The 21st of February a National Day for al-Musnad Calligraphy—al- Eryani declares
Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Muammar Al-Eryani issued today, Tuesday, a ministerial decree stated that the 21st of February shall be a National Day for al-Musnad Calligraphy to celebrate the ancient Yemeni Calligraphy every year.
Bulgarian PM commends his country's progress in fighting corruption
Bulgarian Prime Minister said on Wednesday his country has risen from the abyss of corruption which the country had been mired in during the years of Transition.
Bulgarian minister says survey shows her country "First in Europe in Young People's Desire to Start Own Business"
Bulgarian Minister of Innovation and Growth said the latest Eurobarometer survey has shown her country ranks first in Europe in terms of young people's desire to start their own business.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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Awareness- raising session about southern issue in Mukalla

Arroyani says NDC provided forconcrete solutions to Southern Cause

Yemen participates in UN conference on Southern Argentinian countries cooperation

PM urges handling the problems about lands in southern governorates

Rashed acquaintsFrench ambassador on ongoing dialogue to unify southern stance

Terrorist activities, weapons smuggling will flourish southern coastlines, warns minister

PM receives Southern Components, leaders of Rashad Party on new government

Govt calls on southern militants to end 'self-rule', allow state institutions to function

Higher education divides scholarships equally between northern, southern provinces

Southern employees grievances of central importance to govt

Consultative Council condemns separatists rebellion in two southern cities

Key Southern Yemen figures tell US ambassador they are open to dialogue

President issues decrees of reinstating jobs of 52,000 employees in southern provinces

Prime Minister discusses national integration with southern leaders

Yemen condemns Houthi attack on Bahraini forces in southern Saudi Arabia

Hadi, MbS discuss STC overthrowing of government from its southern base

Yemen's Presidency rejects so-called Southern Council

PM directs taking necessary measures to face marine life death in Southern coasts

Yemen condemns Houthi drone attack on civil airport in Jazan city southern Saudi Arabia

Up to 54 thousand IDPs from Marib southern districts within 2 months

Three persons died, 44 injured by bus collision southern Taiz

Shelter assistances distributed in southern governorates

President: Our people in the southern provinces will maintain their Yemeni nationality

Houthi militia bombards DP's camps by ballistic rocket southern Marib

Foreign Ministry condemns Houthi bombing of civilian objects in southern Saudi Arabia

Fire burns 70 tents of IDPs, African migrants southern Marib city

Shabwah Security Committee welcomes appointment of new governors

Recent resolutions a translation of the national political will: Presidential advisor

Abyan governor says army controlled whole province

Awareness-raising session held in al-Mukalla

Yemen conveys official statements to South Africa on Aden coup

Marib authority says STC's self-rule declaration an escalatory move

Shura Council condemns separatists' declaration of self-rule

Yemen central bank condemns separatists' seizure of cash containers

Saudi Cabinet confirms security measures to secure Bab al-Mandab

Shura Council condemns UAE airstrikes against Yemen's army

FM raises rebellion issues in north and south Yemen with UN chief

Govt spokesman says no compromise on Yemen's unity and sovereignty

Govt source: STC militia carried out full-blown coup in Socotra

FM says govt met all its obligations under separatists sabotaged agreement

Yemen, Vietnam discuss education, vocational training cooperation

Govt accuses UAE forces of triggering confrontations in Shabwah

Moroccan PM confirms support to Yemen's unity, security

Leadership Council member Tariq Saleh, Egyptian ambassador discuss cooperation in maritime security

Yemen governorates condemn STC self-rule announcement

Houthi militiamen kill 4-year- boy in Hodeidah, one day later of UNMHA's Head visit

President Hadi receives STC's delegation

Houthi militia commits 277 breaches to UN Truce within 48 hours

Yemen seeks OIC's active role for support

Aden attacks engineered to portray govt as linked to terror, says Info Minister

Arab Coalition announces targeting site for assembling booby-trapped boats in Hodeidah

NDC's outcomes in a workshop in Shabwa

GCC renews support to Yemen's unity

Yemeni diplomats bring UAE's turn against govt to international notice

Lebanese PM receives Yemen's ambassador on developments

Governor: Local Authority follows up carrying out road projects linking Taiz-Aden

Security Council's members renew support to UN Envoy for peace in Yemen

Relief Coalition: 361 people were killed, injured in Taiz in April

VP hails military's push to break siege on Taiz civilians

Yemen gov't welcomes Saudi statement regarding Riyadh Agreement implementation

Health Minister receives UN Humanitarian Coordinator

Arab Parliament welcomes formation of Yemen's new Cabinet

Yemen, China discuss decision coordination toward HRC's session

NRC's interventions in Marib discussed

Miftah discusses with ICRC humanitarian situation of displaced families in Marib

Govt holds rebels responsible for coronavirus in their respective regions of control

General People's Congress hold on firm to Hadi

FM meets with P5-member states of UNSC

People of Shabwa renew loyalty to legitimacy, support for regaining state

Govt holds STC accountable for armed escalation in Aden

Yemen, ambassadors of permanent SC's members discuss latest developments

KSrelief distributes food aid to impoverished and displacees in Lahj

Yemen Govt calls on UN, Arab League to condemn STC coup

Saudi Source: Kingdom made mechanism for implementing Riyadh Agreement

Yemen political parties support government in face of separatists' violence

Coalition announces shooting down explosive-loaded jet

Houthis kill old woman by mortar shell southernTaiz

Mustafa presents govt statement on Aden events to EU

Dep. PM launches the first female summit in Aden

Arab Coalition welcomes Govt, STC response to a call for cease-fire.

