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Last Update: ، 2018/06/22 Time 05:08:33
Asker, Mujawar discus our country's delegation contribution to 38th round of UNHRC
Minister of Human Rights Mohammed Asker visited Thursday headquarters of our country's permanent mission to the United Nations in Geneva of Switzerland.
Secretary-General of the Arab League calls for assisting Yemenis
(Saba)- Secretary-General of the Arab League A hmed Aboul-Gheit on Monday appealed to the international community and humanitarian organizations to immediately provide assistance and relief to Yemenis.
Wall Street Closing
U.S. stocks closed higher Wednesday after the Federal Reserve (Fed) took a less aggressive stance than expected.
Yemen reaches 124th place in FIFA's monthly ranking
The national football team has moved up one place in FIFA's new monthly ranking reaching the 124th as published by the FIFA on Thursday.
Latest News:
VP arrives in Marib province
Asker, Mujawar discus our country's delegation contribution to 38th round of UNHRC
Minister Jabwani launches transport ministry's headquarter in Aden
Interior ministry leadership discusses promoting security performance
Yemen, UNHCR to sign agreement for teaching Africans refugees
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أخبــــــار عـــاجـلــة
Asker, Mujawar discus our country's delegation contribution to 38th round of UNHRC

Minister Jabwani launches transport ministry's headquarter in Aden

Interior ministry leadership discusses promoting security performance

Yemen, UNHCR to sign agreement for teaching Africans refugees

President Hadi holds preliminary meeting o fsenior officials in Abyan

Hadi stresses imperative of upgrading Central Bank branches

New governors swear in before President Hadi

Yemen, UAE discuss resuming development projects

Two new Shura members sworn in

Arrabi'ah, Ba-Abood launch humanitarian aids convoy to Hodeidah

UAE proves Iran's arms support to Houthi rebels in Yemen

Military commander: Giants Brigades in full control of Hodeidah airport

President Hadi presides over cabinet's extraordinary meeting in Aden

Yemen participates in HRC 38th session in Geneva

Scores of Houthi rebel fighters surrender to army in Hodeidah

Army controls Hodeidah-Sana'a highway

Hadi follows up on army's advances in Hodeidah

President Hadi swears in two governors

VP urges further efforts to push development drive in Al-Mahara

President Hadi orders 1billion YR, 10MGW for Lahj province

Army takes full control of Hodeidah airport, says commander

Mine Planting..Houthi Crimes against Yemeni People

Hadi launches telecom projects package

Army shoots down Houthi drone

Al-Jawf Police Administration 30 pickup automobiles from KSA

Yemen's ambassadors extends condolences on martyrdom of an Emirati solider in Yemen

Legitimate Govt. welcomes good offices aiming to make peace in accordance with the three terms of references

Yemen political parties voice support to Golden Victory, appreciate Arab help

Saudi ambassador: KSA, Coalition member states support Yemeni legitimate government, troops

Hadi receives Arab Coalition military leaders

ERC delivers aid to liberated parts of Hodeidah

Saudi ambassador: KSA, Coalition member states support Yemeni legitimate government, troops

KSrelief Center distributes baskets food in Hodeida

President Hadi praises pivotal role of Arab Coalition member states.

PM exchanges good wishes with counterparts on Eid al-Fitr

Vice President exchangesEid good wishes with counterparts

President Hadi inspects Saudi, Emirati military units in Al-Ma'ashiq Palace

Hadi performs Eid Al-Fitr prayer in al-Maasheeq mosque in Aden

Yemen's acting ambassador, South African official discuss cooperation

President, Vice President exchange Eid good wishes with counterparts

Arab League supports Yemen's call for Arab intervention to end Houthi coup

Sahar Ghanim submits her credential as ambassador to Kingdom of Swede

President Hadi sends cable of felicitations to his Emirati counterpart on Eid Al-Fiter

President Hadi sends cable of felicitations to Custodian of Two Holly Mosques

President Hadi: Houthi came from history's dust as a curse, he'll go as a soil seen off with curses

