President al-Alimi warns of delay of facing challenges of climate changes
Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Rashad al-Alimi has warned of increasing dangers of climate changes on developing and less developed countries amid delay of international efforts in addressing disastrous repercussions led by commitments on keeping global warming limited to 1.5 C.
Bulgarian Environment Minister says climate policy is widely neglected
Bulgaria's Environment and Water Minister Yulian Popov said on Friday in a conference on Bulgarian energy strategy and security that climate policy in the country is widely neglected.
Ukraine's grains exports raise the GDP 5.5%
The Ukrainian Ministry of Economy reported that the Gross Domestic Product (GPD) during the time from January to October this year grew at a ratio of 5.5 percent year on year.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi visits Aden governorate headquarters

KSreliefconsiders setting upcardiac center in Marib

UAE Red Crescent finances health center in Hodeida

Minister of Human Rights praises King Faysal's Center

Yemen's ambassador visits King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue

Signing an agreement to operate Prosthetic Limbs Center in Taiz

Ba-aum explores KSrelief Center's medical aids

Passports Automatic Issuing Center Inaugurated in our country's embassy in Djibouti

Socotra governor inspects fish landing center

Fisheries information center launched Aden

KSrelief Center, UN sign an executive contract to support HRP in Yemen

Health Minister briefed on the work of the Prosthetic Limb Center in Aden

Abdullah al-Sa'adi appointed a representative to Yemen in the UN

Governor launched King Salman Center's office in Mareb

Saudi-funded Kidney Center inaugurated in al-Dhale'a

An agreement signed to establish Bahrain Health Center in Aden

KSrelief Center signs on two agreements worth 14 mln SR in aid to Yemen

KSrelief Center signs two programs to provided Hodeidah's IDPs with health services, food

Mohammed Abdullah Al-Hudrami appointed Deputy Foreign Minister

VP pays a visit to KS Relief Center

KSrelief signs treaty to operate anti-pandemic emergency center in Hajjah

Fatah, Arrabi'ah discuss KSrelief Center's 2019 relief plan

Health Minister, Hajja Governor launch al-Ja'ada Center

Human Rights Center denounces militia's crimes in Taiz

King Salman Center sings agreement for combating cholera

First Center for Motherhood, Childhood, Autism in Marib

KSrelief Center dispatches convoy laden with 120 tons of relief stuffs to Al-Maharah.

Taiz artificial limbs center provides medical services to 352 beneficiaries

UN representative inspects activities, projects of Social Center in Marib

KSrelief Center signs agreement to empower orphans in 3 Yemeni governorate

ICRC Delegate visits Taiz Cancer Center

Dahhan, doctors without borders explore establishing center for burns therapy in Aden

President al-Alimi meets with Jordanian Monarch King Abdullah II

Amb. Assanaini seeks more projects by Japanese International Center in Yemen

Governor of Almahara inaugurates Center of Fevers in al-Ghaidha Hospital

Abyan governor inaugurates quarantine center to counter Coronavirus

King Salman Center provides more aid to Yemen

Member of Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi receives Netherlands Ambassador

Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi: We're peace-seekers

Planning Ministry denounces targeting children center in Marib by Houthis

National Oncology Center launches annual support campaign

KSrelief-funded artificial limbs center inaugurated in Taiz

King Salman's center sends further relief to Yemen

Marib Artificial limbs center offers services to 1697 amputees in six months

KSRelief Center distributes 1500 food baskets in Marib

Women Research Center organizes discussion on gender-based violence

An agreement signed to operate emergency center for controlling pandemics

Al-Mahriah Language Center inaugurated in Al-Ghaidha

King Salman Center provides food to Sana'a's Nihm

King Salman Center provides food to Sana'a's Nihm

King Salman Center distributes food assistancex in Hadramout

KSRelief Center carries out 162 projects in Yemen totaling $715 millions

National Center for Medicine Supply receives 187 tons of parental solutions

Signing a MoU to operate quarantine center in Aden

Governor inaugurates Passport Automatic Issuance center in Hadhramout

President Al-Alimi and King Abdullah II discuss Yemen developments, bilateral relations

Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi praises the efforts of Central Organization for Controlling and Auditing

Al-Kamal explores relief and humanitarian support with KS Relief Center leadership

KSrelief Center provides Hadramout with 40 tons of medical assistances

Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi confers with Swedish Envoy over developments in Yemen

National Health Center implements training program to enhance covid-19 awareness

Deputy HR Minister surveys juveniles center in Aden

The Center of Information and Human Rights Training condemns the militia's crimes in Al-Haima of Taiz

