Yemen FM, Turkish Ambassador discuss promoting bilateral relations
Foreign minister Dr. Shaya Zindani discussed with the Turkish Ambassador to Yemen Mustafa Polat the bilateral relations between Yemen and Turkey, the ways to promote them, and more issues of common interest.
UNRWA: Gaza faces risk of losing entire generation of children over Israeli aggression
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said that "the Gaza Strip is on the verge of losing an entire generation of children due to the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip."
China's foreign trade rises by 6.1% in the first half of 2024
China's foreign trade registered a record-high increase of 6.1% in the first half of the current year, providing stronger momentum for economic recovery.
Jordan hosts Asian Men's Youth Handball Championship
Jordan will host the 18th Asian Men's Youth Handball Championship, which begins Sunday, at the Princess Sumaya Hall in Al Hussein Youth City, as part of the qualifiers for the World Championship scheduled in Poland next summer.
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Parliament presidency says Houthi religious tax a return to theocratic era

VP says Yemenis must go jointly fighting Iranian-Houthi Imamate theocratic menace

Yemen commemorates Day of Revolution against theocratic tyrants

Sa'ada governor urges woman engagement in countering Houthi theocratic scheme

Report: Theocratic Houthi militia blamed for 65971 violations against children

Yemen's theocratic Houthis commit 389 violations in one month: Report

Yemen FM: 'Since coup, Houthis have sought to reinstate backward theocratic rule'

Marib Governor: Marib stands in frontline battling terrorist theocratic militia wants to bring history back

President Hadi: With the country re-union, Yemeni people stepped over colonial's and theocratic authorities desire

Governor of Marib:Imamate theocratic militiamen won't encroach Marib again

Def. Minister: We've to gain battle against the remnants of Imamate theocracy

Imamite was behind the Yemeni people's backwardness, says info minister

Ill journalist’s life in danger in Houthi jails, his relatives say

VP follows up on Houthi terrorist escalation against Marib

Govt-held Yemen prepare for 26th September anniversary celebrations

On Human Rights Day, Yemen journalists fear Houthi execution of fellows

Army hands over 21 child soldiers to the ICRC, says Yemen minister

Yemen court starts trial of coup leaders

Yemen parties say int'l community act blind as Houthis pursue racist dynastical ambitions

Defense Minister says Houthis enlist child fighters to beat Yemenis into submission

Yemen Human Rights Ministry calls for broad opposition to racial Houthi law

Education Minister condemns Houthi taking of radical oath from schoolchildren

Govt condemns Houthi military campaign against central Yemen village, int'l silence

Joining constitutional legitimacy the right track, says PM

Army repels Houthi attacks, advances on different fronts

Taiz dep. Governor surveys liberated parts of the province

NGO demands release of inmates from Houthi jails over coronavirus

Houthi militia fire new ballistic missile on govt-held city

Aden to host a medical symposium

President Hadi: We've no choice but to eliminate coup, restore the state

Houthi ballistic missile hits Marib neighborhood, injures four civilians

Yemen's Health Ministry condemns Houthi attack on Marib hospital

One civilian killed, 2 others injured in Houti shelling in Taiz

PM hails Beidha tribesmen for confronting Houthi putschists

Mujalli says battles are defining, approach Alhazm

VP condoles father of Afiya, a soldier tortured to death in Houthi jail

Army liberates several outposts in Aljawf: military commander

VP condoles relatives of deputy chief of staff

FM says Houthis tear social fabric, plant extremist ideology

Yemen official, Diakonia office director discuss aiding IDPs in Marib

Aden airport to resume flights as of Sunday

Four civilian casualties in fresh Houthi shelling on Taiz

Taiz army repels new Houthi attack

Houthi militants sentence four journalist to death

Arab Coalition destroys Houthi drone launched at Saudi Arabia

VP says Marib will remain an impenetrable shield for the republic

Marib Dep. Governor launches handicraft training for vulnerable women

Yemen calls on int'l community to follow suit of US in terror designation of Houthis

'Houthi unilateral withdrawal a repeat of last December's stage play'

Yemen Civil Service Ministry declares Sunday holiday on Revolution Day

FM, S. Korean ambassador discuss Houthi military escalation in Marib

'MASAM' removes 1320 landmines, explosive devices in 1st week of November

Yemen army kills 17 Houthi militants as it repels attack outside Marib

Houthi militia won’t halt crimes against Yemenis until the flag is hoisted all over Yemen

'MASAM' removes 1,250 landmines in the 4th week of September

Chief of Staff follows up on Hodeidah developments

Caretaker PM continues consultations with political actors over new Cabinet formation

