The Presidential Leadership Council discusses local developments
The Presidential Leadership Council held a meeting chaired by His Excellency President Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, the Chairman of the Council, and attended by members Aidrous al-Zubaidi, Tariq Saleh, Othman Mujalli and Faraj al-Bahsani, while Council members Sultan al-Arada, Abdulrahman al-Muhramia and Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi were absent with an excuse.
UNRWA: Gaza faces risk of losing entire generation of children over Israeli aggression
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said that "the Gaza Strip is on the verge of losing an entire generation of children due to the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip."
Kuwait announces discovery of giant oil quantities in al-Nokhatha oilfield
Kuwait Oil Company announced Sunday the discovery of huge commercial quantities of light oil and associated gas in the al-Nokhatha offshore field located east of Failaka Island within Kuwaiti economic waters.
Real Madrid announces extension of Luka Modric's contract until 2025
Spanish football club Real Madrid announced on Wednesday it had extended the contract of Croatian midfielder Luka Modric for one year, to remain with the team until 2025.
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Up to 26 violations committed by Houthis in Hodeida on December 21, 22

PM says govt committed to treating wounded national warriors

Houthis committed 111 truce violations on Sunday

Houthis committed 4501 violations in Sana'a last year, says NGO

Militia committed 267 violations against human rights defenders, report

VP says government committed to the wellbeing torture victims

VP says government committed to the wellbeing torture victims

Rights symposium reveals Houthis have committed more than 1,500 violations against journalists

Endowments Minister: Houthis committed 76 violations against mosques, Quran centers

Mujalli: National Military committed to truce, ready to take lead in Hodeidah

Fatah: Govt committed to deliver aids to all governorates

Militia has committed up to 10 violations against citizens in Mareb

Govt committed to enable press to access authentic information, says PM

Govtforces been committed to Stockholm Agreement since it was declared

Yemen rights network notarizes 4282 violations committed by Houthis against women

Oil minister says gov't committed to resolving Aden refinery issues

374 breaches committed by Houthi militia in Hodeidah killed 31, wounded 256

Arab Coalition committed to int'l humanitarian law, spokesman says

Houthi militia committed 91 violations of the UN truce yesterday

Army Spokesman: Houthi militia committed 520 breaches in Hodeida

FM, OHCHR official review crimes committed in Yemen

Economic Committee says central bank committed to impartiality of banking

Houthis committed 2250 violations against journalists, says Sada

Houthis committed 186 truce violations within 48 hours

Report: Houthis committed over 19,000 rights violations in Amran in 4 years

Italy committed to offering humanitarian aid to Yemen, FM Afano

Govt peace delegates 'committed to peacewithout conceding state's sovereign powers'

Documenting 3,495 violations committed by the Houthi militia in Aljawf Governorate

Houthis committed 2508 violations in Q2 of this year: Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms

Houthis committed over 36,000 violations in Aljawf in 2021, says report

Govt committed to facilitate oil imports despite Houthi violations

Al-Kamal: Govt committed to international conventions and commandments about woman

Arman: Houthi militias have committed horrific violations against children in Yemen

Houthis committed thousands of human rights after storming northern Yemen district: report

Al-Maliki: Houthi militiamen committed 138 violations in 6 days

Rights group: Houthis committed 119 violations in Taiz during 2-month truce

Houthi militia committed 306 violations of the UN truce within 72 hours

Houthi militia committed 118 truce violations within 24 hours

Iran-backed Houthis committed 1039 human rights violations in one week, says NGO

Mujalli: Houthi militia committed 4276 breaches against the UN-brokered truce

China Ambassador: China is committed to support Yemen's unity

Report: 14 thousand violations committed by Houthi militia against civilians in Marib

PM: Government committed to effectively engage woman in all walks of life

Peace proposals: Govt committed to suffering alleviation measures

Govt' s spokesperson: government committed to Riyadh Agreement, STC blamed for escalation

Legitimate government is committed to human rights principals, VP says

Arab coalition committed to easing relief organizations' work

Rights organization reports reveals Houthi militia have committed 203 truce violations

Arab Coalition committed to fighting terrorist organizations to maintain global security

US Envoy: The actions committed by the Houthi militia constitute an insult to the international community

Houthis committed 2206 violations in Taiz last December, reports HRITC

Swedish FM says her country committed to humanitarian support for Yemen

Ministry of Interior: Records of 16,000 crimes committed during 2023

Govt committed to controlling territories, Nasher tells Dominican official

Tariq Saleh says the PLC committed to maintain the UN-brokered truce

Ghandour: Sudan committed to contribute to restore legality in Yemen

President al-Alimi: We're committed to put an end of the suffering of all detainees

Report: Houthi militias committed 1134 violations against civilians in 2021

President al-Alim: We're committed to establish fair and comprehensive peace

Yemen committed to Islamic summits' decisions on Palestine

Press Union says Houthis committed a terrorist slaughter of journalists

Hadi to Guterres: We're committed to make peace based on three terms of reference

Houthi militia committed 2,158 violations against mosques in four months

UNSC committed to Yemen's unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity

President to the People: We are committed to power, wealth partnership, determined to end scarified governance centers

Houthi militias blamed for 340 violations in al-Baydha governorate in 2023—Report

