The 21st of February a National Day for al-Musnad Calligraphy—al- Eryani declares
Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Muammar Al-Eryani issued today, Tuesday, a ministerial decree stated that the 21st of February shall be a National Day for al-Musnad Calligraphy to celebrate the ancient Yemeni Calligraphy every year.
Bulgarian PM commends his country's progress in fighting corruption
Bulgarian Prime Minister said on Wednesday his country has risen from the abyss of corruption which the country had been mired in during the years of Transition.
Bulgarian minister says survey shows her country "First in Europe in Young People's Desire to Start Own Business"
Bulgarian Minister of Innovation and Growth said the latest Eurobarometer survey has shown her country ranks first in Europe in terms of young people's desire to start their own business.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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Culture Minister, Chinese counterpart discuss bilateral relations

Yemeni-Russian parliamentary relations deliberated

FM confirms keenness on boosting Yemeni-Russian relations

Yemen, Sudan discuss enhancement of mutual relations

Al-Ashabi discusses with Pakistani official parliamentarian relations

Yemeni-Kosovan relations discussed

FM: Yemeni-Qatari relations have always been robust

BinMubarak seeks promoting Yemeni-Kenyan trade relations

Yemeni-Bulgarian relations discussed

FM to participate in scientific meeting on int'l relations in Geneva

Yemen, Morocco discuss boosting relations

Al-Yemany: The Yemeni-Russian relations a milestone in international ones

Yemeni-Polish relations discussed

Yemeni-Russian relations discussed

Chinese Ambassador says Sino-Yemeni friendship relations have long history

Marmash receives deputy head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Iraqi Parliament

Yemeni-French bilateral relations discussed

Yemeni, Canadian diplomats discuss relations

Eesi meets Japan acting ambassador, praises history of relations

Yemeni-Pakistani relations discussed

Yemeni-Ethiopian bilateral relations discussed

Yemeni-Hungarian relations discussed

Yemeni-Kenyan relations discussed

Al-Shamiri discusses with Indonesian Minister of Law historical relations between the two countries

Yemeni-Chinese bilateral relations discussed

Dep. FM, S. Korean ambassador discuss promotion of relations

Yemeni-Kenyan relations discussed

Yemen, China discuss boosting relations

Hadi praises Yemeni-Chinese relations

Yemen, Kosovo discuss cooperation relations

Yemeni-Bulgarian relations discussed

Deputy FM ,Turkish Ambassador discuss bilateral relations

Yemen, Somalia discussbrotherly relations

Yemen, Korea discuss strengthening relations

Yemen, Egypt discuss cultural relations

Oman, Yemen boost relations

Yemen's relations with WTO discussed

Yemen, Pakistan discuss improving mutual relations

Yemen SP, Turkish ambassador discuss ways to strengthen bilateral parliamentary relations

