UNESCO approves five projects to support journalism in Yemen
Yemen's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Dr. Muhammad Jumaih announced that the organization had approved five projects to support journalism in Yemen.
Made in Bulgaria Programme Association honors society developers
Individuals and organizations that have contributed significantly to the development of society and the economy in Bulgaria were honoured with the People of the XXI Century international award of the Made in Bulgaria Programme Association, Bulgaria's news agency has reported.
Kuwait's trade surplus with Japan increased in May by 2.3 percent
Kuwait's trade surplus with Japan increased last May by 2.3 percent compared to the same period last year, reaching 82.7 billion Japanese yen (522 million US dollars), rising for the first time in three months.
Scotland, Switzerland draw 1-1 in Group A of Euro 2024
The Scottish national team and its Swiss counterpart drew 1-1 in the match that brought them together at the Rheinenergy Stadion, within Group A of Euro 2024, currently being held in Germany.
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1433 violations by Houthi militia against politicians, activists, journalists

Deputy SP participates in China-Arab Forum for Young Politicians

Politicians, academics, experts discuss challenges, opportunities of Bulgaria's foreign policy strategy

Bin Mubarak confers with Dutch politicians over peace developments, humanitarian situations

UN tolerance allowed Houthistomaintainthe coup, politicians tell Griffiths

Media and political bandits designate Houthis a terrorist movement

Awareness-raising session in Tarim of Hadramout

Yemen partakes in Davos Economic Forum

Defense Minister participates in Manama Dialogue 2023

Media bandits in Amman call on UN to designate Houthis a terrorist group

Yemen PM, Chatham House chair discuss local, regional and international issues

Info. Minister condemns Houthi kidnapping of ex-minister of culture

Arroa'ini explores Frederich Ebert Foundation's support

VP says Houthis undermined the country's political and democratic action

Even women have not been spared torture in Houthi jails: Yemen minister

Protesters condemn Houthi execution orders against abductees

Yemen's Ambassador to France presents report about Houhi militia's violations to UNHCR

Barakani calls on int'l community to take firm stance against Houthi atrocities

Al-Brakani informs Friedric Ebert Foundation about Houthi militia's violations

National Committee for Investigations confers with Netherlands Ambassador over human rights in Yemen

NGO: 12636 abductions, enforced disappearances of civilians by Houthis

Govt communicates with Old Sheikh about militias control over property of pro-legality personalities

Interior Minister received international experts delegation

VP affirms govt commitment to human rights principles

PM meets with leaders of political parties

President al-Alim leaves New York

Yemen welcomes the U.S. Department of Treasury sanctions against some Houthi militia leaders

French delegation meets with security officials, representatives of political parties in Marib

Arman, UNICEF discuss building capacities of the Ministry's staff in human rights field

Photo exhibition staged in front of European Parliament highlights Houthi rights abuses in Yemen

YJS to launch online campaign to release journalists

Griffiths' remarks 'not commensurate with' Houthi captive execution orders

Asker meets with Director of advocacy in Amnesty International

Asker meets with Director of advocacy in Amnesty International

Hadi lauds political stakeholders' united stance to topple coup

Yemen minister says Houthis responsible for destiny of thousands of activists after detention facility explosion

President Hadi: We will not allow to portion Yemen into micro-states

Three documentary films on violations against civilians, activists

Caretaker government praises progress in implementing Riyadh Agreement

Symposium on Federal Yemen held in Mareb

Info Minister condemns Qaeda bombing of healthcare center

Death of prisoner Mokaber a remainder of thousands of detainees' tragedy, says minister

Houthis militias commit 2723 violations in first quarter of 2017

Report: Houthi militias blamed for 3419 offenses against civilians in Ibb governorate

Info. Minister says Maamari's story highlights tragedy of detainees in Houthi jails

Yemen, Tunisia discuss developments, Iran's plot

Yemen embassy calls on US institutions not to follow misleading Houthi propaganda

Shura presidency condemns blowing up of houses by Houthi terrorists

Houthis killed and injured 32000 civilianssince September 21, says NGO

Community leaders in Abyan aligned themselves behind President Hadi's leadership for restoring state

Parliament Speaker: Iran blamed for disturbances in Yemen, several Arab countries

PM calls for pressuring Houthi-Saleh militias to release detainees

Govtcalls on UNHCR, UN's envoy to stop militia's death penalty verdict against activists, journalists

Yemen embassy in US condemns Houthi execution orders against political detainees

Information Minister calls for ending suffering of detainees

Human Rights Ministry deplores militia's assault on a sit-in by GPC's supporters

Ailment of freed journalists' highlights tragic conditions of thousands still in Houthi jails

Bin Mubarak: Houthi militia sweeps Yemeni culture by importing foreign one

Political parties condemn Aden spate of assassinations

Media institutions' performance discussed

Human Rights Ministry denounces mass-executions by Houthi militia

Parliament Speaker receives Human Rights Commissioner

VP.discusses human rights violations by Houthis with Minister Askar

Yemen parties condemn Houthi seizure of MP's house in Sana'a

Al-Eryani condemns Houthi militia for bombing the houses of its opponents

Coup militiasbreak into Information Minister's house in Sana'a

President of the Presidential Leadership Council returns to the country after foreign tour

Human Rights Minister: Houthi militia killed, wounded 653 civilians in Hodeidah

Houthi-Imamate notion needs to be eliminated, say intellectuals

Info. Minister calls on IC to pressure Houthi militia to release the journalists Arrefi, Abdulghani

Basundowah: Houthi militia kidnapped 1180 women, recruited 30,000 children

Political Parties Alliance denounces abducting UN employees by Houthi terrorist militia

Saudi Source: Kingdom made mechanism for implementing Riyadh Agreement

Deputy Planning Minister discusses activities and projects in the areas of food security

Geneva: Govt presents list of 8200 of prisoners it wantsHouthis to release

Yemen political parties support government in face of separatists' violence

Alliance of Yemeni Political Parties condemns Houthi militias' death verdicts against 16 activists from Sa'dah

Al-Iryani: International community turns blind-eye on militias' atrocities

Eryani condemns Houthi bombing of citizens' homes in Sarwah of Marib

President performs Eid Al-Adhaha prayer and receives well-wishers

Yemen mission to UN holds symposium on abductees

Al-Mikhlafi, USA Charge d' Affairs discuss latest developments in Yemen

Jubari meets with ambassadors of US, Russia to Yemen

SP receives a telephone call from British of State for Middle East

Eryani expresses surprise over international silence for Houthi abuse and atrocities against journalists

VPmeets Security Taskforce discuss work progress

Bin Mubarak: Donor's role urgently needed to support development drive in Yemen

613 civilians killed, injured within 40 days by Houthi militia

Rasd Coalition: Yemeni people suffer increasing violations by Houthis

Presidential Council member Tariq Saleh discusses security developments in Taiz axis

Al-Barakani discusses with IPU Chairman Yemen's latest developments

Yemen Journalists Syndicate official shot injured by gunman in Houthi-controlled Sana'a

President performs Eid prayer and receives good wishers on Eid

Rasd Alliance: 170 people killed in Houthi prisons under torture

Rasd Alliance: 170 people killed in Houthi prisons under torture

The political leadership exerted all efforts for ending the war, says Minister al-Iryani

Saleh-Houthi militias killed 440 people within first half of 2017, HR group reports

Al-Iryani: Houthis made Yemen a gate for Iranian regional plots

UN outgoing envoy for Yemen makes last briefing to UN Security Council

Government affirms achieving peace, ending the conflict requires serious partner

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