Yemen denounces Israeli occupation's targeting Palestinian refugees in al-Nabulsi Roundabout
The Republic of Yemen has expressed its condemnation and outrage at the targeting of Palestinian civilian refugees in the al-Nabulsi Roundabout in northern Gaza Strip by Israeli occupation forces, which resulted in dozens of civilian martyrs and injuries among the Palestinian people.
Bulgaria: EU-backed Project to Assess Impact of Digital Transformation and Green Transition
Social partners in Bulgaria are implementing a project to analyze how digital transformation and green transition will impact enterprises and workers in 17 sectors of the national economy and to offer solutions to related issues, the Bulgarian news agency has reported.
Bulgarian minister says survey shows her country "First in Europe in Young People's Desire to Start Own Business"
Bulgarian Minister of Innovation and Growth said the latest Eurobarometer survey has shown her country ranks first in Europe in terms of young people's desire to start their own business.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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Chief of Staff, American military attaché discus military, security capacity building

Defense Minister, UN Envoy's military advisor discuss military situations

Chief of Staff discusses with foreign military attachés ways of military and security cooperation

VP.discusses with military commanders military developments, army building

Prime Minister heads joint meeting for military staff, fifth military region

VP: Military Judiciary , Prosecutions need to be activated

Al-Eradah discusses with Egyptian Military Attache military cooperation

Chief of Staff meets with Commanders of 4th Military Zone

Military, security developments in Taiz discussed

Al-Bahsanai: 2018 will witness military, security enforcement, development

VP meets with commanders of Military Police in several governorates

Yemen, UK discuss military cooperation

Army says won't allow formation of unauthorized military groups

Senior military commanders discuss developments about combat operations

VP follows up on military operations in Hayran and Haradh

General al-Da'iri praises Sudan's experiment in military industry

Marib Military Hospital extension in progress

Minister of Defense convenes meeting of senior military officials

UP to 183 attacks by Houthi rebels on the national military positions within 24 hours

VP follows military situations in Al-Baidha governorate

Defense Minister presides over meeting for military commanders in Aden

President names new commander for third Military Region

Army liberates several outposts in Aljawf: military commander

President Hadi urges on military institutions integration

First Military Zone graduates 500 soldiers

Presidential decree by appointing Commander of Military Police

Taiz Security Committee discusses military developments

Minister of Defense urges reinvigorating military rules enforcement authorities

Chief of Staff orders integrating Tihami resistance fighters in the military

Vice President visits military clothes lab

Vice President inspects military operations in Five Region

General al-Eradah discusses with Chief of Staff latest military developments

Al-Bahssani meets with military, security leaders in Hadramout

General Shallal Sha'ea appointed Military Attaché in the UAE

Vice President inspects performance of military units

PM attends military parade in Abyan

Vice President phones commander of five military region

PM praises great sacrifices made by the national military troops

VP holds meeting with Command of Sixth Military Zone.

VP inspects military readiness in phone call with al-Maqdashi

VP inspects military operations

Military Court sentences Houthi militia's leader,173 persons to death

l-Bahsani pays inspection visits to military facilities in Aden

Mujalli: National Military committed to truce, ready to take lead in Hodeidah

PM presides over meeting for commanders of the Fourth Military Region

Defense Minister inspects military units in Bab al-Mandab Pivot

Yemeni-British military cooperation discussed

VP: Houthis' ongoing military escalations prove they're warmongers

Military experts defuse 500 kg Houthi bomb in Taiz

Military Court holds its fifth hearing against Houthi coup

VP reviews military actions on the battlefields

Military affiliates in Taiz got salaries

VP follows up on situation of Beihan military units

'Military establishment to strike with iron fist all proponents of secession, rebellion and regionalism'

President al-Alimi meets with Military Committee

Defense Minister receives Egyptian military delegation

Military court holds 11 hearing prosecuting Houthi leaders on coup

PM praises Dhale'a military gains against Houthis

Hadi name Faysal Hassan commander of 3rd Military Region

Malaysia ready to offer more military for Yemeni commanders

VP condoles family of military graduate killed in Aden

President Hadi calls for more military vigilance to uproot terror cells

VP praises Baihan's military command, local resistance

VP arrives in Marib, discusses military developments with Chief of Staff

Presidential decree appointing Commander of Aljawf Military Axis

President Hadi urges high military alert in Hadramout

Yemen, Bahrain discuss military training cooperation

VP meets with military medical committee in Taiz

President of PLC meets with Defense Minister, Military Committee

Military center on dealing with mines opened in Shabwa

Military Prosecution in Marib accuses the suspect Hassan Arlo with several charges