Al-Eryani, Ethiopian parliament speakerdiscuss strengthening relations

Yemeni-Kenyan relations discussed

Yemeni-Lebanese relations discussed

VP, Djibouti ambassador discuss bilateral relations

Bin Mubarak, US congressman discuss bilateral relations

Yemeni-Pakistani economic relations discussed

Nasher, Director General of Consular Affairs in Cuba discuss bilateral relations

Yemen Ambassador, Cuban official discuss bilateral relations

Ambassador Al-Hanaq, Somali Sports Minister discussbilateral relations

BinMubarak confers with his Moldavian counterpart over bilateral relations

President al-Alimi discusses relations with Sudanese counterpart

Yemeni-Bulgarian cultural relations discussed

Badi discusses with Qatari minister strengthening of bilateral relations

FM discusses with Hungarian Ambassador ways to strengthen bilateral relations

Foreign Minister discusses mutual relations with Hungarian counterpart

Deputy FM, Russian ambassador discuss ways to enhance bilateral relations

Yemeni and Azerbaijani FMs discussed bilateral relations

Al-Menhali, UAE Assistant FM discuss bilateral relations

Yemen ambassador, Algerian official discuss bilateral relations

Yemen ambassador, Algerian official discuss bilateral relations

Yemeni-Somali relations discussed

Yemen, Morocco boost cultural relations

Ambassador Bahabib receives Director of Tunisian Arab Relations

President al-Alimi discusses with Russian FM mutual relations

President al-Alimi discusses with Russian FM mutual relations

Yemeni-Russian relations discussed

Yemeni-Cuban relations discussed

Second Symposium on Yemeni-Chinese relations starts deliberations in Marib

Yemeni-Algerian relations discussed

Yemeni-Slovenian bilateral relations discussed

Yemen, Comoros discuss enhancing relations

FM, Norwegian ambassador discuss bilateral relations

Yemeni-Russian cultural relations discussed

FM discusses with Swedish State Secretary ways to enhance bilateral relations

FM, Austrian counterpart discuss ways to strengthen relations

Yemen welcomes regaining diplomatic relations between Bahrain, Qatar

Al-Ashabi discusses with Pakistani official strengthening bilateral relations

Ambassador Bahabib emphasizes the depth of Yemeni-Saudi relations

Deputy FM, Korean Ambassador discuss boosting bilateral relations

FM, Estonian counterpart discuss bilateral relations

Yemen, Spain to boost relations

Yemen, Oman discuss enhancing relations

Yemeni-Bangladeshi bilateral relations discussed

Foreign Minister confers with Polish Ambassador over bilateral relations

Yemen Ambassador, Canadian MP discuss bilateral relations

Yemen, Germany discuss bilateral relations

Foreign Minister confers with his Hungarian counterpart over bilateral relations

Chinese President: World needs stable Sino-US relations

Oshbi, Pakistani Ass. Deputy FM discuss bilateral relations

Yemen Defense Minister, Gambian counterpart discuss ways to strengthen bilateral relations

Yemen, Somalia discuss bilateral relations

Yemen, Jordan discuss enhancing bilateral relations

Yemeni-Russian cultural relations discussed

Yemen ambassador emphasizes depth of Yemen-Pak relations

Yemen-Russian relations discussed

Ambassador Nasher discusses with a Cuban official the strengthening of bilateral relations

Al-Zindani and Chinese Chargé d'Affairs open a symposium on Yemeni-Chinese relations

Al-Awadhi discusses with Kenyan official bilateral relations

Yemen, Japan discuss promoting relations between them

Yemen ambassador, Omani official discuss bilateral relations

Yemen, Czech discuss mutual relations

Yemen ambassador says Iran violated Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

Yemeni-Moroccan bilateral relations discussed

Relations between Yemen, EU discussed

Yemeni-Dutch relations, cooperation discussed

Yemeni ambassador, UAE official discuss bilateral relations and development aid

Deputy Foreign Minister discusses with Chinese diplomat enhancing relations

Nasher meets with Director of bilateral relations in Costa Rica Foreign Ministry

SP praises Yemeni-Chinese relations

Yemen, Lebanon discus boosting trade relations

Al-Sunaini discusses with a Japanese official ways to enhance bilateral relations

Yemeni-Japanese relations discussed

Deputy PM praises Yemeni-Malaysian relations

FM, Lebanese counterpart discuss bilateral relations

Vice President confirms promoting relations with brothers, friends

Yemen ambassador, Egyptian deputy minister discuss relations

Leadership Council Chairman praises Yemeni-Egyptian relations

Yemeni-Hungarian diplomats discuss bilateral relations

Nasher meets head of international relations at the Cuban Communist Party

Ambassador Al-Asbahi, Moroccan official discuss bilateral relations

Yemen, Canada discuss parliamentarian relations

Yemeni-Pakistani relations discussed

President al-Alimi confers with Iraqi Prime Minister over bilateral relations

FM, Egyptian Ambassadors discuss bilateral relations

President Hadi praises relations with United States

FM participates in symposium about international relations during crisises

Deputy FM, S. Korean ambassador discuss promotion of bilateral relations

FM discusses with Egyptian Ambassador bilateral cooperation relations

Yemen, Cuba discuss bilateral relations

Yemeni-Russian relations discussed

Deputy FM discusses with Chinese Chargé d'Affaires ways to enhance bilateral relations

FM meets with the Indian Minister for Foreign Relations

Eryani discusses with a German official strengthening bilateral relations 07/18/2022

BinMubarak discusses with Mozambican Foreign Minister bilateral relations

Yemeni, Mozambican foreign officials discuss ways to promote bilateral relations

Hadispeaks highly of distinguished relations with Saudi Arabia

FM, Dutch ambassador discuss ways to strengthen, develop bilateral relations

Ambassador al-Haneq discusses with Somali Parliament Speaker promoting relations

Assaadi, Turkish Parliament speakerdiscuss bilateral relations

Yemen's Ambassador, Omani official mutual relations

Hadi underscores depth of Yemeni-Italian relations

Yemen, Canada discuss mutual relations

Al-Eryani receives chairman of German Parliament's Foreign Relations Committee

Amb. Assanaini discusses with Japanese deputy foreign minister bilateral relations

Yemeni-Slovenian relations discussed

Yemeni-Kenyan relations discussed in Nairobi

Mujalli discusses with Ukrainian official improving relations

Yemen-Chinese bilateral relations discussed

Yemen, Egypt discuss boosting relations

F.alhusary: Yemen, Cuba discuss bilateral relations

FM discusses Yemeni-Chinese relations with the Chinese ambassador

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