The 21st of February a National Day for al-Musnad Calligraphy—al- Eryani declares
Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Muammar Al-Eryani issued today, Tuesday, a ministerial decree stated that the 21st of February shall be a National Day for al-Musnad Calligraphy to celebrate the ancient Yemeni Calligraphy every year.
Bulgarian PM commends his country's progress in fighting corruption
Bulgarian Prime Minister said on Wednesday his country has risen from the abyss of corruption which the country had been mired in during the years of Transition.
Bulgarian minister says survey shows her country "First in Europe in Young People's Desire to Start Own Business"
Bulgarian Minister of Innovation and Growth said the latest Eurobarometer survey has shown her country ranks first in Europe in terms of young people's desire to start their own business.
Spain reaches the final of the European Nations League and sets a date with Croatia
The Spanish national team reached the final match of the European Nations League, after defeating Italy with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament, to set a date in the final match with the Croatian national team, which succeeded in reaching the same role by defeating the Netherlands.
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VP meets with social dignitaries from Hudramout

Vice President hails the role of Abyan dignitaries

Socotra local authority, dignitaries discuss solutions to province's issues

President receives group of Hadhramout's dignitaries

Bin Dagher meets with Chairman of Jordanian Council of Dignitaries

Mahra Governor discusses with dignitaries Jatheb's projects, services

Hajah's tribes, sheikhs, social dignitaries confirm their support for legitimate government, opposition to militia

Presidential committee convenes meeting with local authority, social dignitaries in Almaharah

Al-Erada confers with social dignitaries in Marib over developments in the governorate

VP attends King Salman's annual reception of dignitaries

Prime Minister, Hadhramout dignitaries discuss federation

Deputy Prime Minister highlights integration of Mahra People around legality

Interior Minister: The stage is to restore and build the state

Troops, citizens jointly battling Houthi-militia, governor says

Tariq Saleh receives local authority leaders in Mocha, Mawza, Al-Waziah and Dhubab

Hudramout: Governor praises communal initiatives

Al-Bahsani praises role of Hadhramaut tribes supporting Presidential Leadership Council

Vice President praises sacrifices of people of Baidha

Awareness-increase discussion in Marib

PM: Federal State a promising future for all Yemenis

Governor inspects government facilities in Baidha'a

Governor inspects power in Socotra

Saleh-Houthi militias bomb a house in Shabwah

Leadership Council member Brig. Tariq Saleh discusses conditions of Dhubab district

Governor of Hodeidah holds meeting in Attohyqatah district

Socotra chieftains renew support to state headed by Hadi

PM returns to temporary capital Aden

MSAL wraps up training of 135 child protectors

PM meets Hadhramout's Deputy Governor for Plain, Desert Affairs

Minister of Interior urges national alignment, social coherence

Al-Maysari presides over local authority meeting in Almaharah

VP orders quick investigation into assassination of Dr. Al-Baqama

VP inspects military operations

Interior Minister: The federal state is the only way to stabilize the country

Security challenges in Dhal'ae debated

Vice President phones Marib governor on latest developments

Prime Minister calls Socotris to protect their Island

President al-Alimi receives sheikh Al Afrar in Mahra

Lahj governor inspects future projects in Lahj

Prime Minister issues directives on solving Hadhramout power shortage

Al-Mayari appreciates contribution of Shabwah population to establishing security, stability

Terrorist extremism and ideology of Iran rejected, says Hadi

French delegation meets with security officials, representatives of political parties in Marib

Saleh-Houthi militias injure prisoners, relocate them to unknown places

Alignment with legal leadership a patriotic duty, says governor of Dhamar

President al-Alimi praises Jordanian support for the Yemeni people

Brig. Tariq Saleh returns to Taiz after 3-day state visit to Djibouti

Government Delegation visits Taiz's Saber Mountain

Al-Bahssani urges furthering cooperation to establish security, stability in Hadramout

President praises British stance in support of Legal leadership in Yemen

PM: Hadihas directed the govt to implement National Dialogue outcomes

President Hadi: Aden remains symbol of civility, icon of coexistence and peace

Community leaders in Abyan aligned themselves behind President Hadi's leadership for restoring state

Parliament, rights ministry denounce Houthi rocket attack on civilians

VP discusses developments in Al-Baidha province

President al-Alimi calls for general reconciliation in Aljawf governorate

Yemeni-Yemeni talks concluded

VP. praises heroic victories by army in different warfronts

VP: The State aligns with everybody stands against Al-Houthi

President Hadi orders a committee to look over Al-Maharah's situations

President al-Alimi inspects areas affected by the tropical cyclone

Yemen's PM calls for integration to overturn coup

President Hadi calls on the Houthis to come to negotiate a comprehensive peace

President al-Alimi confirms role of Hadhrami people in different domains

Vice Chairman of Presidential Council Tariq Saleh meets authorities in West Coast districts

Govt. Raises petition to OHCHR about militias' crimes against GPC leaders

PM: We won't let recurrent 86 tragic events in Aden

Brig. Gen. Tariq Saleh inaugurates three vital projects in Dhu Bab Al-Mandab district

VP praises President Hadi's call on GPC's leaders to nationally align themselves

President calls Yemeni People to join National Army

President Hadi lays foundation stones for several projects in Al-Maharah

Govt. : UAE's recent military action in Socotra Island Unjustified

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