President to the People: We are committed to power, wealth partnership, determined to end scarified governance centers
President of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Rashad al-Alimi emphasized that the anniversary of Yemeni Unity on May 22, 1990 will remain a revered occasion surrounded by appreciation.
BAKU-AZERBAIJAN: Bulgaria, Azerbaijan Sign Declaration of Strategic Partnership
Presidents Rumen Radev of Bulgaria and Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan signed a declaration on strategic partnership between the two countries in Baku on Wednesday.
Gallup poll shows 63% of working Bulgarians satisfied with their jobs
About 63% of working Bulgarians are satisfied with their jobs, 12% are dissatisfied, and 22% stand somewhere in-between, shows a survey conducted by the Gallup International polling agency, which was published on Tuesday.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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YCMHRV meets secretariat of UN working group on arbitrary detention

Taiz: National Commission of Inquiry holds a hearing for victims of arbitrary detention

IFJ calls for freeing journalist in Saleh-Houthi militias' detention

A meeting in Al-Dale'a about prisoners, detention centers

Yemen minister says Houthis responsible for destiny of thousands of activists after detention facility explosion

Government Expresses Concern Over Houthi Militia Detention of UN’s Humanitarian Relief Trucks

High Relief Committee calls on UN to act against Houthi militia's detention of cancer drugs

Govt calls on UN to press to Houthi militia's detention of 210 trucks laden with food, medicines, fuels for hospitals

Govt spokesman says Houthi detention of UN ship strong arm acts

Houthi militia fabricates fuel “detention” to cover up on revenues theft and terror finance

Govt condemns Houti detention of S. Korean vessel and two escort boats off Red Sea

Jawf's Human Rights Office discloses Houthi detention cells in the province

Fatah deploresHouthi looting and detention of humanitarian relief

Rights team recounts forced disappearance cases in Geneva since the Houthi 2014 coup

Ailment of freed journalists' highlights tragic conditions of thousands still in Houthi jails

Even women have not been spared torture in Houthi jails: Yemen minister

NCTIAVHR, Deep Root discuss detainees file in Taiz

Marib Dep. Governor discusses with investigators outcomes of their jail tour

Info Minister says Houthis pressure migrants to hide Sana’a genocide facts

One more detainee dies due to brutal torture in Houthi militia's jail

Yemen minister warns Houthis of responsibility for safety of kidnapped journalists

Al-Eryani demands UN committee to investigate killing prisoners by Houthis

Death of prisoner Mokaber a remainder of thousands of detainees' tragedy, says minister

Defense Minister calls on Red Cross Mission to inspect detainees' conditions in Houthis' jails

Cairo-based center organizes session on crimes in Houthi-run jails

Al-Ma'mari confirms death of dozens detainees under torture in Houthi militia's jails

Al-Eryani: Houthi militia forcibly recruits African migrants

The U.S. Department of Treasury sanctions Houthi militia leaders

Prisoners, hostages freed from Houthi jails arrive in Sayoon airport

Yemen reports to Ethiopia about Houthis' crime against Ethiopian detainees

Enquiry commission discusses with SJC president establishing a human rights court and prosecution

Information Minister, UK Ambassador discuss situations of kidnapped journalists

Saleh-Houthi militias hold passengers hostages for ransom

Yemen calls for UN interventionto free militia-detained journalists

Human Rights League holds Houthis accountable for migrant burning crime

Chief of Staff, head of ICRC in Yemen discuss organization's interventions

Human rights report records 1,444 Houthi violations

Sana'a: Sixteen abductees and forcibly disappeared killed and 134 others injured in a year in Houthi-run jails

Rights Radar condemns death sentence against Yemeni Journalist

JIAT refutes a number of allegations from international organizations

Houthi militia kidnaps 11 persons, from Baidha'a

Disappeared face death amidst health negligence in Houthi jails, UN officials told

Houthi militia kidnap 13 villagers in central Yemen

National investigators inspect government-run jails in Taiz

Tourism deputy minister inspects damages affected Braqish historic city

Ill journalist’s life in danger in Houthi jails, his relatives say

Rights group records 141 Houthi abuses of civilians in one month

Al-Eryani denounces killing prisoner al-Shaj'e by Houthi militia

Yemen ambassador, Polish official discuss Houthi women abuses

Al-Eryani calls on the UN to press for releasing Yemeni journalists imprisoned in Houthis' jails

Association of Abductees' Mothers deplore denial of food to sons

Yemen minister says Houthis hastened burial of burnt immigrants to bury evidences

HR exerts significant efforts to introduce abductees' cause to IC, says minister

Yemen minister calls on human rights advocates to save journalists from Houthi execution

Ambassador Mujalli confers with Polish official over Yemeni nationals trapped on borders with Belarus

PM offers condolences to his Ethiopian counterpart on the victims of Sana'a lodging fiery

Yemen gov’t surprised over UN silence at Houthi migrant immolation crime

Mothers warn their kidnapped sons could be used humanshields by Houthis

Deputy Civil Service Minister condolesICRC chief

Yemeni-Iraqi cooperation discussed

Houthi militia denies abductees journalists medicines, food, visits

Al-Eryani calls on UN Envoy to make the case of the journalists in Houthis' jails a top priority

Journalists call int'l community to stop Houthi abuses against colleagues

Two Houthi-held hostages contract coronavirus, reports

Human Rights Minister pays inspection visit to victim of Houthi torture

Eryani condemns Houthi torture of academician Sabri Al-Hakimi to death

Al-Eryani welcomes international statement on media freedom in Yemen

Watchdog calls UN organizations to condemn Houthis as they start trying journalists