Houthis entrench hate into the minds of young generations, intellectuals warn

Marib governor says shelling mosques sign of Houthi ‘bankruptcy

OIC condemns Houthi militia's laden-explosives drone against Saudi Arabia

Houthis don't believe in peace, Yemen stakeholders tell Griffiths

Taiz governor calls for unifying ranks to break Houthi siege, liberate outskirts

Army repels Houthi attack, kills 100 militants east of Sana’a

Yemen coronavirus committee confirms 5 new cases in Taiz

Gov’t officials discuss humanitarian needs in Sana’a city and governorate

Yemeni-Hungarian relations discussed

Houthi militants blow up more than 800 houses in 6 years, says activist

Houthis kill woman, hurting 11 civilians eastern Taiz

Army repels Houthi attack in Saadah

Yemen confirms first coronavirus case

Army kills11 militants in repelling Houthi advance attempts

MASAM' removes 1413 landmines, UXOs in a week

Continuing ceasefire breaches, Houthis lose 30 fighters east of Sana'a

Taiz: Houthi mortar rounds kill football player, son

Protests against Houthi massacres in Taiz

Army repels Houthi attack, kills 23 militants

VP calls for mission of breaking Houthi siege on Taiz to be accomplished

Aljawf: Education Ministry office condemns Houthi burning of school

Interior Minister: The stage is to restore and build the state

Yemen Socialist Party calls on Yemenis to stand united to end Houthi coup

Houthis deploy thousands of children into warfronts, says Dep premier

Hadi in favor of settlement that doesn't t hold over conflict to the future

Yemen minister deplores Houthi systematic destruction of artifacts

Several Houthi militants, members of Iran’s IRGC shelled by army in Aljawf

Houthi militia kidnap 13 villagers in central Yemen

Houthi militia loot government banks in anticipation of army's advance: Yemen Minister

Saada dep. governor launches food aid to displaced Saada families in Marib

PM praises women's sacrifices in defending freedom, dignity against Houthis

Yemen, Hungary discuss rising Houthi terrorist attacks

Army repels new Houthi attack in central Yemen

'MASAM' removes 1630 landmines, explosive devices in 1st week of December

Yemen coronavirus committee confirms 11 new cases in Taiz

Army repels Houthi fierce attack in Marib, kills 60 militants

Arab Coalition warplanes hits Houthi militants, arms depots

Arab Coalition downs Houthi armed drone headed towards Saudi Arabia

NGOs condemn Houthi killing and injuring of civilians in Beidha

Houthi militia blamed for polio resurrection, says senior official

Houthi militia bombs 3 houses in Albaidh governorate

Yemen coronavirus committee confirms 12 new cases in Taiz

Yemen coronavirus committee confirms 31 new cases in Taiz

Farmer, son injured by Houthi-laid landmine in north Yemen

VP phone calls Aljawf governor

PM praises Marib governorate fellows role in countering Houthi militia's coup

VP informed about developments in Hodeidah governorate

General Aziz: Iran proved a source of evil, terrorism

VP: Houthi militia violates all international, humanitarian conventions

VP extols troops' brave fighting against Houthi militiamen in Aljawf

VP conducts phone call to General Chief of Staff

Bahamid discusses with Malaysian Foreign Ministry Yemen's developments

VP blames Houthi militia for violating Stockholm Agreement

Yemen diplomat informs Kenyan official on Houthi raciest law

HRITC condemns Houthi shelling of Taiz neighborhoods

Army reverses Houthi attacks, retake hilltop vantages west of Marib

Arab Coalition destroys armed drone launched by Houthi terrorists

Army spokesman: Houthis go too far in targeting civilians in defiance of int'l community

Kuwaiti charity donates 2500 food packs to people of special needs in Marib

French Solidarités International learns first hand about Houthi siege of Taiz

Time for the world to see Houthi response to truce, says Hadi

'As events get more complicated, Yemenis get more certain of their federal state goal'

VP breifed on the developments in Hodeidah governorate

China condemns Aden terror attacks

Houthis kill two civilians, hurt two in the city of Taiz

Houthis killed 59 civilians in Taiz in first half of 2020, says NGO

VP says Houthis exercising destructive radicalization of future's generations

Yemen army retakes strategic sites from Houthi militants in Taiz

Yemen Minister says Houthis set up all-female brigades to abduct, torture women

Houthis strike two north Yemen cities with ballistic missiles

Yemen condemns Houthi transforming of flagship university to radicalization center

Govt calls on southern militants to end 'self-rule', allow state institutions to function

VP acclaims troops' heroic fighting against Iran-backed Houthi militiamen

Seven civilians wounded in Houthi ballistic missile attack

VP phone calls governors to follow up on developments

VP conducts phone call to Marib governor

Chief of Staff : We're approaching victory over Houthi-Imamate militia

Info Minister condemns Houthi mutilation of captive to death

One civilian killed, 5 others wounded in Houthi missile attack on Marib

VP: Houthi militia's atrocities prove actual malice toward Yemenis

Marib: army repels Houthi attack, kills at least 30 militants

Planning minister says US terror labeling of Houthis may limit their stubbornness

VP hopes for Riyadh Agreement to be a good start

Coalition Forces destroy UAV fired by Houthi militia toward Saudi Arabia

Yemen parties congratulate Hadi, nation on 26th September Revolution

Fatah: Marib has become the safe haven for Yemen's most IDPs

Arab Parliament condemns Houthi aggression on Marib governorate

Yemen minister calls on human rights advocates to save journalists from Houthi execution

Marib Governor: Yemeni people moving forward to build Yemeni federal state

Yemen FM warns of Houthi-caused catastrophe to the region and the world

FM reviews Yemen political developments

PM: We need to rebuild the state the Saleh-Houthi destroyed

Two children killed by Houthi landmine in north Yemen

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