President al-Alimi meets with presidency of consultation authority
Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Rashad al-Alimi met Monday with the President of the Consultation and Reconciliation Authority Mohammad al-Ghaithi and his Vices Abdulmalik al-Mikhlafi, Sakhr al-Wageeh, Jamila Ali Raja'a and Akram al-Ameri.
Secretary-General of the Arab League calls for assisting Yemenis
(Saba)- Secretary-General of the Arab League A hmed Aboul-Gheit on Monday appealed to the international community and humanitarian organizations to immediately provide assistance and relief to Yemenis.
AIRBUS announces € 4.2 billion net profits in 2022
The European Company for planes manufacturing (AIRBUS) announced that its net profits in 2022 came to € 4.2 billion, with an increase of 1 percent over 2021.
Argentina wins the 2022 World Cup after defeating France
The Argentine national team was crowned champion of the Qatar World Cup 2022 after defeating its French counterpart, by penalty shootouts, by four goals to two in the match that brought them together, this evening, Sunday, at Lusail Stadium, after the end of the original and extra time, in a positive tie with three goals for both teams.
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Fatah calls on OCHA to immediately act to save Hajor's population

Al-Iryani holds Houthi militia accountable for prisoners safety

Info. Minister calls on the UN to act to fulfill prisoner-exchange deal

HR Minister appeals for UN to save villagers in Hajor

Marib hosts one million and half of IDP, says deputy governor

Fatah denounces Houthi militia's shelling IDPs Camp in Al-Khokhah

Rasd Coalition; Houthis Militia Abducting and Forcibly Disappearing more than 18 thousand For Three Years

Civil service employees' salaries to be paid soon

Houthi militiamen kill 5 women prisoners, hurt 12 more in Taiz

Three civilians killed, three injured in landmine explosion planted by Houthi militia in Maweyah

PM orders 1 month- salary payment for armed and security servicemen

Ten civilian killed, injured as Houthi intensify rocket shelling in Taiz

Social care money to be paid soon, says minister

Above 122 thousands of civil service pensioners to be paid June pension

Pensioners to receive July pension soon

Interior Ministry: Two soldiers killed, 53 injured in Aden terror attack

PLC discusses basic services in Aden

PLC confirms its support for the UN-led efforts to make peace

PM orders 2bln YR urgently to manage floods damages in Tarim

PM urges accelerating efforts to develop Aden Seaport

President Hadi orders Petromaseala to provide Al-Mahara province with 500 thousand liters of diesel

President Hadi orders Govt to address atmosperic depression damages

Taiz: Houthi mortar rounds kill football player, son

Pensioners to be paid February payment, plus 30% increase

PM holds meeting with a number of Ministers in charge of basic services

Arab League warns of environmental disaster posed by Safer

PM follows underway efforts to cope with heavy rainfalls damages

Secretary-General of the Arab League calls for assisting Yemenis

High Relief Committee condemns Houthi Militia's attack on IDPs Camp in Hajjah

Arab Parliament condemns Houthis kidnapping headmistresses in capital Sana'a

PM urges devising practical plans to improve health services

SRC calls on donors, relief organizations to relieve Al-Maharah province

UN must move to protect Yemen's children, Fatah says

US says it is deeply troubled by continued Houthi attacks

Al-Aswadi appeals to UN's organizations to relief al-Dhale'a's population

Amb. Assanain looks for JICA's extra projects in Yemen

Coalition for restoring legality in Yemen urges immediate stop of violent actions in Aden

Since ceasefire started, Houthis breaches incurred 541 civilian casualties

(Luban) sweeps water network way, puts drinking water wells out of operation

University professors in militia controlled regions to be paid 50% of salaries soon

Yemen's PM directs stop shooting, forces back to their barracks

Mothers warn their kidnapped sons could be used humanshields by Houthis

PM sets up a committee to communicate with Saudi authorities about Yemeni expatriates' issues

Maliki: 4 drones launched by Houthi militia towards Saudi Arabia destroyed

Re-assigning $32 million from Islamic Bank to counter coronavirus

Ministry of Oil: targeting Safer oil pipeline pumping station criminal, subversive action

Fatah praises GCC's nations' efforts for relieving victims of Mackano cyclone

Watchdog calls UN organizations to condemn Houthis as they start trying journalists

IFJ calls for freeing journalist in Saleh-Houthi militias' detention

PM orders purchasing necessary equipment for sanitation network in Aden

Washington, London, Paris blame Tehran for arming Houthis

Shura Council: There is pressing need for national reconciliation

Two children killed, three more injured by Houthi militia's landmine in Aljawf

Saba's journalist " Al-Hamzi" sustains injury while covers frontline battles in Al-Baidha

Arab Coalition refers pupils bus incident in Sa'ada to JAIT

Head of PLC chairs a Cabinet's session

Rights symposium reveals Houthis have committed more than 1,500 violations against journalists

President Hadi urges improving public revenues

FM says UN envoy's comments sought to appease putschists

The Center of Information and Human Rights Training condemns the militia's crimes in Al-Haima of Taiz

Arab Parliament warns of Houthi militia's maneuvers over Safer Tanker

PM, Ministry of Higher Education discuss due payments of students abroad

Houthi militias bomb trucks carrying relief aid in Marib: KSrelief

AMA calls UN Security Council not to ignore Yemen's abductees

Arab Parliament: Houthi militia attack on al-Abidia Hospital a war-crime requires international action

Four civilians killed, one injured by Houthi landmines in Hajjah governorate

OIC: Lebanese info minister's statements are irresponsible

Asker calls on IC to protect civilians in al-Dhale'a

Activists rally against militias' violations against children

Hodeida governor, ICRC discuss humanitarian interventions

Republican decree by appointing governor of Socatra

Al-Iryani condemns Houthi militia's kidnapping 7 headmistresses in capital Sana'a