Swedish Foreign Minister confirms support to Yemen

Yemen, Sweden discuss peace efforts

Foreign Ministry welcomes US statements regarding STC rebellion

Yemen says Aden's armed rebellion requires serious action

Fourteen aid-laden trucks from KSrelief bound for Lahj

PM says special funds to be allocated to Shabwa

Govt says impediments, formation of paramilitary militias violates UNSC resolution

Yemen's bin-Daghr, UK diplomat discuss peace efforts, fighting terrorism

President Hadi addresses the nation on the 7th Anniversary of February 11 Revolution

Awareness-raising seminar in Abyan about outcomes of National Dialogue

Information Ministry denounces STC raid of media premises

PM invalidates authority of separatists-captured institutions

Kuwait sponsors congenital diaphragmatic hernia surgery camp in Lahj

Health Ministry organizes workshop on developing reproductive health

Lahj authorities form emergency panel over expected cyclone

Buhaibeh discusses with MSF interventions in Aden's districts

KSreliefdistributes food aid to Hodeidah displacees

KSreliefdistributes food aid to Hodeidah displacees

Yemen ambassador briefs Ethiopian foreign ministry on STC rebellion

Info. Minister: Aden pays prices of chaos

KSreliefdistributes food packs in Hajjah and Lahj

WFP organizes training on school feeding

UAE fully responsible for treacherous attack on Yemen's army, says Yemeni diplomat

Hadi receives condolences from Fahd bin Turki over al-Zindani's death

VP condoles relatives of deputy chief of staff

Planning ministry affirms keenness to secure int'l humanitarian organizations

Hodeidah governor details OCHA's official on humanitarian situations in Hays distric

Hadi condoles relatives of deputy chief of staff

Foreign ministry suspends operations in separatists-captured capital

Mujalli briefs Polish official on Aden rebellion

Jordan stresses imperative of Riyadh Agreement in Yemen

Aden clashes left 21 killed, 290 wounded

Yemen Women Union raiseawareness on NDC outcomes

Ambassador al-Mekhlafi visits Yemeni community in South China

PM says govt rejects any paramilitary, security entities outside the state

MSF shows willingness to operate isolation facility in key Aden hospital

Hadi receives congratulations on forthcoming Unity Day

Foreign Ministry offers condolences to Somalia over ammunition explosion in Mogadishu

Interior Ministry warns of separatist attacks on protesters in Aden

Engineers start repairing Ataq power grid in aftermath of separatist attacks

North Yemen local authorities condemn separatists coup attempt

Houthi militia's violations of UN-brokered truce 83 on Saturday

OIC supports Arab Coalition's rejection of Aden separatists' "self-rule" declaration

Defense Minister confers with his Djiboutian, Mauritanian counterparts over bilateral collaboration

Houthis kill boy, injure girl in city they should have leftby now

Caretaker PM continues consultations with political actors over new Cabinet formation

Yemeni missions and community in US celebrate Unity Day

PM receives phone call from British Minister of State for Middle East

Houthi militias responsible for 288 violations of the UN-brokered truce within 3 days

Saudi King affirms Coalition continued support to Yemen

Al-Zubaidi, Oppenheim discuss peace process

Info Minister says STC disrupts Yemen military supplies

Hadi receives more congratulations cables on Unity Day

Aden governor stresses imperative of implementing the Riyadh Agreement

Yemen embassy in Pakistan celebrates 28th anniversary of the Republic

Yemen diplomat brings UAE's turn against govt to Kenya's attention

Govt records all atrocities of UAE-backed STC, says Deputy FM

Parliament Speaker praises Saudi efforts for activating Riyadh Agreement

Leadership Council chairman extends condolences to Transitional Council's security department

Coalition destroys Houthi drone directed towards Saudi Arabia

International Federation of Journalists

Houthis' drones attack on mosque kill one civilian, hurt three in Hodeidah

Army controls Hodeidah-Sana'a highway

Houthi militia commits 167 breaches to UN Truce within 48 hours

Sports Minister, US ambassador discuss Yemen developments

Sports Minister, US ambassador discuss Yemen developments

Hadi stresses imperative of unified countering of criminal designs

Al-Eryani calls on UN to act firmly against Houthi militia's attacks on IDPs

Deminers destroy 850 of Houthis' landmines, explosives devices in Marib, Shabwa

Washington denounces Houthi attack on Bahrain Defense Forces

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