Saudi Air Defenses shoot down Houthi ballistic missile

Army controls al-Dureihimi, gets nearer to Hodeidah airport

Yemen elected as member of UNSEC for 2019

Intel' community must support government's efforts to take control over Hodeida port, says minister

President Hadi urges military action to retake Hodeida, save its population a humanitarian disaster

VP meets with Charge d' Affairs of British embassy to our country

PM: Victory against Houthis is coming soon

Govt: All means to drive Houthis out of Hodeidah peacefully exhausted

Hodeidah liberation will alleviate humanitarian crisis, says info minister

President Hadi, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi discuss brotherly relations

Marib governor receives US ambassador to Yemen

Al-Kamal: War turned two million child to labors, militia recruit 20 thousand in its ranks

Un chief confirms any settlement in Yemen shall be based on 3 references

FM calls on rebels to withdraw from key port city to spare it damage

Hadi pays official visit to UAE today

KSrelief Center gives out sheltering stuffs in Sana'a, Al-Baidha, Lahj, Taiz

VP underlines the important role of Media in supporting the military

IFJ denounces the death of Journalist al-Rakan over Houthi torture

Eid Al-Fiter security plan in Marib endorsed

Uwais al-Qarani Charity provides food parcels to displaced people in Mareb

Interior Minister officials discuss department development initiatives

Ambassador Ba-Homeid, Malaysian official discuss Yemen developments

Saudi Air Defenses intercept ballistic missile fired by Houthi militia toward the Kingdom

Human Rights Ministry holds Houthi militia accountable for Anwar Arrakn's death

Vice President, Deputy Premier discuss security situation in liberated areas

Yemeni embassy In Tokyo celebrates the 28th Anniversary of the Unity Day

Three civilians were martyred in Jazan

Dep. Premier, Minister of Interior briefs seniors security officials on his visit to the UAE

Taiz Security Campaign arrests six of wanted people

Minister of State meets UN Sanctions Committee member

Tawasul Foundation distributes humanitarian aid in Socotra

Two missiles fired by Houthi militia fell down in unpopulated areas

Report: Up to 84 families lost their supporters in Taiz in April, May 2018

Fatah calls on ICRC to keep on its actions in Yemen, blames the militia for disturbing International organizations

Kuwaiti Red Crescent launches Salary Energy Project in Socotra

Dep. Premier, Minister of Interior confirms success of his state's visit to UAE

Governor, local, regional organizations discusses help to Socotra

Al-Hikma Association, OCHA discuss improving humanitarian aid work

Prime Minister inspects damages left by Hadhramout floods

Arab Coalition forces operations consistent with humanitarian law, JIAT spokesman confirms

Culture Minister appreciates Omani prevention of artifacts smuggling

Info. Minister visits national warriors at Baqem warfront

President Hadi arrives in Makkah to perform Omrah

Fatah calls for relieving the people affected by floods in Hudramout

Saleh Ahmed Arrassas appointed member of Shoura Council

Yemen cooperation with WB discussed

Ba-Homaid explores more Malaysian cooperation in Visa procedures

Yemeni-British military cooperation discussed

Alyemany: Cooperation imperative to prevent establishing new Hezbollah in Yemen

Yemeni-Saudi cooperation in humanitarian, relief projects discussed

President Hadi orders Petromasila to provide (GCE) in Hudramout's coast with 500 thousand liters o diesel

Governorba-Kereit launches distribution of food parcels in Mahra

PM: The Key solution of ongoing warfare is to put down coup, reinstate official authority

KSrellief sings treaties worth USD 5.3 million

President Hadi receives French ambassador to our country

President Hadi props UN Panel of Experts' efforts

Al-Yemani, Turkish Ambassador discuss medical, humanitarian assistances

FM, Australian Ambassador discuss political, military developments in Yemen

Yemen, Saudi Arabia discuss support to Yemen judiciary

Two new Shura members sworn in

Balsam conducts 13 open heart surgeries in Hadhramout

Col. Maliki says Houthis coerce children to joint fighting

Bjjash: The Government will take care of civilians while liberating Hodeida

VP Praises Hudramout province population's support for legitimate government.

