Yemen welcomes International Court of Justice's Advisory Opinion on the illegality of Israeli occupation
The Republic of Yemen Yemen welcomes the advisory opinion issued by the International Court of Justice, regarding the ongoing illegality of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.
Gaza: Death toll from the Israeli occupation’s aggression against Gaza rose to 38,919 martyrs and 89,622 injured.
The Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip has left 38,919 civilians martyred and 89,622 others injured since October 7, 2023.
Inflation rate in Oman increased by 0.7 percent in June
The inflation rate in the Sultanate of Oman increased by 0.7 percent in June 2024 compared to the same month in 2023.
Real Madrid announces extension of Luka Modric's contract until 2025
Spanish football club Real Madrid announced on Wednesday it had extended the contract of Croatian midfielder Luka Modric for one year, to remain with the team until 2025.
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Rights team recounts forced disappearance cases in Geneva since the Houthi 2014 coup

Houthi militia kidnap 13 villagers in central Yemen

Report: Houthi militia forcibly disappeared 2,406 civilians in over 5 years

Rasd Coalition; Houthis Militia Abducting and Forcibly Disappearing more than 18 thousand For Three Years

commits Up to 389 violations by Houthi militia in January

Report: Houthis committed over 19,000 rights violations in Amran in 4 years

Al-Asadi: More than 1,450 violations against press and journalists in Yemen

Human Rights Ministry condemns militias attack of prisoners in Sana'a

Houthis killed and injured 32000 civilianssince September 21, says NGO

Report: Up to 9 thousand violations by Houthi militia against education in Aljawf

US ambassador condemns terrorist Houthi militia's attack on the Baha'is

Coalitionlaunches annual report on human rights in Yemen

Enquiry Commission visits counter-terrorism barracks

'Houthis' persistent avoidance of Stockholm Agreement adds up to their crimes'

Info minister: Houthi jails stuffed with thousands of innocent civilians

National inquiry commission documents 2,955 rights abuse incidents in 2023

Amnesty International calls upon Houthi militia to release journalist Younes Abdulsalam

Houthisabducted over 18000 persons until July 2017, says NGO

Executive Office of capital Sana'a denounces militia's violations against women

The Houthi militia’s practices are not different to the mafias’: Eryani

Yemen's theocratic Houthis commit 389 violations in one month: Report

Eryani calls for int’l intervention to stop Houthi compulsory recruitment of fighters

Yemeni Organization for Prisoners and Detainees in Marib

On Human Rights Day, Yemen journalists fear Houthi execution of fellows

YCMHRV meets secretariat of UN working group on arbitrary detention

Report: 2726 Houthi violations of human rights in Sana'a during first half of 2019

Militia committed 267 violations against human rights defenders, report

Askar calls on int'l think-tanks to shed light on Houthi war crimes

Yemen journalists emphasizeaccountability for rights violators

Houthis committed 2508 violations in Q2 of this year: Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms

Saleh-Houthi militias injure prisoners, relocate them to unknown places

Houthis have killed 46 Yemeni journalists, says Al-Osaydi

Yemen’s war: Indiscriminate shelling left 1333 female casualties in 5 years

EU parliamentarians: Houthi crimes a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law

Report: 5143 violations by Houthi militia against civilians in Albaidh

YAMHRV denounces militias' trial of 10 journalists in their custody

Arrangements for international investigators visit discussed

Activists: Houthi militia kills 61 forcibly disappeared persons

Two hundred hostages killed under torture in Houthi prisons

Houthi militia's violations against civilians in Sana'a, Al-Baidha discussed.

Al-Eryani Houthi militias are responsible for the safety of Judge Qatran

Rebel militias caused death of 11,746 people, says HR minister

Human rights organization documents 756 Houthi violations in one month

Eminent Experts report seeks to cover up Houthisavage crimes, Yemen activists say

Media Observatory: Houthi militia has very bad record of media antagonism

President praises British stance in support of Legal leadership in Yemen

Yemen parliamentary delegation hails USIP

Houthis committed over 36,000 violations in Aljawf in 2021, says report

Report: Houthi militias committed 1134 violations against civilians in 2021

Col. al-Maliki says Turkish ship hit by Houthi missile

Cairo-based center organizes session on crimes in Houthi-run jails

Eryani calls on int'l organizations to take firmer stance towards Houthi abuse of journalists

Investigation Committee records 7,817 human rights violations

Activists condemn UNHRC overlooking of Houthi crimes

Al-Shamiri discusses with Indonesian official ways to enhance bilateral relations

