Defense Minister discusses with Saudi commander support to Yemeni army
Minister of Defense Major General Mohsen al-Daeri discussed Wednesday with Commander of Joint Operations Major General Mutlaq bin Salem al-Azyma' aspects of joint cooperation and continued support to the Yemeni army.
Bulgarian Environment Minister says climate policy is widely neglected
Bulgaria's Environment and Water Minister Yulian Popov said on Friday in a conference on Bulgarian energy strategy and security that climate policy in the country is widely neglected.
Ukraine's grains exports raise the GDP 5.5%
The Ukrainian Ministry of Economy reported that the Gross Domestic Product (GPD) during the time from January to October this year grew at a ratio of 5.5 percent year on year.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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Yemen FM says UN tolerates Houthi atrocities

SP demands UN peace mediator to quickly intervene to stop Houthi atrocities

Houthis continue the atrocities they are known for, Dep. FM says

Gov't deplores int'l community's silence for militia atrocities in Taiz

Addoays briefs Lebanese official on Houthi atrocities in north Yemen

Govt records all atrocities of UAE-backed STC, says Deputy FM

FM briefs Italian envoy on Houthi atrocities

Info minister acquaints Brazilian diplomat on atrocities against journalists

President acquaints UK official on Saleh-Houthi militias' atrocities

Yemen's ambassador to France explains militia's atrocities

VP: Houthi militia's atrocities prove actual malice toward Yemenis

Barakani calls on int'l community to take firm stance against Houthi atrocities

Al-Brakani calls on the EU to condemn Houthi militia's atrocities

Govt. condemns Houthi militia's atrocities against Sana'a University's girls

Human Rights Minister shares Houthi atrocities with US Congress members

OHCHR's report was biased, ignored Houthi atrocities, says HR Minister

Taiz Abductees Mothers reports 6357 Houthi atrocities in 2017

Yemeni Ambassador narrates rebel atrocities to South African official

Yemen stakeholders condemn Houthi atrocities

President Hadi briefs HRC experts on Houthi atrocities

Al-Eryani calls for denouncing Houthis' atrocities

Basindwah calls on UNHRC to press Houthis into halting atrocities against civilians

VP says Yemenis suffer greatly as Houthi atrocities, war mobilizations continue

CSOs surprised at UN 'shameful silence' for Houthi atrocities in Taiz

Arab Parliament condemns Houthi atrocities against Yemeni MPs

Al-Iryani: International community turns blind-eye on militias' atrocities

Rasd Alliance: Houthi militia continue atrocities against women

Parliament Leadership urges Presidential Leadership Council to take necessary measures to deter Houthis' attacks, atrocities against the Yemeni peoples

FM renews Yemen condemnation of Israeli atrocities

Yemen reiterates support for Palestinians against Israeli atrocities

Al-Barakani calls on World's MPs to stand by Yemeni colleagues against the militia's atrocities

FM briefs Swedish envoy on Houthi atrocities

Watchdog warns int'l community of turning blind eye to Houthi atrocities

Human rights groups call on int’l community to stop Houthi atrocities in Marib

Human rights groups call on int’l community to stop Houthi atrocities in Marib

Human Rights Office in Taiz condemns Houthi militia's atrocities against civilians

Al-Eryani to SAFA: The IC, UN are too lenient with Houthi militia's violations, atrocities

Released prisoners reveal Houthi militia's atrocities in their detentions

Eryani expresses surprise over international silence for Houthi abuse and atrocities against journalists

Yemenis say UN rights experts' report averts gaze from Houthi atrocities, encourages more

Al-Iryan: Al-Ghbari brutal killing by Houthis really alarming

Info. Ministry condemns separatists' kidnapping of journalist in Socotra

UN must move to protect Yemen's children, Fatah says

HR Minister briefs UN High Commissioner Bachelet on Houthi latest genocides

Govt condemns Houthi military campaign against central Yemen village, int'l silence

VP expresses surprise over lack of objectivity in High Commissioner's report

Houthi regulations of media a civilizational regression, says info minister

Mass demonstrations to denounce the Israeli occupation crimes

Eryani expresses surprise at int’l community’s silence at Houthi migrant immolation

Yemen gov't vows to prosecute Houthi criminals in international courts

PM calls on the UN, IC to take clear stance toward Houthi militia's crimes

Marib local authority chides IC's silence toward Houthis' grave violations

Yemen says US recognition of Israeli settlements 'unacceptable , cannot change facts on ground'

Human Rights office condemns continued Houthi shelling of rockets into Marib city

Al-Barakani participates in the 4th Conference of the League of MP for al-Quds

Local committee discusses humanitarian disaster from Houthi war on Kushar

Parliament Speaker meets with President of UN General Assembly

YCMHRV condemns Houthi killing and injuring of 20 civilians in Taiz

Relief Committee calls on Humanitarian Coordinator to acton Taiz

Marib approves reception plan for IDPs fleeing Houthi horrors in Sana'a

Sana'a residents viciously harassed, under house-arrest, says minister

Info. Minister condemns Houthi militia's growing crimes against civilians

Designating Houthis a ‘terrorist organization’ is an entailment of human rights respect, says Al-Eryani

Info Ministry concerned over militias' practices against journalists

Al-Eryani appeals for rescuing Asma al-Aumaisi's live, releasing Fatima al-Arwali

