Presidential Council holds emergency meeting to discuss latest developments
The Presidential Leadership Council held Friday here a meeting chaired by Chairman of the Council Dr. Rashad al-Alimi and attended by Members Aidrus al-Zubaidi, Sultan al-Aradah, Tareq Saleh, Abdulrahman al-Muharrami, Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi and Othman Mujally.
UNRWA: Gaza faces risk of losing entire generation of children over Israeli aggression
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said that "the Gaza Strip is on the verge of losing an entire generation of children due to the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip."
China's foreign trade rises by 6.1% in the first half of 2024
China's foreign trade registered a record-high increase of 6.1% in the first half of the current year, providing stronger momentum for economic recovery.
Spain knocks out France, qualifies for UEFA Euro 2024 final
Spain qualified for the final of the current edition of Euro 2024 by eliminating France 2-1 in the match that was held between them at the Allianz Arena.
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KSrelief team inspects projects in Marib

KSrelief Center distributes baskets food in Hodeida

KSrelief inaugurates 2500 food packs in al-Hamili

KSrelief starts distributing 12500 food packs in Hajjah

KSrelief organizes seminar on Danger of Recruiting Child Soldiers

PM explores KSrelief's support for Yemen's efforts to control coronavirus

Interior Minister discusses humanitarian coordination with KSrelief

KSrelief signs two treatment programs for 300 wounded persons

KSrelief delivers 12 Winter Sets to IDPs in Marib

KSrelief launches airborne aid cargos for Socotra

Al-Rabia says KSrelief worked with all professionalism in Yemen

KSrelief undertakes treating wounded in Socotra's Mekunu cyclone

KSRelief provides $142 mln worth of aid to Yemen since 2015 crisis start

KSrelief distributes 2140 food packages in Shabwa

KSrelief offers health care to young Taizi amputee

Minister of Sports praises KSrelief's role in supporting youth programs

KSrelief launches Ramadan Iftar in Marib

PM, Arrabiah discuss KSrelief's support for health sector in Yemen

Yemen, KSrelief discuss higher education cooperation

KSrelief distributes food packs in Dhale'a

KSrelief delivers 1200 tons of food and shelter aid to Yemen

KSrelief Center provides Hadramout with 40 tons of medical assistances

KSrelief signs two programs for treating wounded Yemenis in Aden

KSrelief trains six technicians in prosthetics

KSrelief hands out food aid to Hodeidah displacees

Aden: KSrelief distributes 63 tons of food aid to needy families

KSrelief signs $33 mln deal with UNICEF to combat Yemen cholera

KSrelief provides emergency aid to affected people in Mahra

Thirty two KSrelief lorries arrive in Marib laden with humanitarian aid

KSrelief Center distributes food aids to IDPs in Al-Khokha

Al-Ashwal explores KSrelief Center's support for training programs

Fatah praises KSrelief's support to improve sanitation in our country

Health Minister praises KSrelief's support for health sector in Yemen

Health Minister praises KSrelief's support for health sector in Yemen

KSrelief distributes shelter aid to Saada IDPs in Marib

National Drug Supply Prog. receives dialysis solutions from KSrelief

KSrelief sends 131 tons of medicine aid to Yemen

KSrelief, WHO & UNICEF discuss Yemen health and childhood

KSrelief launches anti-dengue fever drive in Sayoon

KSrelief launches labor intensive projects in Shabwa

KSrelief contracts hospital to treat 150 wounded Yemenis

KSrelief implements 474 projects totaling $3billion, 5mln

KSrelief Center supplies Baihan Hospital with 20 tons of medical assistance

Fatah praises KSrelief's contribution to fund livelihood programs in Yemen

KSRelief Center distributes 1500 food baskets in Marib

KSrelief Center provides Hodeidah's Health Office with 70 tons of medicines

KSrelief hands over medical aid to Al-Ghaydha hospital

KSrelief celebrates rehabilitation of 27 ex-child soldiers

More than 188,000 Hodeidah people benefit from KSrelief aid since 15 June

KSrelief says WFP suspension of aid expected given Houthi theft

KSrelief distributes food parcels inLahj

KSrelief aid trucks en route to displaced people in Marib

Houthi militias bomb trucks carrying relief aid in Marib: KSrelief

KSrelief distributes emergency aid to people affected by Mekunu

KSrelief condemns Houthicriminal attack against IDPs in north Yemen

KSrelief gives out food aids in Marib, Hadramout

KSrelief Center dispatches convoy laden with 120 tons of relief stuffs to Al-Maharah.

KSrelief sends Yemen 35 trucks carrying school chairs grant

KSrelief launches camp for IDPs south of Hodeidah

KSrelief distributes 1000 food packs in Taiz

KSrelief signs 6 contracts to provide requirements to control coronavirus in Yemen, Palestine

Mahra governor praises KSrelief's positive role

KSrelief extends Yemen demining initiative one more year

KSrelief's medical team carries out 11 surgeries in Sayoon Hospital

KSrelief launch food and shelter aid to Saada IDPs in Sayoon

KSrelief distributes aid and maintenance funds to IDPs, orphans

KSrelief Center gives out sheltering stuffs in Sana'a, Al-Baidha, Lahj, Taiz

KSrelief distributes 17,500 food packs in north Yemen

KSrelief continues to implement water, env. hygiene programs for Hodeidah

Ministers visit photo exhibit of KSrelief in New York

Health Minister follows interventions of Ksrelief in Aden

KSrelief, WHO sign deal for extending provision of medical oxygen plants for Yemen