Fatah calls upon UN organizations to help Hadhramout

PM: govt's top priority to renormalize situations, pay salaries

PM convenes session with Al-Dale'a local authority leadership

WFP's director sends strong message to Houthi leader to stop looting aid

Egypt denounces Houthi attacks on Dhabbah Oil Port

Hajjah authorities declare Kushar an afflicted zone

GPC in Marib: President Hadi is the leader of the GPC

Arab Coalition Defenses gun down 5 ballistic missiles, 4 drones fired by Houthis

Up to 51 citizens killed, 370 injured in Hodeida during ceasefire

Houthi militia detains 28 relief trucks in Ibb governorate

International silence for Houthi attack on Taiz shameful, says Fatah

Al-Eryani: Militia's siege on Khobzah village, war crime

FM calls humanitarian organizations to rescue civilians in Marib

Fatah calls on International organizations to dispatch rescue teams to help governorates affected by floods

Eryani condemns Houthi kidnapping of journalist Al-Jaradi

Bin Mubarak, Lowcock discuss IDPs' suffering in Marib

The NAYPP condemns Houthis' aggression on Marib and Saudi Arabia

High Relief Committee calls on UN to act against Houthi militia's detention of cancer drugs

Govt condemns Houti detention of S. Korean vessel and two escort boats off Red Sea

Security Council affirms its strong commitment to the unity and, territorial integrity of Yemen

Govtcalls on UNHCR, UN's envoy to stop militia's death penalty verdict against activists, journalists

IFJ holds Houthis responsible for safety of kidnapped journalist Al-Dais

Chinese-Gulf Summit affirms support for Leadership Council in reaching solution

Prime Minister receives US Ambassador to Yemen

Foreign Ministry demands UN to stop death sentence against journalist

Govt welcomes Security Council's statement about the so-called STC

FM contributes to Arab League council's emergency session

Human Rights Ministry deplores militia's assault on a sit-in by GPC's supporters

Arab Parliaments holds Houthi militia accountable for worsening humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Al-Eryani: Continuous recruiting children, mass killing crimes

Yemen gov't calls on international community to reconsider its approach toward Houthis

Al-Awej, Ba-aum discuss with Islamic Bank, WHO health needs in Yemen

Rasd Alliance: Houthi militia recruited more than 12 thousand children

Fatah asks international denouncement to Houthi attack on displaced camp

Government welcomes UN Envoy's announcement of extending truce

YJS holds Houthis responsible for detainees' deteriorated health

Eryani calls for real pressure on Houthi militia to release Intisar Al Hammadi

WFP's remarks on Houthi food theft emphasize 'what Relief Committee always said'

Al-Eryani calls on IC to press for releasing Yemeni journalists held in Houthis' jails

President Hadi personally follows Yemeni expats problem in kSA, says minister

Al-Sharjabi discusses with UNICEF implementation water projects

PM , Chinese Ambassador discus situations in Yemen

Fatah denounces Houhi militia abduction of UN's agencies workers

FM, British Ambassador discuss peace efforts

Info Minister calls on int'l community to pressure Houthis to stop systematic targeting of civilians south of Marib

Al-Eryani holds Houthi militia responsible for safety of Journalist al-Mansouri

Fatah chairs a meeting of SRC to review relief actions in the wake of Sagar, Mekunu cyclones

Arman meets US, British diplomats over cooperation in human rights field

IFJ denounces the death of Journalist al-Rakan over Houthi torture

Info minister says Houthi mobilization of entire families to war are genocides

Massacre that occurred to journalism will resonate for decades: YJS member

Eryani calls for international action toward the crimes of Houthi militia against civilians in Taiz

PM holds talks with P5- Ambassadors to Yemen

Al-Eryani appeals for rescuing Asma al-Aumaisi's live, releasing Fatima al-Arwali

Bin Mubarak, German counterpart discuss Yemen developments

Al-Eryani condemns kidnapping of female leader, Fatima Al-Arouli 07/10/2022

WFP: Houthi militia snatches food out of starving mouths

Info. Minister calls on IC to pressure Houthi militia to release the journalists Arrefi, Abdulghani

Foreign Ministry: Iran's embassy turned into military operations room

PM calls on the UN to stop Houthi militia's devastating policy toward national economy

Al-Barakani: Houthi escalation on Marib puts UN credibility to test

Kuwait; we will continue our humanitarian, political commitment to Yemen

Yemen's human rights ministry condemns Houthi siege and attack on village

Alliance of Yemeni Political Parties condemns Houthi militias' death verdicts against 16 activists from Sa'dah

Bin Mubarak briefs HCHR on Houthi militia's violations

Mahra Governor: 250 families evacuated by helicopters to shelters

Al-Sa'adi reaffirms government's peace approach

Coalitionlaunches annual report on human rights in Yemen

Arab Coalition welcomes Govt, STC response to a call for cease-fire.

Brig. Gen. Tariq Saleh, US ambassador discuss latest developments in Yemen

Fatah: Houthi militia holds back ships laden with food, fuels

YJS calls for releasing the journalists from Houthi militia's jails

Yemeni government applauds Saudi leadership's measures about the journalist case

Saudi ambassador: KSA, Coalition member states support Yemeni legitimate government, troops

Saudi ambassador: KSA, Coalition member states support Yemeni legitimate government, troops

VP meets with governors of Marib, Al-Jawf, Al-Baidha, urges coordination

0VP meets with Swedish Representative to Yemen

Bin Mubarak, US Chargé d'Affairs discuss Yemen latest developments

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