Yemen, Vienna discuss developments, political solution to the crisis

PM: Govt. has been keen to establish sustainable peace

Alyemany, British ambassador discuss situations in Yemen

Assa'di participates in inaugurating Technology Bank for the least developed countries, meets with several officials

FM hails South Korean support for Yemen

Socotra's governor appreciates KRCS assistance

KSreleif provides more relief to affected people in Socotra

"Kuwait by Your Side" Campaign initiates its relief actions in Socotra

Bin-Mubarak sworn in as Permanent Representative to the UN

Yemeni-Sudanese bilateral cooperation discussed

Chairman of SRC explores Turkish support to Socotra's fishermen

Fatah, Tetsou discuss arrangements for Paris Humanitarian Conference on Yemen.

President Hadi presides over high-profile meeting

Central Bank of Yemen launched in Lahj

Dep. Interior Minister, Hodeidah Security official discuss post-liberation plans

Armed Forces keep on offensive to retake port city of Hodeidah

Socotra Governor emphasizes social integration

Heavy rain falls, floods sweep IDPs Camps in Aljawf

Bakreit, Saudi Ambassador inspect public service facilities in Mahrah

Al-Kamal: Houthi Zakat Authority a new way to loot funds

Intellectual debate Yemen's "Future Prospects" in Cairo seminar

KSrelief distributes emergency aid to people affected by Mekunu

Interior Minister visits Dubai and Ajman Police General HQs

Ministry of Water's delegation explores International Organizations support for Water Sector

Saudi ambassador visits Mairb Hospital, Saba Province University

Saudi ambassador launches reconstruction program, announces about establishing regional airport in Marib, .

Kuwaiti relief aids lands in Socotra

Saudi ambassador arrives in Al-Mahara

Ministry of Health dispatches 45 tons of medical aids to Al-Mahara

Yemen's ambassador to Japan cites militia's violations against Yemeni children, women

FM receives undersecretary of French Foreign Ministry

Al-Guraibi, UN team inspect Mekunu cyclone's damages in Socotra

Alyemany swears in as Foreign Minister

Hadi receives UN special envoy for Yemen

Dahan, Cappelaere discuss revitalizing UNICEF in Aden

French delegation visits IDPs Camps in Marib

Yemen seeks German cooperation in power field

Minister of Electricity meets with Charge d' affairs of German embassy to our country

Dep. Premier, Minister of Interior heads to UAE

Fatah chairs a meeting of SRC to review relief actions in the wake of Sagar, Mekunu cyclones

Ambassador Al-Wohaishi meets Russian President's Special Representative

Fisheries Minister, UN team discuss relief aid priorities in Socotra

Governor discusses supply plan in Socotra

King Salman receives President Hadi in Jeddah

French senator says Houthi kidnaping of children is terrible

Commander of Arab Coalition joint forces visits military units

Sweeping floods in Al-Mahara disrupt Internet Service in five provinces

Arab Ambassadors inform Chinese Foreign Ministry on Yemen developments

Yemeni-Turkish cooperation in electricity discussed

French parliamentarian delegation introduced to militia's violations of Yemeni children rights, visits CAL.

Vice President values Turkish support to Yemen

Houthi shelling Beidha village, damage houses in central Yemen

Taiz Wise People Council launched

Socotra Governor discusses with technical teams repairing damaged teleco

KSrelief undertakes treating wounded in Socotra's Mekunu cyclone

Yemen's embassy in Jordon Celebrates the 28th Anniversary of the Unity Day

Mahra governor launches humanitarian aid for people affected by Mekunu

Al-Balsam carries out first open heart operation successfully

Saudi team conducting treatments, surgeries for 400 heart patients in Mukalla

Bin-Dagher: Successive victories undermine militia's capacities, bring war closer to end

President Hadi follows military advancements in west coastal front

Transport Minister forms panel to review Yemenia situation

Oman foils bid to smuggle Yemeni antiquities

KSrelief launches airborne aid cargos for Socotra

Khalifa Foundation sends 2 airborne relief aid cargos to Socotra

PM conducts phone calls to governors of Socotra, Al-Mahara about Mackano cyclone's consequences

President Hadi orders Petromaseala to provide Al-Mahara province with 500 thousand liters of diesel

