Presidential Council holds emergency meeting to discuss latest developments
The Presidential Leadership Council held Friday here a meeting chaired by Chairman of the Council Dr. Rashad al-Alimi and attended by Members Aidrus al-Zubaidi, Sultan al-Aradah, Tareq Saleh, Abdulrahman al-Muharrami, Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi and Othman Mujally.
UNRWA: Gaza faces risk of losing entire generation of children over Israeli aggression
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said that "the Gaza Strip is on the verge of losing an entire generation of children due to the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip."
China's foreign trade rises by 6.1% in the first half of 2024
China's foreign trade registered a record-high increase of 6.1% in the first half of the current year, providing stronger momentum for economic recovery.
Spain knocks out France, qualifies for UEFA Euro 2024 final
Spain qualified for the final of the current edition of Euro 2024 by eliminating France 2-1 in the match that was held between them at the Allianz Arena.
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Hadi honors two fallen commanders with Bravery Medals

Chief of Staff meets with Commanders of 4th Military Zone

VP meets with commanders of military zones

VP meets with commanders of Military Police in several governorates

Defense Minister holds meeting with military commanders on battlefields

Al-Maisari, army commanders discuss 2019 military plan

Minister of Defense convenes meeting included Military commanders in Marib

Malaysia ready to offer more military for Yemeni commanders

Vice President, military commanders discuss situations of battlefields

Chief of Staff presides over meeting for commanders of military regions

Senior military commanders discuss developments about combat operations

Abyan Governor urges commanders on high alerts

PM presides over meeting for commanders of the Fourth Military Region

Presidential Decree appoints commanders to joint forces

VP: Accolades commanders of Coalition Forces

Defense Minister presides over meeting for military commanders in Aden

Chief of Staff holds meeting included senior commanders

VP arrives in Marib, meets with military commanders

VP meets Defense Ministry senior military commanders in Marib

Chief of Staff, Arab Coalition commanders discuss setting up joint operations room

Chief of Staff holds expanded meeting with commanders of military regions

PM receives ministers, military commanders in Aden

VP.discusses with military commanders military developments, army building

Defense Minister convenes a meeting of the troops commanders in al-Ghaidha

VP meets with military commanders of Qaniah Front, Al-Baidha province

President al-Alimi holds a meeting with Defense Minister, Commanders of Fourth Military Region

Al-Irada, Judges, commanders discuss tightening security in Mareb

PM receives Arab Coalition commanders in Aden

PM meets Arab Coalition commanders in Aden

PM receives Arab Coalition commanders

Vice President discusses with military commanders finalizing liberation

President Hadi presides over preliminary meeting of senior commanders of Ministry of Defense

Interior Minister discusses with UAE commanders security issues

President al-Alimi discusses with defense minister, military commanders latest developments

Commanders report to VP about military developments

Prime Minister, commanders discuss building military, tightening security

President al-Alimi convenes a meeting with military commanders in Marib governorate

Presidential decrees by appointing commanders of two military zones

VP discusses with army commanders unifying military capabilities

President al-Alimi convenes a meeting of headships of Defense Ministry, Chiefs of Staff, Commanders of Military Regions

VP reviews military operations with presence of some commanders of Coalition Forces

Jubari discusses with military commanders latest field developments

Chief of Staff discusses military cooperation with Egyptian naval, air-forces commanders

Chief of Staff discusses military cooperation with Egyptian naval, air-forces commanders

Defense Minister urges preparedness, vigilance

VP urges institutionally military build-up

PM follows up on developments in the West Coast

Chief of Staff confirms including al-Amaliqa Brigades in the army

Military, security developments in Taiz discussed

Taiz governor stresses integration of security effort

Security forces to be integrated, police stations activated, says Maisary

VP urges more efforts to push the militiamen out of Al-Baidha province

Yemen's PM directs stop shooting, forces back to their barracks

President Hadidirects activating Ibbwarfronts

Vice President convenes meeting in Nehm

VP stresses complementarity between military field units and departments

Al-Bahssani meets with military, security leaders in Hadramout

VP commends troops' sacrifices in Qaniah front

Vice President hails victories of the National Army in Hajjah

Vice President praises victories scored by National Army

VP holds a high-profile military meeting

Yemen's Acting Defense Minister stresses finalizing army reconstruction

Vice President inspects fighters, operations in Fifth Region

Yemen participates in Arab police meeting in Tunisia

VP praises Baihan's military command, local resistance

VP discusses developments in Al-Baidha province

VP inspects government's troops in Al-Boq'a, Sa'adah

Ministers of information, defense stress on integration under legality

Vice President is back in Mareb

Prime Minister inspects military headquarters in Aden

PM performs Eid al-Fiter prayers in Aden

Interior Minister reveals Houthi militia's involvement in ISIS, terrorist attacks

