Yemeni-Bulgarian relations discussed
The Charged' Affairs of the Republic of Yemeni embassy in Bulgaria Ahmed Shamer met today with the Head of the Consulates relation at the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry Dantcho Mitchi.
Secretary-General of the Arab League calls for assisting Yemenis
(Saba)- Secretary-General of the Arab League A hmed Aboul-Gheit on Monday appealed to the international community and humanitarian organizations to immediately provide assistance and relief to Yemenis.
Wall Street Closing
U.S. stocks closed higher Wednesday after the Federal Reserve (Fed) took a less aggressive stance than expected.
Yemen reaches 124th place in FIFA's monthly ranking
The national football team has moved up one place in FIFA's new monthly ranking reaching the 124th as published by the FIFA on Thursday.
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KSrelief medical team carry out 27 surgeries in Marib

National Committee for Inquiry releases its sixth report

SJC makes court reshuffle in Hadhramout

VP makes phone calls to follow situation in Al-Maharah

Arab Coalition hits Houthi militarytargetsin Sana'a

President Hadi returns to Riyadh after his visit to US

Saudi medical team performs 11 operations in Sayun

WFP: Houthi militia snatches food out of starving mouths

Minister of Electricity explores EU's cooperation

KSrelief conducts 15 open heart surgical operations in Mukalla

Medical missionary conducts 150 vision reclaims in Sana'a

KSrelief organizes psychosocial direction session for orphans

VP informed about development, construction in Socotra

Yemen mission to UN holds symposium on abductees

VP follows situations in Al-Mahara in the wake of Mackano cyclone

Martyrs Families Office start paying salariesin Aden

VP conducts a phone call to Shabwa's governor

KSrelief surveys orphaned families in Yemen

Mayor Jameel launches survey of Sana'a displacees in Marib

VP makes phone calls to Hadramout governor

Yemeni-Egyptian discussions over transport cooperation

Minister of Agriculture seeks to revive IFAD's actions in Yemen

PM praises local authority's action in Almaharah governorate

VP makes phone call to Governor of Aljawf.

PM applauds local authority's efforts in Shabwa governorate

Arrangements for Hodeidah's IDS students' exams discussed

PM keeps updated about local authority's actions in Taiz

PM informed by Governor of Lahj about projects in progress

Al-Rabia says KSrelief worked with all professionalism in Yemen

Marib Military Hospital served 141,000 beneficiaries in 2018

VP conducts a telephone call to governor of Taiz

VP informed on precautionary measures in Shabwa

PM conducts phone call to his Sudanese counterpart

PM follows up underway efforts in Almaharah to carry out preventive measures from Coronavirus

State Minister emphasizes promotion of public awareness about NDC outcomes

Yemen participates in working out Arab Plan for Cultivating Human Rights

PM conducts phone call to Marib Governor

VP conducts telephone call to Governor of Hadramout

VP congratulates Yasmin al-Qadhi on winning the Prize of (IWOC)

PM phones journalists who released from Houhis' jails

Twenty five journalists trained in conflict sensitive journalism

MSAL wraps up training of 135 child protectors

Governor of Socotra reports to President Hadi about damages caused by the tempest

Planning Minister explores IFC's support for private scoter

State Minister, NGOs discuss publication of National Dialogue Outcomes

Asharjabi explores SPDRY's support to improve water services

PM follows relief efforts in Marib to manage floods subsequent damages

PM: Precautionary measures need to be effectively applied

Ksrelief funds health awareness campaign on the islands of Fatash and Baklan

Yemeni-Russian cultural relations discussed

PM commends advancements made by troops in Nehm front

A UAE ship attacked by Houthi guided missile, Arab coalition says

New Yemeni ambassador presents credentials to Queen Margrethe II

PM: Technocrats government will act differently

VP follows Houthi militia's criminal attacks against civilians in al-Boq'a market

Khalifa Foundation sends 2 airborne relief aid cargos to Socotra

Hadhramout governor launches voluntary campaign for heart surgery, catheterization

Dep. Premier informed about developments of the events in Socotra

PM issues directions to expedite Aden Airport projects

VP conducts phone call to governor of Lahj

VP says the Yemeni people determined to eliminate the coup, establish federal state

Pro-Yemen Arab coalition: An oil tanker comes under attack near Yemen's coasts

President Hadi instructs governors to mobilize human resources to encounter militia

