President al-Alimi convenes high-profile meeting includes Speakers of Parliament, Shura Council
His Excellency President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, has put emphasize on the leading role of the legislative institution with its two chambers the Parliament and Shura Council in bolstering the united ranks around the Yemenis' major goal of restoring the State's institutions, eliminating the Iranian-regime backed Houthi militias' coup.
Palestinian Presidency warns of the danger of Israeli escalation in Al-Aqsa Mosque
The official spokesman for the Palestinian Presidency, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, warned of the dangerous escalation of the Israeli occupation authorities, in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the attack on citizens in its squares and in the alleys and lanes of the Old City of Al-Quds.
Chinese Central Bank injects 125 billion yuan into the financial market
The People's Bank of China (the central bank) on Monday injected funds into the financial market with a total amount of 125 billion yuan (17.93 billion US dollars) through medium-term lending facilities (MLF) and reverse repo operations.
Barcelona crowned as Spanish League champion 4 rounds before conclusion of the “La Liga”
FC Barcelona won the Spanish Football League title, after defeating its neighbor Espanyol by four goals to two, to settle the struggle for the La Liga title, four rounds before the end of the competition.
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Al-Iryani warns of preaching Khomeini aliened sectarian rites in Yemen

ABEGS denounces UNICEF's print of sectarian schoolbooks

VP urges more efforts to counter Houthi sectarian culture

Amb. Adoais protests to Lebanon Information Minister about sectarian rhetoric of Almasirah, Assahat TVs

Houthi militia sectarian- oriented, violence monger , says Info. minister

Hadi calls preachers to unify against sectarian and regional bigotry

Houthi public employee replacements a massacre on sectarian criteria, parliament presidency says

Info. Minister urges joining media's efforts to counter militia's sectarian scheme

Info Minister stresses imperative of media message countering of sectarian ideology

Houthismilitarized universities,turned them sectarian mobilization centers, says minister

ISESCO condemns UNICEF for over printing sectarian books

FM: Conflict in our country between two camps: Pro-federal Yemen and Narrow- sectarian agendas.

FM: Conflict in our country between two camps: Pro-federal Yemen and Narrow- sectarian agendas.

Al-Hadrami to Griffiths: Houthi militia blatantly announces a racist sectarian policy

The sectarian racist Houthi militia's war damaged all walks of life, says minister

President: Iranian regime created sectarian, terrorist militia in Yemen

‏Al-Iryani warns of Houthi educational sectarian practices

Political parties call for integration around government, face sectarian plots

'What is happening in Hodeidah big game in full view of UN'

UNICEF's interventions in government-held governorates discussed

Info. Minister warns of child recruitment by Houthi militia

Yemeni activists highlight Houthi" bulldozing"of multiculturalism

Ambassador Jumeih warns of plundering Yemen's antiquities

Al-Eryani seeks German Goethe-Institute's cooperation

Al-Iryani condemns Houthi militia for employing scouting movement to recruit children

Al-Barakani participates in the 16th Session of OIC Conference in Turkey

Al-Eryani: Iran attacks on oil tankers, ships confirm its terrorist regime

Yemen welcomes re-imposing UN sanctions on Iran by the US

PM: Universities have significant role to play in countering radical militias

Info. Minister urges invigorating audio media role

Houthis blow up mosque in Dhamar

Houthi militia has recklessly politicized judiciary, says minister

Shoura Council rejects Houthi "Functional Approach Code"

Houthi racist militia works on distorting Yemeni cultural heritage, says minister

Info Minister: Houthi militia denies Yemenis their salaries, swaps aids with going fighting

All national media outlets should align behind President Hadi's leadership, says Info. Minister

Yemen condemns Qatar's financefor printing Houthi schoolbooks

VP praises championships of the army and Giants in Shabwa

VP praises efforts of FOY Working Group on Security

FM: Iranian regime pushed too far in annihilating Yemenis through proxy

Coalition: GPC's move and alignment with Yemeni people will save Yemen from militias

VP says Houthi targeting of Marib IDPs and Saudi civilian places indicates Iran’s terrorism

Arab Parliament condemns Houthi atrocities against Yemeni MPs

Al-Barakani participates in the 4th Conference of the League of MP for al-Quds

VP meets with US Ambassador to Yemen

Houthi militias blow up 750 mosques, abduct 150 imams

VP congratulates counterparts on Eid Al-Adhaha

Al-Iryani announces reinstate Sa'ada Radio

Marib dep. governor says Houthis don't believe in peace

Future of children in militia-controlled areas in great danger, minister says

Vice President attends 14th of October Revolution ceremony in Mareb

VP praises Saudi-led Coalition support for Yemen's leadership, military

VPmeets Security Taskforce discuss work progress

Yemen, US discuss latest developments

Sa'ada governor urges woman engagement in countering Houthi theocratic scheme

Houthi militia deliberately aims ruining cultural heritage, says al-Asbahi

Houthis entrench hate into the minds of young generations, intellectuals warn

FM: Fighting terrorism a government's top priority

VP, Hodeidah Governor discuss developments in the governorate

References-based dialogue will guarantee peace and co-existence in Yemen: FM

Govt committed to enable press to access authentic information, says PM

Info Minister says Houthis continue to employ mosques for their criminal plans

Houthi militias ravage Yemeni cultural heritage, says Al-Iryani

VP emphasizes completion of army building

VP phone calls the Governor of Hadhramaut

Aljawf: Education Ministry office condemns Houthi burning of school

Houthis deploy thousands of children into warfronts, says Dep premier

OIC reaffirms support to Yemen's legality, solutions on three references

Sana'a mayor: Houthis are destroying Yemen's identity and social fabric

Yemeni-Cuban cooperation in health sector discussed

Marib strong enough to defend itself, says governor

Chief of Staff: We are facing a transborder militia

Eryani: Increasing parricides in Houthi-controlled areas a result of radicalisation