Houthi militias blamed for 91 violations of the UN-brokered truce

1433 violations by Houthi militia against politicians, activists, journalists

EU parliamentarians: Houthi crimes a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law

Houthi militia commit 131 truce violations in 48 hours

Jandobi: Clashes wasted energies, capacities of Yemen

General Mujallil: Houthi militia utilized UN Truce barbarically, continues escalation

Houthi militias made 185 breaches of the UN-brokered truces within two days

HR Ministry finds it odd of UNHCHR's briefing on extending truce

Human Rights: Towahi genocide will not forgotten by prescription

Dhamar: 922 Houthi human rights violations since Jan. 2018

Yemenis observe Human Rights Day recounting abuses

Report: 2726 Houthi violations of human rights in Sana'a during first half of 2019

Report: 266 Houthi abuses in one week

Yemeni Network for Rights & Freedoms documents 6,476 Houthi violations against women

commits Up to 389 violations by Houthi militia in January

Eryani: Houthi element's murder of own relatives a reminder of the dangers of Houthi brainwashing courses

Yemen reiterates support for Palestinian cause

Situations of displaced teachers in Marib discussed

Arab Parliament: Houthi militia attack on al-Abidia Hospital a war-crime requires international action

Amran mass grave signal to Houthi militias' horrific crimes against the civilians

Al-Eryani demands UN committee to investigate killing prisoners by Houthis

Rasd Alliance: 170 people killed in Houthi prisons under torture

Rasd Alliance: 170 people killed in Houthi prisons under torture

Yemen's rights committee hands over report to President

Human Rights calls upon Intl. community to stop Houthi crimes in Marib

HRITC denounces militias' carnage against teacher's family in Taiz

Houthi militias blow up 750 mosques, abduct 150 imams

Yemeni official: The Houthi-Saleh militias commit genocides in Taiz

Local committee discusses humanitarian disaster from Houthi war on Kushar

OHCHR holds symposium in Aden

Houthi militia commits 118 violations of UN truce

Jordon host international conference on HR violations in Yemen

Yemen calls UN official to visit besieged governorates

Al-Barakani meets with Secretary General of IPU

Spokesperson of Armed Forces holds Houthi militia accountable for Sawan crime

Report: Theocratic Houthi militia blamed for 65971 violations against children

FM meets with UN Secretary General in New York

Vice President briefed on situations of Sana'a displaced people

Mujalli arrives in Doha to participate in UN Conference on Least Developed Countries

Govt. Raises petition to OHCHR about militias' crimes against GPC leaders

HRITC documents 70 violations in Taiz during October

Human Rights Ministry condemns bombing of relief trucks in Marib

Alyemany, French Ambassador discus UN good offices about Hodeidah

Saudi Arabia confirms support for political solution in Yemen per three terms of reference

Houthis attack civilians to spark off public outcry, says Arab Coalition spokesman

Al-Eryani condemns storming al-Maghrebi house, kidnaping his wife by Houthi militia

Vice President receives US ambassador on situations development

Info. Minister condemns Houthi militia's growing crimes against civilians

Rasd Coalition: Yemeni people suffer increasing violations by Houthis

Yemen, Mauritania discuss Houthi crimes against innocent people

Army deters Houthi attack within 263 violations to the UN Truce

Troublemakers in Marib proved relations with Houthi militia

Shujaeddine meets Director of Middle East in Austria's Foreign Ministry

Investigation committee meets diplomatic missions to Yemen

Al-Zaori confirms government's keenness on facilitating organizations' work

FM, his Swedish counterpart discuss the developments in Yemen

IFJ denounces the death of Journalist al-Rakan over Houthi torture

Eryani calls for international action toward the crimes of Houthi militia against civilians in Taiz

OCHA to open offices in Taiz

UN report on children contained misleading information, HRITC says

HR organizations call upon UN to protect journalists in Yemen

Civil Organization condemns Houthi bombing of homes in Amran

Yemeni Foreign Ministry denounces the bias of Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs in favor of the militia, demands replace him

VP phone calls Chief of Staff over Houthi terror attacks

Protesters rally in Geneva over Saleh-Houthi crimes against civilians

Shura Council Speaker receives French Ambassador to Yemen

Othman Mujalli: We've not got a real partner for peace

Al-Eradah meets Mauritanian Justice Minister

YJS: 2017 is the most aggressive against Yemeni journalists

Governor affirms commitment to developing Socotra seaport

Government criticizes HCHR for silence on Houthi crimes in Hajour

Al-Iryani: International community turns blind-eye on militias' atrocities

Shojaaal-Deenhands over Austrian official list of Houthi breaches

Yemen Ambassador to US: Government does best to reach peace

Intel' community must support government's efforts to take control over Hodeida port, says minister

FM confirms govt commitment to political solution

Parliament forms investigation panel into claims on central bank’s violations

BaAum participates in Islamic Conference of Health Ministers

Interior Ministry issue electronic card

Zionist occupation’s aggression against Gaza leaves 37,551 martyrs and 85,911 injured.

Marib oil, gas Committee approves measures to keep supply stable

Houthis plant landmines in UN food stores

Noamanhands over list of Houthi breaches of Stockholm Agreement to UK official

Houthis commit 883 breaches since declaration of ceasefire on Dec. 18

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