated Aljawf, says province's governor

Lahj governor discusses Yemen Aid's interventions in the province

Abyan governor says army controlled whole province

VP discusses developments in Al-Baidha province

PM orders urgent measures to improve services in Luhj province

KSrelief Center gives out 4300 baskets food in Al-Dale'a province

Taiz governor stresses importance of OCHA opening in his province

Hadi orders govt to earmark YR 1 billion for Aljawf province

Retaking Al-Baidh province a priority, VP asserts

Shamasn, Arrabi'ah discuss relief projects, programs in Taiz province

Prime Minister, Lahj Governor discuss province's future project

Col. Al-Maliki: Houthi militia impedes UN's agencies in Hodeidah province

Al-Khanbashi visits Saba Province University, P.C.R Lab. in Marib

KSrelief distributes 2330 food baskets in Taiz province

Hadhramout Governor briefs VP about situations in the province

VP reviews progress of military operations in Taiz province

Vice President inspects situations in Sana'a Province

Taiz Commander confirms continuing military operations for liberating province

Commander of 3rd Military Zone announces driving Houthi militia out of Shabwa province

Jawf governor discusses situations of the province with US ambassador

Mahrah Security Committee discusses security situations in the province

Governor of Socotra reports to VP about situations in the province

Governor of Hudramout reports to President Hadi about situations in the province

Solar energy project inaugurated in Lahj province

Yemen offers condolences to China over victims of earthquake that struck Gansu Province

Miftah discusses with Al-Tawasul foundation its interventions in the province

Marib police chief says no abuse of prisoners in govt-held province

PM presides over a meeting of Executive Office of Socotra Archipelagoes Province

Yemen experts dismantle 2872 militant-laid landmines in eastern province

President Hadi orders Petromaseala to provide Al-Mahara province with 500 thousand liters of diesel

Taiz Governor discusses interventions of SDF, PWP in the province

Taiz Governor discusses with UN envoy humanitarian situations in the province

Jawf Governor discusses with Head of European Commission province's needs

VP urges more efforts to push the militiamen out of Al-Baidha province

Prime Minister, Taiz governor discuss developments in the province

Abyan governor lobbies up for relief aid to his province

Prime Minister, Mahweet Governor discuss situations in the province

PresidentHadi confirms enabling Tehami people of managing their province

Jawf's Human Rights Office discloses Houthi detention cells in the province

Information Minister inspects media outlets in Marib province

Army starts operation to liberate central Yemen province

VP meets leaders of political constituencies in Saba province

Taiz governor meets EU delegation visiting the province

Yemen condemns terrorist attack in Somalia central province

A memo of understanding between Saba Province University, Al-Hassan First University inked

Fatah calls on UN's agencies to relief Luhj province's districts

VP, Marib governor review development efforts in Marib province

Taiz Governor, UN delegation discuss the province's humanitarian needs

PM arrives in Socatra Archipelagoes to inspect the province's situations

Lahj governor, UNPS team discuss new projects in the province

Hayel Saeed Group provides 5 thousand food parcels to Lahj Province

VP urges further efforts to improve services in Al-Jawf Province

PM holds meeting with Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hudramout province

Hodeidah governor, WFP discuss humanitarian interventions in the province

Governors of Tiham province, YGC hold Houthi militia responsible for cooking gas crisis

President Hadi urges Taiz's senior officials to make their province's interest first

Info. Minister goes to frontlines in Al-Baidah province

Fatah condemns Houthi militia holding 16 relief trucks in Ibb province

Taiz Governor discusses with UN Envoy humanitarian situations in the province

VP meets with military commanders of Qaniah Front, Al-Baidha province

Marib Dep. Governor, IOM's team discuss refugees' IDPs situation in the province

Over 10,000 Houthi violations against civilians in one province in 4 years

Abyan Governor, UNOPS rep. discuss projects underway in the province

Taiz governor, int'l organizations discuss challenges facing province

Al-Bahsani urges Hadramout national authority to encourage investments in the province

Zemam, Me'ayad, Governors of Aden Province meet with Saudi Ambassador

Marib Dep. Governor calls for greater humanitarian interventions in the province

Governor of Lahj discusses with UNOPS its development interventions in the province

PM orders to carry out several projects in Socatra province

Taiz Governor, Saudi Ambassador discuss province's needs of crucial projects

Judicial Council president discusses with Hadramout governor situation of judiciary in the province

Taiz's financial situation discussed

Governor of Marib meets with ICRC delegation

Governor of Marib meets with ICRC delegation

Mahra Governor meets members of Humanitarian Coordinator office

President directs establishing Lahj University

Mechanism for distributing Saudi aid in Mahra discussed

Shabwa Executive Office recommends operating gas, oil establishments

KSreliefdistributes aid in several parts of Yemen

Preliminary meeting of the political parties in Taiz

Saudi projects in Socotra discussed

Salaries to be paid this week in Taiz, says governor

Vice President calls Jawf governor on military developments

Vice President phones Shabwa governor on latest developments

Hadhramout Governor informs president on latest developments

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