Leadership Council member Tariq Saleh observes Eid prayers with the masses in Khowkha
Member of the Presidential Leadership Council Tariq Saleh observed the Eid al-Adha prayers with the public masses in Kahwkha city Hodeidah Governorate today.
Arab League calls for concerted efforts to confront drought and desertification
The Arab League called for the concerted Arab efforts to confront the phenomenon of drought and desertification, as it is one of the most fragile regions of the world in terms of its ecosystem, and 90 percent of its area is designated as dry and extremely dry areas.
Korean ICT exports jump more than 30 percent
South Korea's exports of ICT products jumped more than 30 percent in May thanks to strong global demand.
Bellingham leads England to victory over Serbia in Euro 2024
The English national team defeated its Serbian counterpart with a goal without a response in the match that brought them together in the first round of the third group competitions of the Euro 2024, which is hosted by Germany.
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Two children injured by Houthi landmine in southeastern Yemen's Shabwa

Three civilians killed by Houthi militia landmine in Aljawf

Overall family killed by landmine planted by Houthi militiamen

Houthi landmine injures three Bedouins in Aljawf

Houthi-laid landmine injures one man in north Yemen’s Aljawf

Civilian injured by Houthi terrorist militia's landmine in Hodeida

Houthi landmine wounds whole family in Beidha

Houthi landmine kills two civilians in Jawf-Marib Road

Houthi militia's landmine injures woman in Taiz

Four children wounded in landmine explosion planted by Houthi militia in Hodeidah

Two children, one young man injured by Houthis-laid down landmine in Taiz

One child killed, another injured by Houthi landmine in Beidha

Two civilians killed, 2 others injured by Houthi landmine in central Yemen

Two children killed in Houthi-laid landmine blast in Al-Baydha

Houthi landmine kills civilian, injures a child in Aljawf

Two children killed, three more injured by Houthi militia's landmine in Aljawf

A man killed in landmine explosion planted by Houthi militiamen

Taiz: Two young girls wounded by Houthi landmine

Farmer, son injured by Houthi-laid landmine in north Yemen

Two civilians killed by Houthi landmine in Albaidha governorate

Houthi-laid landmine kills, injures 8 civilians in Taiz

Houthi laid landmine explosion kills a civilian in al-Jawf

Family killed and wounded as they drove over Houthi landmine in north Yemen

Houthis-laid landmine kills a civilian in al-Baidha governorate

Civilian injured as a result of a Houthi landmine blast

Two children killed, one injured by Houthis-laid landmine in Marib

Two children killed by Houthi landmine in north Yemen

Two people killed, a third injured in Houthi-laid landmine

Rebel landmine experts caught red-handed in Al-Jawf

Three civilians killed, 5 injured by a Houthi landmine

Five civilians killed by militia-planted landmine

Houthi landmine kills five citizens, injures others in Baidha

Three civilians killed, three injured in landmine explosion planted by Houthi militia in Maweyah

Five coup militiamen injured in a landmine they planted

Displaced civilian killed by Houthi landmine in north Yemen

Landmine Action Center launches awareness-raising course in Marib

Landmine awareness campaign launched in Aden

Yemen Red Crescent launches landmine awareness campaign in Shabwah

Houthi terrorist militia's landmine kills, injures five in Jawf highway

Army experts dismantle Houthi landmine network in northern Yemen

Coup militias transform Sarwah schools to landmine factories

Protesters slam international silence after Houthi-laid landmine kills new children

Human Rights Ministry condemns Houthi landmine planting as civilians get killed and injured in Ibb

Two women injured by Houthilandmine in al-Jawf

Four citizens killed, injured by Houthi militia's landmines in Taiz

Four civilians killed, one injured by Houthi landmines in Hajjah governorate

Two civilians maimed by Houthi landmines in Taiz

Houthis-laid landmines kill Ali al-Hayek on first day of Ramadan

Houthi-laid landmines kills an old man in al-Baidha governorate

Seven civilians killed by Houthi landmines in Hodeida

Engineers dismantle three fields of landmines in Shabwa

One man killed by explosion of landmineHouthis planted in Shabwa

National commission documents thousands of human rights violation in 2019

Three citizens injured by Houthi militia's landmines in at al-Qasr crossroad in Taiz

Masam removes 758 landmines from different areas last week

Masam removes 1,387 in the first week of February

Floods unearth landmines in Shabwah

MASAM removes more than thousand mines in Yemen this week

PM offers condolences to head of Islah party office in Taiz

'MASAM' removes 1857 landmines, UXOs in a week

Militia support reveals how much misled and biased the UN is, al-Eryani says

Ministerial Committee launches investigation into MASAM blast

Asker: Houthi militia's landmines caused 814 permanent disabilities

Houthi sniper shoots dead 12-year-old girl

MASAM removes 408 mines end May

Up to 15 thousand civilians, killed 23 thousand injured since Houthi coup, says report

Parties to Ottawa Agreement on landmines agree to keep support to Yemen five year more

Enquiry commission meets human rights abuse victims in Taiz

Seminar highlights Houthi enforced disappearances and landmines in Geneva

Masam removes 965 mines mid of August

MASAM extracts 7,182 landmines in 4th week of January

Child killed, another injured by Houthi mine in Jawf

Saudi program extracts 852 Houthi-laid landmines in first week of June

Houthi-laid landmines leave 910 casualties in north Yemen

Yemen's theocratic Houthis commit 389 violations in one month: Report

National Investigation Committee probes shelling, landmines explosions in Taiz

Jawf right committee condemns planting mines by Houthi militia, killing innocent

KSrelief extends Yemen demining initiative one more year

Al Rabeeah briefs USAID's Glick on KSrelief's projects in Yemen

Report: 180 Houthi abuses of civilians in sixteen days

Investigation Committee reports over 17,000 HR violation claims

Houthi landmines kill and injure 20 civilians in one week in Aljawf

Our life during past 4 years unspeakable, say female victims of Houthis

Thirty two teams deployed to extract thousands of Houthi-laid landmines

YEMAC destroys jet-bombs in Shabwa

Human rights organization documents 756 Houthi violations in one month

Seventy six victims of Houthi breaches since Hodeidah ceasefire started

Saleh-Houthi militias killed 68 civilians in August, HRITC reports

Al-Qusaibi: Houthis' skills as landmines-makers seriously developing

Investigation Committee records 17,000 abuses across Yemen

Houthis killed and injured 2917 civilians in Taiz in 2017, says HRITC

National Committee for Inquiry urges commitment to International Humanitarian Law

National Enquiry Commission hands over report to Hadi

President Hadi: absurd criminal acts by Houthi militia a manifestation of backtrack, ignominy

HRITC documents 70 violations in Taiz during October

Yemen NGOs surprised by int’l community’s silence, inaction over Houthi Marib war

Army spokesman: 74 Houthi ceasefire violations in 24 hours

Photo exhibition in Geneva shows casualties of landmines planted by terrorist Houthi militia

Houthis continue targeted attacks on civilians across Yemen, says army spokesman

National enquiry commission finds 4368 abuse claims, says vice chairperson

Houthis committed 2206 violations in Taiz last December, reports HRITC

Dep. Planning Minister, organizations discuss implementing development, service & humanitarian projects

310 thousand mines pulled out, still 1 million more planted by Houthis, says official

Rebel militias caused death of 11,746 people, says HR minister

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