Coordination between military and local authorities discussed

Vice President calls Jawf governor on military developments

Marib Military Hospital served 141,000 beneficiaries in 2018

Vice President, military commanders discuss situations of battlefields

VP holds joint meeting of military command in Marib

Attorney General of Military Prosecutions takes legal oath before Leadership Council's chairman

VP holds a high-profile military meeting

Prime Minister inspects work in logistic department, military base

Defense Minister holds meeting with military commanders on battlefields

Lahj military, security on high alert

VP calls Jawf governor on military situation

Houthi acknowledgment of Iranian military support is no surprise, says Eryani

VP praises Saudi-led Coalition support for Yemen's leadership, military

National military dismantle hundreds of landmines in Hajah governorate

VP meets with commanders of military zones

President al-Alimi appoints General Lawyer for military prosecutions

VP meets Defense Ministry senior military commanders in Marib

Commanders report to VP about military developments

Minister of Defense convenes meeting included Military commanders in Marib

Chief of Staff presides over meeting for commanders of military regions

Taiz military commander directs all units to control security

VP stresses complementarity between military field units and departments

Military engineers detonate naval mines planted by Houthis off Meedi coast

Shabwa security welcomes deployment new military forces

Military court hold 13th hearing prosecuting Houthi leaders

Vice President phones Baihan Pivot Commander on latest military developments

Prime Minister visits BaSohaib Military Hospital in Aden

Vice President phones commander of first military zone on affiliates' conditions

Military, security redeployment process in Shabwa continues

PM follows up paying salaries to all military regions in liberated provinces

Appointing new Commander of the Seventh Military Region

Taiz military police thwarts smuggling antiquities

Military court commences prosecuting 175 Houthi leaders over coup against state

Al-Bahssani urges military, security forces to get ready to protect economic facilities

VP inspects military units in Hadhramout

Commander of Third Military Region updates VP on developments

Interior Minister inaugurates Military Training year 2018

Head of Intelligence Agency meets with American, French Military Attachés

Interior Minister, military region commander discuss warfronts developments

Vice President inspects military developments in Sa'ada, Baidha'a fronts

PM arrives in Marib governorate to inspect military, humanitarian situations

Al-Maisari, army commanders discuss 2019 military plan

Military Court holds fifth session against Houthi leaders

Deputy Chairman of PLC launches High Military Committee's actions

Cabinet deliberates executive timetable of emergency interventions plan in military, economy

President orders referring perpetrators of attacking Aden's Military Academy to justice

Security, military situations in Taiz discussed

Arab Coalition carries out air operations on Houthi military targets

VP meets with Command of Seventh Military Zone.

VP meets with Command of Seventh Military Zone.

Military tribunal continues trial of Iranian terrorist Hassan Eyrlo

Chief of Staff stresses security, military forces performance in Abyan

Defense Minister discusses with US, UK military attachés bilateral cooperation

Prime Minister inspects military headquarters in Aden

Yemen, US discuss military cooperation

Al-Maliki says the coalition carried out operation against Houthi military targets

Chief of Staff, Taiz Military Commander discus developments in Yemen

President Hadi urges firm military discipline

VP discusses with army commanders unifying military capabilities

Maritime military exercises (Red Wave-One) concluded in Jeddah with Yemen participation

VP discusses military, security situations in Hudramout with officials in charge

Yemen’s war is continuing because of continued Iranian military support to Houthis, says FM

Defense Minister updates PM on military progress

Expansion projects in Marib Military Hospital

President al-Alimi convenes a meeting of Joint Security & Military Committee

Military experts extract 150 Houthi-laid mines in northern Yemen province

Vice President inspects ongoing military operations

VP hails the vigilance of Fist Military Region members

President Hadi visits injured governor of Lahj, Director of Military College

New military batch of safeguarding personalities graduated

Taiz Governor receives UN Envoy's Military Advisor

Commander of 3rd Military Zone announces driving Houthi militia out of Shabwa province

President al-Alimi receives Chairman of Political, Military Team

Taiz Commander confirms continuing military operations for liberating province

VP arrives in Marib, meets with military commanders

Prime Minister inaugurates Military Academy in Aden

Al-Bahsani discusses with Hadhramout Governor economic, military conditions

FM confers with US Envoy over peace prospects amid Houthi militia military escalations

VP breifed on developments in the sixth, seventh military regions

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