VP: Houthi militia violates all international, humanitarian conventions

VP conducts telephone call to governor of Socotra Archipelagos

President Hadi urges firm military discipline

Yemen, WHO explore developing response plan to counter coronavirus pandemic

Yemeni-British cooperation in health sector discussed

VP follows military situations in Al-Baidha governorate

Balsam conducts 13 open heart surgeries in Hadhramout

Bagash praises India's support for Yemen

Al-Iryani explores UNISCOW's assistance to retrieve Yemen's artifacts

PM stresses need to prepare for resuming oil exports from Marib 2019-10-20

President Hadi urges high military alert in Hadramout

PM orders improving basic services in Hadramout governorate

VP condcuts phone call to Governor of Taiz

President Hadi follows combat operations in front-line battles

VP hails army advances in Al-Ajasher

President Hadi: Together we'll manage the war as we do with natural disasters' damages

VP acclaims troops' heroic fighting against Iran-backed Houthi militiamen

President Hadi follows on developments in Taiz

Bin Mubarak appeals to ICRC to relief al-Abidia District's villagers

PM, governors discuss public services via video conference

VP: Houthi militia's atrocities prove actual malice toward Yemenis

PM praises heroic fighting of the troops in al-Baidha

President Hadi praises heroic battles fought by the troops in Marib against Houthi militiamen

PM: We hold Imamate militia responsible for the abductees of the GPC' members

VP conducts telephone call to Taiz governor

PM, Director of WHO discuss measures to manage coronavirus

President Hadi follows military advancements in west coastal front

President Hadi orders establishing security, stability in Socotra

Al-Balsam carries out first open heart operation successfully

Yemeni, Malaysian officials discuss relief efforts

PM: The Peoples' Republic of China too qualified to control Coronavirus

Re-assigning $32 million from Islamic Bank to counter coronavirus

Investigation committee meets GCC diplomatic missions

VP conducts phone call to Chief of Staff

PM orders higher alert to prevent cholera spillover from Abyan

FM meets with Chairman of PUC

MP: Efforts need to be joined to maintain Marib as a model for stability, economic recovery

KSreliefreintegrates 40 minor rebel fighters in school

President Hadi praises significant advancements gained by armed forces in different flashpoints

VP follows developments in Aljawf governorate

Industry Ministry, WFP discuss results of field visits to WFP warehouses in Aden

VP conducts phone call to Marib governor

PM praises local authority's efforts in the interim capital Aden

Minister Batheeb says Yemen's national economy lost over $90 billions

Increasing oil production a top priority, says Oil Minister

Government seeks to use Yemen's SDRs

PM follows underway efforts to ensure safety of Yemeni students in Ukraine

VP is briefed on military advancements in Al-Jawf province

PM: Militia's military escalation, breaches of the truce in Hodeidah bring peace process to crossroad

VP: Houthis' ongoing military escalations prove they're warmongers

KSrelief entertains 40 children rehabilitated from war experience

VP conducts phone call to Taiz governor to follow developments

VP follows local authority's efforts to maintain security in Marib

VP praises heroic battles the troops fighting in Aljawf

PM praises Saudi generous support for Al-Maharah, other provinces

SP praises British stances in support of Yemen

Minister Askar meets GCC officials in Geneva

PM: Houthi militia keeps on refusing truce, peace

Ministry of Water's delegation explores International Organizations support for Water Sector

Higher education divides scholarships equally between northern, southern provinces

PM chairs joint session to review Saudi fuels grant progress

PM: Houthi militia's missile attack on gasoline station aims to spoil peace efforts

President Hadi follows military advancements made in the western coast

Yemen security forces bust Houthi terrorist cell

President Hadi praises patriotic roles of Marib people in defending the revolution

Vice President, Deputy Premier discuss security situation in liberated areas

President recommends tough measures to restrain radicals

Arab Coalition destroys Houthi UAVs storage facility

President Hadi urges mobilizing resources to improve health services in Taiz

Yemen Defense Ministry condemns Emirati airstrikes against its troops

PM calls on the UN, IC to take clear stance toward Houthi militia's crimes

President Hadi follows developments of situations in Al-Dhale'a governorate

President Hadi highly extols troops heroic battles against Houthi militiamen

President Hadi follows combat operations in Hodeidah

Minister portrays historical impact of Houthi-Saleh rebellion on industrial development

Tihama Resistance leader briefs President Hadi on locals alignment with the troops

Yemen demands to be included amongst Spain's priority states

Info. Minister renews government's call for investigation into fire of WFP warehouse

VP: Yemeni people backed by Arab Coalition will defeat Teheran's Houthi militiamen

Arab Coalition destroys two Houthi explosive boats in the Red Sea

Hamdan bin Zayed urges intensive relief operations, developmental projects in our country

Seventy six victims of Houthi breaches since Hodeidah ceasefire started

PM conducts phone call with UN Secretary General

VP conducts phone call to Taiz Governor

President Hadi conducts phone calls to Defense Minister, Governors of Marib, Aljawf, Sana'a

Security authorities arrest a terrorist cell in Ataq

PM: Marib heroic fighting against Iran's scheme a gate for Yemen's great victory

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