Child protection center opened in Marib

KSrelief Center funds establishing 2 schools in Lahj

President Hadi visits King Salman Center for Relief

Presidential decree establishes National Center for Forensic Medicine

Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi meets with US Ambassador

KSrelief Center distributes food aids to IDPs in Al-Khokha

Info.Minister visits prosthetic limbs center in Marib

Al-Ashwal explores KSrelief Center's support for training programs

King Salman Center provides food packages for 100,000 Yemenis

YCMHRV condemns Houthi shelling of ex-child fighter rehab center

KSrelief delivers medical aid to Fatima Babtain Center

KSrelief Center delivers 240 tons of medicines in Taiz, Hodeidah

Obstetric emergency center to be opened in Bureika of Aden

KSrelief Center supplies Baihan Hospital with 20 tons of medical assistance

Info Minister condemns Houthirocket attack on child fighter rehab center

KSrelief Center provides Hodeidah's Health Office with 70 tons of medicines

King Salman Center distributes 99 tons of food parcels in Shabwa

Prime Minister inaugurates National Center for Forensic Medicine in Aden

Taiz Governor praises KSrelief's support to artificial limbs center

Aden governor inaugurates Dialysis Center at Abood Military Hospital

Fatah, KSrelief Center discuss future action-plans to offer humanitarian aid throughout provinces

Sana’a: Media center reports 913 Houthi crimes in eight months

KSrelief Center gives out sheltering stuffs in Sana'a, Al-Baidha, Lahj, Taiz

King Salman Center continues rehabilitating Houthi recruited children

Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi praises American role in fighting terrorism, controlling weapons smuggling

Fatah deplores Houthi attack on war-traumatized children rehab center

IAEA shows interest to help Yemen build cancer radiation therapy center

Health minister launches artificial limbs center

KSelief Center supports Taiz's hospitals with 224 tons of medical stuffs.

Saudi aid agency to operate Taiz Artificial Limb Center

KS Relief Center gives out humanitarian aids in Shabwah

Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi confers with British Ambassador over international efforts to revive political process

Health Minister inspects works of rehabilitating Aden Hospital, cardiac center

Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi: The Presidential Council keen to promote peace chances to save the Yemenis further destruction

King Salman Center distributes 10,000 food packages in Abyan

Health Ministry receives 31 tons of medical supplies provided by the KS Center

KSrelief Center distributes 12 tons of food baskets to Hodeidah's IDPs in Aden

KSrelief Center provides Aden, Taiz with 110 tons of dialysis medical supplies

KSrelief Center distributes 837 food baskets in Mukala

KSrelief Center distributes 1400 baskets food in Marib, Hodeidah governorates

MAP Point Center launched at Taiz University funded by US embassy

Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi receives British Ambassador to Yemen

Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi: We welcome the efforts to end the humanitarian suffering, make permanent peace

Al-Tamimi, IOM discuss establishing reception center for Yemeni returnees from abroad

King Salman's center implements anti-malnutrition projects in Hodeida

KSRelief Center signs a contract to extend medical services for Yemeni refugees in Djibouti

Socotra governor confirms establishing Socotri language center

KSrelief Center signs a contract to extend operating free-clinics for Yemeni refugees in Abekh Camp

Automatic passport issuance center opened in Yemen's Embassy in Turkey

KSrelief Center Taiz, Hodeidah with 196 tons of dialysis medical stuffs, medicines

Marib governor Praises KSR Center for its relief actions

Member of PLC Abdullah al-Alimi discusses with US ambassador latest developments in Yemen

Organizations call on UN to establish humanitarian center in Marib

Maj. Gen. Al-Zabeedi inaugurates Revenue Development Center at the local authority in Aden

Landmine Action Center launches awareness-raising course in Marib

General al-Eradah opens surgery center in Marib Military Hospital

Info Minister condemns Qaeda bombing of healthcare center

King Salman Center provides 7,000 food parcels to Yemen

KSRelief Center distributes 1500 food baskets in Marib

King Salman's center provides USD 33 million for fighting cholera

KSrelief Center distributes food aids in Aden

King Salman Relief Center offers daiylsis solution, 1250 food baskets

KSrelief Center distributes 442 winter bags in Taiz

European team evaluates work of the National Emergency Operations Center in Aden

KSrelief Center rehabilitates 26 children recruited by Houthi militia

KSrelief Center distributes 64 tons of food aids in Hadramout

Above 2 million beneficiaries from KSrelief Center's assistance to Yemeni hospitals last year

Al-Maharah governor inaugurates KSRelief Center food basket project

KSrelief Center dispatches 8 trucks laden with medical assistance to Aden, Taiz

Presidential Leadership Council's member Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi meets with U.S. Ambassador

King Salman Center provides food assistances for Yemeni islands

King Salman center launches training on Dengue fever

KSrelief Center distributes 8000 food baskets in Socotra

KSrelief Center dispatches six trucks laden with school furniture tuffs

KSrelief Center distributes relief aids in Socotra

Yemen condemns Houthi transforming of flagship university to radicalization center

KSrelief Center distributes 1000 food baskets in al-Dhale'a

King Salman Center provides Aden Airport with Golf Carts

King Salman Center provides anti-Dengue fever medicines to Shabwa

IAEA announces help for establishing radiation-therapy center in Aden

Hadramout Governor inaugurates hospital, quarantine center

King Salman Center distributes food baskets in a number of governorates

Military center on dealing with mines opened in Shabwa

National blood service center launched in Mukalla

KSrelief Center distributes baskets food in Hodeida

Omani medical assistance for health center in Almaharah

Health minister opens precautionary isolation center in Sayoon

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