9 trucks arrives in Marib laden with relief stuffs from KSrelief

Two KSrelief aid trucks for flood victims arrive in Aden

KSrelief launches health project, distributes food aids

KSrelief distributes 11 tons of food aid in Yemen’s northern Hajjah

KSrelief Center, UN sign an executive contract to support HRP in Yemen

KSrelief entertains 40 children rehabilitated from war experience

KSrelief Center distributes 12 tons of food baskets to Hodeidah's IDPs in Aden

KSrelief distributes 2330 food baskets in Taiz province

KSrelief hands over food packs to orphans families

Fatah, Al-Rabiah discuss humanitarian interventions of KSrelief

KSrelief Centers provides Health Office in Marib with 95 tons of medical assistances

Ba-aum explores KSrelief Center's medical aids

KSrelief Center provides Aden, Taiz with 110 tons of dialysis medical supplies

KSrelief launches "You Are Not Alone" Project

KSrelief Center distributes 12 thousand cartoons of frozen meet in Marib and Shabwa

KSrelief Center distributes 837 food baskets in Mukala

KSrelief dispatches 35 trucks laden relief stuffs to Yemen

KSrelief distributes 2700 food parcels to displaced families in Baidha'a

KSrelief distributes 380 food packs in Hajjah

Fatah, KSrelief's Office in Aden discus 2019 relief plan

UNFPA: Ksrelief has supported over 65,000 women in Yemen since beginning of 2021

KSrelief Center establishes 7 water projects in Marib worth $700 thousand

KSRelief Center carries out 162 projects in Yemen totaling $715 millions

Fatah praises KSrelief's fuel grant to Yemeni hospitals

KSrelief distributes 2,742 food packages to IDPs in Hajjah

KSrelief distributes food packs in Aljawf, Shabwa

Fatah appreciates KSrelief's role in sustaining relief efforts in Yemen

Ministry of Health receives shipment of medicines from KSrelief

KSrelief medical team carry out 27 surgeries in Marib

KSrelief Center Taiz, Hodeidah with 196 tons of dialysis medical stuffs, medicines

KSrelief carries out 87 eye surgeries in Mukalla

KSrelief Center signs on two agreements worth 14 mln SR in aid to Yemen

Fatah, KSrelief Center discuss future action-plans to offer humanitarian aid throughout provinces

Ksrelief provides health assistance to number of governorates

KSrelief signs medical contracts to treat wounded Yemenis

Health Ministry receives IV solutions aid from KSrelief

Marib Dep. Governor praises KSrelief's role in rehabilitation recurited children

KSrelief launches water supply, environmental sanitation project in Aden and Hajjah

KSrelief launches food distribution project in Taiz

KSrelief Center signs agreement to empower orphans in 3 Yemeni governorate

KSrelief distributes shelter and food aids in Mukalla, Jawf

KSrelief carries out 211 health projects in Yemen since 2015

KSrelief Center distributes food aids in Aden

KSrelief distributes 1500 food baskets in Aljawf

KSrelief Center distributes 442 winter bags in Taiz

Health Ministry receives medical shipments from KSrelief

KSrelief launches food, shelter project to Sa'ada's displaced people in Jawf

KSrelief Center rehabilitates 26 children recruited by Houthi militia

KSrelief Center distributes 64 tons of food aids in Hadramout

KSrelief signs new assistance pactsfor Yemen worth over $6mln

Dep. Minister of Technical Education, UNESCO and KSrelief discuss development and training programs

KSrelief Center dispatches 8 trucks laden with medical assistance to Aden, Taiz

KSrelief, UN discuss supporting relief work mechanism in Yemen

KSrelief continues water and environmental hygiene projects in Sana'a, Hodeidah

KSrelief continues to implement water, env. hygiene programs for Hodeidah, Hajjah

KSrelief hands out food aid to Hodeidah displacees

KSrelief distributes 82tons of food parcels in Lahj

KSrelief Center dispatches six trucks laden with school furniture tuffs

KSrelief Center distributes 8000 food baskets in Socotra

KSrelief distributes 1200 food packs in Hadhramout

KSrelief distributes 400 food packs to displacees in north Yemen

KSrelief offers 486 tons of food aids

KSrelief distributes 400 food packs in Hajjah

KSrelief signs treaty for implementing training projects to youth in Yemen

KSrelief distributes food aidto IDPs in Hajjah

KSrelief Center signs two programs to provided Hodeidah's IDPs with health services, food

KSrelief provides emergency relief to 1800 displaced families in Marib

KSrelief Center distributes 1000 food baskets in al-Dhale'a

KSrelief launches new rehab course for ex-child fighters

KSrelief distributes 116 tons of food parcels to displaced people in Hajja

KSrelief distributes shelters to displaced people in Mareb

KSrelief signs treaty for operating artificial limbs centers in Aden, Sayoon

Minister of Human Rights praises KSrelief's role in Yemen

Al Rabeeah briefs USAID's Glick on KSrelief's projects in Yemen

KSrelief sings contract for treating 200 injured, wounded people in Yemen

KSrelief educates fathers and guardians of rehabilitated child fighters

KSrelief distributes 800 food baskets in Mukalla city

KSrelief continues water, sanitation project in Hajja

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