Al-Maliki says drone headed toward Abha airport destroyed in the air

Hadi name Faysal Hassan commander of 3rd Military Region

Hadhramout Governor launches free heart surgery campaign "Balsam 2"

Minister of Planning meets with Saudi ambassador to our country

VP follows situations in Al-Mahara in the wake of Mackano cyclone

Arab Coalition helps Al-Balsam carry out free heart surgeries in Yemen

Fatah praises GCC's nations' efforts for relieving victims of Mackano cyclone

Four sailors were found alive in Socotra Island

KRC announces urgent relief aids to the population of Socotra

21 tons of Cholera, chronic diseases medicines arrived to Yemen, says WHO

Response plan launched in Socotra to address damages caused by Mockano.

Supreme Relief Committee holds emergency meeting with UN's agencies operate in our country

Minister of Health visits the HQ of the ICRC in Genbeva

Dep. Health Minister, WHO Director-General discuss Socotra relief aid

President Hadi follows up on Socotra situations

Dep. Premier: Lawbreakers will be held accountable

Fatah calls on Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen to move UN agencies to Socotra

Saudi air defenses intercept ballistic missile Houthis fired toward the kingdom

Hadimakes limited Cabinet, change names new FM

Govtsays Socotra an afflicted province, 17 people missing

Bulgarian official confirms own country's support for Yemen's candidate to ACABQ

Fatah calls on UN agencies to dispatch medical, relief teams to Socotra and Al-Mahara

Coastal Mahrapeople warnedto go to shelters asMekunu nears

Fatah urges all organizations to actively contribute to the Relief Conference in France

Governor of Socotra reports to President Hadi about damages caused by the tempest

President Hadi receives American ambassador to our country

Cabinet approves development projects in Socotra Archipelago

The Élysée: Humanitarian Conference on Yemen to be held in Paris by the end of June

PM, Saudi ambassador discuss reconstruction action-plans

Yemeni embassy in Malaysia celebrates the 28th Anniversary of Unity Day May 22

Dep. Health Minister meets UNICEF officials in Aden

Info. Minister condemns Houthi attack on civilians in Marib

Col. al-Maliki says Turkish ship hit by Houthi missile

Five civilians killed, 22 wounded in Houthi rocket attack on Marib

Al-Menhali offers condolences to the Emirati solider family

PM, US ambassador discuss peace consultations

Gulf Of Aden Ports Corp. slashes port fees by 70%

Hadhramout authorities discuss preparations for cyclone Mkono

President Hadi: With the country re-union, Yemeni people stepped over colonial's and theocratic authorities desire

Deputy FM meets Russian Ambassador to Yemen

Norway will support educational projects in our country

Oman provides Al-Mahara with 8 KWAT generators

38 wounded servicemen moved to Egypt for medication

Presidential decree by appointing Commander of Military Police

Minister of Public Health participates in WMA's 71 meeting in Geneva

KSrelief Center signs a contract to extend operating free-clinics for Yemeni refugees in Abekh Camp

PM receives Russian ambassador to our country

Info. Minister condemns Houthi looting of humanitarian aid

Fatah deplores Houthi continued confiscation of relief aid

Hadi receives congratulations on forthcoming Unity Day

Arab Coalition hands Houthi shield child back to Yemen govt

Deputy FM, Chinese diplomat discuss resuming Yemeni diplomats training

Yemen embassy in Pakistan celebrates 28th anniversary of the Republic

Saudi Air Defenses intercept ballistic missile fired by Houthi militia

Minister of Public Works, Saudi ambassador report to President Hadi about their trip to Socotra

Hadi receives feedback from Saudi-Yemeni panel overseeing Socotra re-normalization

PM, South Korean ambassador discuss Yemen developments

Socotra governor lays foundation stone for two water wells

Yemen committed to Islamic summits' decisions on Palestine

PM meets Chinese acting ambassador

FM heads Yemen's delegation to OIC 7th session preparatory meeting

Badweilan meets UNDP head in Aden

President Hadi follows up on repercussion of Sagar strike in coastal Yemen

Hadi congratulates Saudi King and Crown Prince on Ramadan

Prime Minister appreciates British support for legitimate leadership and Yemeni people

