Al-Eryani discusses with Saudi Counterpart enhancing information cooperation
The Minister of Information Culture and Tourism Muammar al-Eryani discussed Thursday with the Saudi Minister of Information Salman bin Youssef al-Dosari the mechanisms to enhance media work and ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two brotherly countries.
Commitment to two-state solution imperative to establish peace in Middle East—Chinese President stressed.
The Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed that it is very important to implement the two-state solution to achieve peace in the Middle East.
Google to invest $2 billion in Malaysian data center and cloud region
The tech giant Google has announced its intent to invest about 9.4 billion Malaysian ringgit (USD two billion) on a new data center and cloud hub in Malaysia.
Greek Olympiacos wins Europa Conference League and first European trophy ever
The Greek Olympiakos has clenched the first European trophy by winning Europa Conference League by a 1-0 victory over the Italian Fiorentina on Hagia Sophia Stadium.
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audi projects in Mahra discussed

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