Militia has committed up to 10 violations against citizens in Mareb

Up to 55 thousand violations by Houthi militiamen in Aljawf governorate

Rights Report; More than 3000 violations in Houthi detentions in Sana'a

Info Minister says Houthi-controlled areas largest hotbeds for human trafficking

Houthis killed and injured 2917 civilians in Taiz in 2017, says HRITC

Information Minister calls for ending suffering of detainees

Endowments minister warns Islamic nations against danger of Houthi terrorism

National Committee for Inquiry urges commitment to International Humanitarian Law

Houthi militia commits thousands of violations in Jawf, says organization

Families deplore Griffiths' silence as relatives face covid-19 danger in Houthi jails

Families deplore Griffiths' silence as relatives face covid-19 danger in Houthi jails

Yemeni documentaries show Houthi crimes in London

Information Monetary: Houthi militia kidnapped 144 journalists in 2018

PM condemns rebels' torture of forcibly disappeared to death

Al-Eryani slams Houthi kidnapping of Safer World employees as terrorization act

Info minister says govt offered many concessions

Houthi militia kills dozens and detonates their houses, say Tihamasources

Houthi violations unprecedented in Yemen's modern history: HR Minister

President receives freed journalists and stresses role of national press in defending public liberties

Saleh-Houthi militias killed 440 people within first half of 2017, HR group reports

Eryani calls for real pressure on Houthi militia to release Intisar Al Hammadi

NCIAVHR investigates into 1237 incidents of killings, injuries in 2021

Human Rights: Towahi genocide will not forgotten by prescription

Yemen stakeholders condemn Houthi atrocities

HRITC documents 70 violations in Taiz during October

Eryani says Houthi arrest campaign reflects state of fear gripping the militia

National commission documents thousands of human rights violation in 2019

HR Ministry condemns Houthi-Saleh rebels' torture of detainees

Prime Minister discusses with Chinese Ambassador developments in Sana

Info Ministry concerned over militias' practices against journalists

Rights organization reports reveals Houthi militia have committed 203 truce violations

Up to 20 thousand detainees held in Houthi militia's jails, says NGO

Investigation Commission documents over 900 abusesin 3 months

Humanitarian League calls on High Commissioner to pressure Houthis to release all journalists

HR Minister calls UN to press for release of forcibly disappeared

Human rights ministry denounces kidnapping Sana'a University's professors

Human Rights Minister: Houthi militia killed, wounded 653 civilians in Hodeidah

Houthis committed 2250 violations against journalists, says Sada

HRITC: Taiz siege is Houthis's most notorious crime

More than 100 organizations demand EP to impose sanctions on Houthis

French national electrocuted by Houthis arrives to government-held Marib

Rights group documents Houthi crimes against Hajjah people

Askar calls for taking strict positions towards Houthi crimes against Yemenis

OHCHR's report was biased, ignored Houthi atrocities, says HR Minister

Info Minister demands UN to declassify probes into own agencies' corruption in Yemen

Protesters rally in Geneva over Saleh-Houthi crimes against civilians

PM appreciates national role of journalists and media professionals in supporting legitimacy and state

Houthi militias' war-crimes against the people of Hajour tribe—Report

Released prisoners reveal Houthi militia's atrocities in their detentions

OHCHR inspects situation of human rights in Yemen

Arab FMs Council renews support for Yemengovt

Houthi militia committed 2,158 violations against mosques in four months

Mareb Human Rights Office sheds lights on Houthi crimes

FM discusses issue of Yemeni detainees in Iraq with Al-Jaafari

Jubari meets with ambassadors of US, Russia to Yemen

Houthis committed 2206 violations in Taiz last December, reports HRITC

Eryani expresses surprise over international silence for Houthi abuse and atrocities against journalists

Yemeni Network for Rights & Freedoms documents 6,476 Houthi violations against women

OHCHR report on Yemen biased, says HR minister

Al-Eryani condemns lifting judicial immunity from Judge Abdulwahab Qatran

Govt. Raises petition to OHCHR about militias' crimes against GPC leaders

About 340 violations made against civilians in Yemen during April

About 340 violations made against civilians in Yemen during April

Coup undermined all expression freedom progress, info minister says

613 civilians killed, injured within 40 days by Houthi militia

Rasd Coalition: Yemeni people suffer increasing violations by Houthis

Human Rights Ministry condemns militias' decisions to execute 6 of the sons of Al-Mahweet

Militias' abuses against civilians reach365 in June: Investigation Committee

Yemen discusses rebels' crimes in Netherlands

Yemen, European Parliament discuss humanitarian situation

Rasd Alliance: 170 people killed in Houthi prisons under torture

Rasd Alliance: 170 people killed in Houthi prisons under torture

Al-Yamany: Peace based on the three references more urgent than before

Houthi militia attacks on ships raising shipping prices and threatening famine

The U.S. Department of Treasury sanctions Houthi militia leaders

Al-Iryani: Houthis made Yemen a gate for Iranian regional plots

Political parties call for integration around government, face sectarian plots

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