Interior Minister urges security alert

Senior Houthi operatives killed in Marran

Al-Bahsanai: 2018 will witness military, security enforcement, development

Houthi drone bomb crashes after takeoff

President al-Alimi performs Eid al-Fiter prayers with worshipers in Aden city

l-Bahsani pays inspection visits to military facilities in Aden

Defense Minister inspects military units in Bab al-Mandab Pivot

Minister of Defense visits Arab Coalition Command in Marib

Vice President stresses on activating security police

Taiz Security Committee to regain government's institutions

Yemen, UAE discuss security cooperation

Minister of Defense inspects combat operations in Aljawf fronts

Naval Forces commander surveys military units in Bab al-Mandab and Mayon Island

VP inspects military operations

Security campaign to be carried out against smugglers, road robbers in Lahj

PM inspects Arab Coalition's base in Mocha

Command of Joint Forces celebrates the 31st Anniversary of the Republic of Yemen

Dhale', Lahj special forces discussed

Dhale', Lahj special forces discussed

VP: Military Judiciary , Prosecutions need to be activated

President Hadi follows combat operations in front-line battles

VP reviews military actions on the battlefields

Arab Coalition's efforts discussed in Hadhramout

VP follows up on situation of Beihan military units

PM praises great sacrifices made by the national military troops

Houthis hide fighters, vehicles in UNICEF and WFP warehouses, says al-Eryani

Houthi terrorists prove they are staying the course of bloodshed, says Yemen VP

Vice President inspects performance of military units

PM arrives in Al-Mukalla on a visit to Hudramout province

 PM issues directions for creation of fallen soldiers' database

Al-Bahsani appreciates armed forces' sacrifices to defend national achievements

VP holds joint meeting of military command in Marib

Scores of Houthi rebel fighters surrender to army in Hodeidah

Chief of Staff, American military attaché discus military, security capacity building

Coordination between military and local authorities discussed

VP, Chief of Staff discuss combat operations

Al-Akhali: Taiz Police has inclusive redeployment plan for arresting criminals

Mahra Security Committee discusses latest developments

Bin-Dagh warns oil companies against dealing with rebel militias

Alignment with legal leadership a patriotic duty, says governor of Dhamar

Vice President urges high alert, security sensibility

Houthis fire Katyucha on government reps in Redeployment Coordination Committee

Presidential Committee, Hadhramout local authority discuss security situation

PM chairs meeting focused on counter-terrorism plans

Al-Bahsanistresses security alert in Hadhramout

PM appreciates troops' heroic roles in defeating the coup

VP. stresses re-building the Marine Force, Coastal Defense

President Hadi confirms re-building the national army professionally

Chief of Staff stresses security, military forces performance in Abyan

Vice President inspects officers' training camps in Marib

Arab chairs meeting on tightening security in liberated areas

Al-Erada inaugurates the training program of Policemen in Marib governorate

Member of Presidential Council Tareq Saleh inspects security in Yemeni waters

Vice President inspects conditions in Five Military Region

Yemen participates in BIDEC 2017

President Hadi visits injured governor of Lahj, Director of Military College

Chief of Staff meets withDefense Ministry leadership

VP urges joining efforts to recapture all regions, establish security, stability

President praises British stance in support of Legal leadership in Yemen

Defense Minister holds expanded meeting of leadership of the units of the Abyan axis

The National Investigative Committee inspects Taiz Radio

Tariq Saleh says the PLC committed to maintain the UN-brokered truce

Taiz police launches New Year strategy

VP discusses Taiz and Hodeidah liberation with provincial officials separately

VP discusses Taiz and Hodeidah liberation with provincial officials separately

VP visits Arab Coalition'sheadquarters in Marib

Marib's role will go down deeply in history, says Chief of Staff

Lahj military, security on high alert

Prime Minister praises seizing drones shipment at Shahn entry of Almahrah governorate

VP holds meeting with Command of Sixth Military Zone.

President directs liberation of Lahj, Dhale' warfronts

Al-Eryani: Iranian Commander's statements, recognition of fighting with Houthis

PM praises heroic roles of national army

Prime Minister arrives Riyadh for talks with Saudi officials, foreign diplomats

Community leaders in Abyan aligned themselves behind President Hadi's leadership for restoring state

Taiz Security Committee discusses military developments

Info Minister inspectsrecovery of war-torn Beihan

Defense Minister holds expanded meeting with defense officials in Marib

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