Media and political bandits designate Houthis a terrorist movement

Govt refuses mission extension for biased UN Experts

Info. Minister condemns Houthis' abuses against GPC members

Info. Minister: Houthi militia turned capital Sana'a into large jail

Chinese food aid distributed to Almahweat's IPDs in Marib

Mareb Human Rights Office sheds lights on Houthi crimes

HR Ministry: OHCHR tend to distribute blame for Houthi abuses to "all parties"

F.alhusary: Al-Eryani meets with Chair of Spanish Parliament Committee on Foreign Relations

Norwegian Refugee Council's interventions in Abyan discussed

KSR inaugurates IDP camp in Marib for 100 families

President Hadi : Imamate, theocracy to be eliminated at whatever sacrifices

KSR establishes IDP camp in Marib housing 400 families

WFP's interventions in Marib discussed

Twelve Taiz civilians killed and injured in Houthi shelling

Relief aid chief, WFP discuss aid delivery to afflicted Hajoor

Rebel militias kill young man in al-Beidha

Marib: UN peace mediator visits Yemen's biggest IDPs camp

Al-Barakani contributes to the 13th Session of Asian Parliamentary Association

Yemeni-Bulgarian bilateral ties discussed

VP informed about the situations in Ibb province

Info minister tours Haradh warfront

KSrelief gives out food aids in Marib, Hadramout

Askar briefs Arab ambassadors in HRC on Yemen human rights

Information Minister stresses importance of media against coup

Third shipment of Chinese food aids distributed to Ryamah's IDPs

Yemeni-Pakistani parliamentary cooperation discussed

Info. Minister says Int'l silence for Houthis multiplies suffering in Yemen

Yemeni-Lebanese situations discussed in Beirut

Houthi sniper shoots dead 12-year-old girl

Deputy speaker of parliament meets with Chinese ambassador

Human Rights Ministry condemns Houthi killing of passenger in Aljawf

Yemen ambassador, Austrian official discuss consular cooperation

FM participates in meeting of OIC Contact Group on Yemen

Ashdadi contributes to IPU 143 Session

Houthi shelling forces Beidha villag force residents to leave

VP, Governor of Ibb discus situations in the province

Info. Minister condoles the family of journalist Houthis killed in Taiz

Yemen's Ambassador to Paris meets with Yemeni-French friendship group

VP appreciates Al-Mahweat's, Rayma's population contribution to battle for regaining the State

FM receives crediting papers of the UNHCHR Representative

Mujalli: We want peace in line with the agreed on terms of peace references

Al-Eryani calls on UN to act firmly against Houthi militia's attacks on IDPs

Eryani warns of Iranian regime's efforts to export its internal crises

PM, Raymah governor discuss situations of the governorate

VP, PM discuss re-normalization of life in govt-held territories

Marib Governor meets with ICRC's team

Askar, Arab ambassadors in Geneva discuss Yemen human rights violations

VP: Houthi militia violates all international, humanitarian conventions

Social Affairs Minister says Houthi war directly affected more than 6 mln children

HR Minister calls on int'l community to take deterring measures against Houthi crimes

Al-Eryani: Houthi militia exploits Palestine catastrophe to gain politically, financially

High Relief Committee condemns Houthi Militia's attack on IDPs Camp in Hajjah

Yemen diplomat informs Kenyan official on Houthi raciest law

Above 14 thousand IDP pupils fled recently to Marib, says senior official

Social Affairs Minister, Hodeidah governor discuss humanitarian suffering

PM: Govt keen on allaying peoples' suffering

Houthi militiamen bomb a villager's house in Albaidha governorate

Mostafa reports to officials in Luxembourg about Houthi militia's crimes

Arab Parliament condemns Houthis kidnapping headmistresses in capital Sana'a

Saleh-Houthi militias assault an elderly man to death

New Houthi massacre:9 civilians killed and injured in besieged Taiz

FM receives crediting documents of Norway Ambassador

Houthis want to instill doubts over the soundness of their terror designation, says Eryani

PM decries UN's silence toward Houthi militia's manipulation of humanitarian card

Health Minister calls on the WHO, UNICEF to establish offices in Marib

Health Minister calls on the WHO, UNICEF to establish offices in Marib

Bin Mubarak says Houthi militia military operations on Marib risking peace process

Info Minister condemns Houthi mutilation of captive to death

Dhamar: 922 Houthi human rights violations since Jan. 2018

Fatah condemns Houthi seizure of 20 truckloads of relief aid and oil products

Yemen's Parliament condemns Zionist occupation authorities' crimes against Palestinians

Executive Office of capital Sana'a denounces militia's violations against women

Al-Brakani informs Friedric Ebert Foundation about Houthi militia's violations

Human Rights Minister meets with Human Rights Watch's Prasow

Yemen gov’t surprised over UN silence at Houthi migrant immolation crime

FM chairs virtual meeting with Heads of Yemeni diplomatic missions in Europe

Yemen condemns the Israeli occupation troops' attacks on Jenin

VP highlights importance of unifying media message

Houthi militia unveiled its racist policy, says Ambassador al-Woheishi

OHCHR submits application to open office in Aden

Yemen's ambassador to Japan cites militia's violations against Yemeni children, women

VP discuses efforts aim to back the military in Amran province

Yemen PM to in'tl community: Listen not to Houthis' words, look at their ferocious acts

Govt condemns Houthi turning back of top UN rights official from Sana'a airport

Al-Maliki: Houthi militia messed with Yemeni State's capacities, marginalize vast majority of Yemeni people

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