Kurdistan Interior Minister orders release 22 Yemenis

Report: Houthi militias blamed for killing 7 detainees, torturing 120 others

Health of Yemeni journalist is deteriorating in Houthi-run jail

Shuja'addin reports to the ICMPD about Ethiopian migrants calamity in Sana'a

Arman, UNICEF discuss building capacities of the Ministry's staff in human rights field

Info minister says Houthi kidnapping of 97 fooled defectors to their side shows Houthis as rogue gang

Antonio Guterres urges Houthi militia to annul execution verdicts against 4 journalists

Saleh-Houthi militias injure prisoners, relocate them to unknown places

Houthi seizure of private university in Sana'a a continuation of usurping episodes

Govt condemns killing of ICRC staff member

Al-Iryani holds Houthi militia accountable for prisoners safety

Al-Eryani condemns killing Rami Ghazi under torture by Houthi militia

Enquiry commission brief parliament and Shura members on efforts to achieve justice for the victims

Public prosecutor investigators discuss HR abuse complaints

President Hadi follows the implications of Houthis' attack on the central prison in Taiz

Activists: Houthi militia kills 61 forcibly disappeared persons

As Press Freedom Day falls, Houthi war against journalism continues unabated

Yemen: Police arrest two Houthi terrorist cells responsible for car bombings in Taiz

Info.Minister condemns rebels for seizing journalists

Media Observatory: Houthi militia has very bad record of media antagonism

Al-Eryani holds Houthi militia accountable for journalist al-Mansouri's, his colleagues' safety

Govt source: Houthi militia denied 2946 persons in its jails

Saada's fellows protest Houthi militias' execution sentences against prisoners of the governorate's folks

Human Rights investigation commission inspects war victims in Silw

FM meets with Regional Representative of UNHCR

Age of simple central State, has gone, says minister

Freed prisoners set out methods of Houthi torture in jail

Yemen FM, EU ambassador discuss peace efforts

Activists condemn UNHRC overlooking of Houthi crimes

Al-Shamiri discusses with Indonesian official ways to enhance bilateral relations

Al-Iryan: Al-Ghbari brutal killing by Houthis really alarming

Al-Wahashi dies under militias' vicious torture

Security authorities hunting for Lahoud's killer, Govt officials tell ICRC's Batallas

Human Rights Ministry holds Houthi militia accountable for Anwar Arrakn's death

PM calls for pressuring Houthi-Saleh militias to release detainees

Houthi militia denies WFP delegation access to Taiz

Eryani: The government will double efforts to free remaining detainees

Houthi militia commits thousands of violations in Jawf, says organization

Human Rights Ministry deplores militia's assault on a sit-in by GPC's supporters

Arab Parliaments holds Houthi militia accountable for worsening humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Info. Minister condemns burning migrants to death in Houthi-held Sana’a

PM receives UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs

Information Monetary: Houthi militia kidnapped 144 journalists in 2018

Al-Iryani calls for swift probe into killing prisoners in Houthi detentions

President al-Alim receives UN's Special Envoy to Yemen

Al-Eryani calls for international pressure on Houthi militia on exchanging prisoners

1433 violations by Houthi militia against politicians, activists, journalists

YJS holds Houthis responsible for detainees' deteriorated health

Saleh-Houthi militias killed 440 people within first half of 2017, HR group reports

Eryani calls for real pressure on Houthi militia to release Intisar Al Hammadi

Al-Eryani calls on IC to press for releasing Yemeni journalists held in Houthis' jails

Chief of Staff receives National Investigation Committee's Team

Coup militias transform Sarwah schools to landmine factories

Chief of Staff discusses with ICRC delegate situations of kidnapped in militia's prisons

Human Rights Ministry denounces mass-executions by Houthi militia

Al-Kamal: War turned two million child to labors, militia recruit 20 thousand in its ranks

YJS calls for rescuing Yemeni Journalists

Up to 20 thousand detainees held in Houthi militia's jails, says NGO

Investigation committee meets diplomatic missions to Yemen

Govt-held provinces roll out 16-Day Activism Against Gender-based Violence

IFJ denounces the death of Journalist al-Rakan over Houthi torture

Civilian detainee and soldier die of torture in Houthi-run jail

Human rights ministry denounces kidnapping Sana'a University's professors

Assa'di: Houthi militia makes the civilians human shields

Human Rights Minister: Yemen and Egypt a strategic depth to each other

HR Minister, ICRC's deputy director discuss human rights cooperation

Eryani expresses surprise at int’l community’s silence at Houthi migrant immolation

More than 100 organizations demand EP to impose sanctions on Houthis

Al-Eryani appeals for rescuing Asma al-Aumaisi's live, releasing Fatima al-Arwali

Al-Eryani condemns kidnapping of female leader, Fatima Al-Arouli 07/10/2022

Human Rights Minister says Houthis killed, injured 4993 women

Basundowah: Houthi militia kidnapped 1180 women, recruited 30,000 children

PM appreciates national role of journalists and media professionals in supporting legitimacy and state

Saleh-Houthi militias' arrests of civilians in Hodeida 2304 recorded cases

Info. Minister: Houthi militia turned capital Sana'a into large jail

Houthi militia committed 2,158 violations against mosques in four months

Coalitionlaunches annual report on human rights in Yemen

President: Yemen faces plot bigger than rebellion

Released journalists recount torture in Houthi prisons

Houthi-Saleh militias ranked first for committing violations against journalists

Yemen Information Minister hails Egypt's role in fighting extremism

Yemen: Houthi-Saleh rebels damage journalism, kill journalists

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