Col. Maliki: Houthi militia promotes sectarianism is textbooks

PM praises Marib governorate fellows role in countering Houthi militia's coup

Social Affairs Minister says Houthi war directly affected more than 6 mln children

VP conducts phone call to General Chief of Staff

Endowment Ministry denounces fabrication of false statements

Taiz Governor praises victories achieved by national army

Houthi coup causes 4 mln children to drop out of school: Seminar

VP breifed on the developments in Hodeidah governorate

Vice President, leaders of parties discuss latest political developments

Sana'a Mayor briefs VP on Houthi abuses in the capital

President Hadi follows combat operations in front-line battles

President Hadi praises Chinese support for Yemen in international platforms

Al-Eryani: The Iranian regime leaves devastating marks wherever it gets

Al-Iryani warns of Iranian attempts to blur the Yemeni identity

Adoais blames some Lebanese parties for employing their media outlets against Yemen

Yemeni Organization for Prisoners and Detainees in Marib

Shura Council leadership convenes first session

Yemen's ambassador to Warsaw meets Yemeni students

Yemen's ambassador to Warsaw meets with Yemeni students

Info. Minister: Iran promotes terrorism in Yemen through Houthi militia

Yemen government warns of Houthi radicalization of children in summer camps

We should not forget that we are in a state of war, says PM

Eryani: Yemen is being subjected to a major conspiracy

Commander of Arab Coalition joint forces visits military units

Al-Maliki: Houthi militia messed with Yemeni State's capacities, marginalize vast majority of Yemeni people

VP breifed on developments in the sixth, seventh military regions

Al-Barakani briefs his Austrian counterpart on the peace efforts in Yemen

Security Council's rejection of proposal to extend Iran arms embargo disappointing

Al-Eryani praises Egyptian media support for Yemeni cause

Yemen's ambassador to Tunisia explores cooperation with ALESCO

ISESCO Director General says Houthisreceiveforeign support to undermine Yemen

Decisive Storm historical Arab decision, says VP

Endowments Minister denounces Houthi violation against mosques and worshippers

FM, Lebanese counterpart discuss bilateral relations

Peace not in coupist forces' or Iran's favour , Saudi Arriyadh daily says

Askar calls on int'l think-tanks to shed light on Houthi war crimes

PM hails US support for Yemeni government

Vice President phones Baidha'a Governor on latest developments

FM, German Minister discuss developments of the Yemeni file

Human Rights Ministry condemns Houthi militia for storming the MP al-Hagri's house

Foreign Ministry praises EU's decision blacklisting Houthi militia as a sanctioned group

Yemen Govt calls on UN Security Council to extend arms embargo on Iran

'Government's and Arab Coalition's decisive battle is against Iranian agenda'

Info. Minister: Iran wants to employ Yemen's location to destabilize regional security

Al-Eryani: Killing parents by Houthi assistant leader reflects worst terrorism

Minister of State meets UN Sanctions Committee member

Info Minister calls on UN to pressure Houthis into releasing abducted journalists

PM performs Eid al-Fitr prayers in Aden

Treatment in Taiz

Treatment in Taiz

Saudi Arabia hopes Sana'a uprising to contributes toward saving Yemen from terrorist militias.

President al-Alimi praises al-Azhar's role in preaching moderate religious culture

Info. Minister blames unfair media campaign against (SAK)

Houthis bear full responsibility for the closure of Sana'a airport , says Yemen minister

Iranian regime’s excess in provocations a ‘natural result’ of int’l community’s silence

ALECSO Conference wraps up its functions with our country participation

Situations of displaced teachers in Marib discussed

Yemen demands int'l pressure to stop Houthi recruitment of child soldiers

PM meets representatives of university teaching staff

Yemen participates in the International Islamic Unity Conference

BinMubarak confers with Haavisto over developments in Yemen

VP praises coalition's launch of Freedom of Happy Yemen

Yemen Minister calls for re-designating Houthis as a terrorist organization

Al-Eryani renews call for halting Houthis' TV channels broadcasting from Lebanon

Info. Minister warns of Houthi genocide similar to that of Islamic State against Yazeedis

Askar says Houthis entrench death glorifying culture into minds of young generations

Parliament Speaker receives Emirati Ambassador to bid him farewell

Al-Eryani briefs German official on the implications of Houthis' terrorist attacks on Yemeni seaports

PM hails sacrifices of Saadapeople to end Houthi coup

Houthi militia shells al-Amal Hospital for Tumors Treatment in Taiz

Info.Minister condemns rebels for seizing journalists

Info Minister: Tehran reaps outcomes of its subversive policy

Yemen Minister: Houthi summer centers are camps for making terrorists

Eryani warns of biggest Houthi looting of Yemeni citizens' savings in history

Yemen parliamentary delegation hails USIP

President Hadi returns to Riyadh after participating in the 29th Arab Summit

VP hails the General People's Congress party's patriotic attitudes

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