Al-Mekhlafi: Inaugurating US embassy in Al-Quds fuels Arab and Muslim rage

Fatah urges establishing emergency committees

Yemen reaches 124th place in FIFA's monthly ranking

Hadireceives congrats from Trump on forthcoming National Day

Ministers, Saudi Ambassador lay foundation stone for Socotra water wells

Yemeni officials, Saudi Ambassador inspect the needs of Qolonsiya people

PM calls for unifying security services in Aden

Houthis terrorists in terms of thoughts, practices, says ambassador

President Hadi exchanges facilitations with Muslim leaders on Ramadan

Hadi says Houthis triggered world's worst humanitarian crisis

Al-Ma'mari confirms death of dozens detainees under torture in Houthi militia's jails

VP receives British ambassador to our country

CBY convenes on monetary policy and banking

Awareness-raising course concluded in Marib

Hadireceives congratulationscable from Saudi Crown Prince

Yemen condemns Israeli aggression against Palestinian people

FM receives the US ambassador to our country

Yemeni and Turkish FMs discuss developments in Palestine

FM receives the Swedish ambassador to our country

FM explores Egyptian cooperation in medicating Yemeni patients

Yemeni officials and Saudi Ambassador inaugurate relief aid to Socotra

Yemen, Saudi World Assembly of Muslim Youth sign agreement

Saudi ambassador: Re-constructing Yemen will be launched soon from Socotra

Fatah urges relief campaign for Yemeni people during Ramadan

Ba-aum explores WHO's health projects

FM receives credentials of Bahrain's new ambassador

Houthi war against Taiz left 21,103 persons disabled, says Dep. Governor

Asker: Houthi militia's landmines caused 814 permanent disabilities

VP meets US ambassador, reiterates Yemen's condemnation of inaugurating US embassy in al-Quds

Saudi Air Defenses shot down ballistic missile fired by Houthi militia toward Jazan

New NGO holds workshop on assassinations in Aden

Al-Waleedi, WHO discuss Yemen health needs

PM arrives in Saudi capital Riyadh

Mercy Corps brief Dhali'a governor on their activities

Governor of Marib chairs joint meeting of judicial authority, security services

Yemeni-Kenyan cooperation discussed

Ministry of Planning inks two agreements with American, French Organizations

VP informed about the situations in Ibb province

PM declares end of Socotra tensions

Hadi receives credentials of new foreign ambassadors to Yemen

Arroaini: Maintaining Socotra's language must be everybody's business

FAO organizes a workshop on IPC scale in Aden

President Hadi presides over a meeting includes his advisers

Minister of Youth attends inauguration Cairo as capital of Arab Youths

Yemen condemns Indonesia's suicide bombing, Paris knife attack

Hadi congratulates Mahathir Mohamad on his election as Malaysia's PM

PM receives Yemeni-Saudi committee over Socotra re-normalization

Al-Mekhlafi, Turkish ambassador discuss Field Hospital in Taiz, medication of wounded persons

FM meets GCC Assistant Secretary-General for Political & Negotiation Affairs

VP praises Russian support for legitimate government in Yemen

Twenty six war-traumatized children rehabilitated

Safer Co. resumes maintenance of oil wells

Deputy Health Minister launches oral vaccination against cholera in Aden

KSrelief Center distributes 12 thousand cartoons of frozen meet in Marib and Shabwa

Arab Entrepreneurs Union chooses Yemeni Yadeen among top 100 most influential Arabs

Talented Academy organizes math Olympics

OCHA delegation inspects Sana'a IDP's needs

PM Office : Government's statements expressed by its official sources

Mujalli meets with Vice Executive Director of WFP

PM presides over a meeting of Executive Office of Socotra Archipelagoes Province

President Hadi visits headquarter of Joint Forces Command in Saudi Defense Ministry

Houthi legacy in Lahj found; 210 anti-tank mines

Al-Amrani attends a reception party held by EU mission to our country

Arab Parliament reiterates support for constitutional legitimacy represented by President Hadi

Al-Waeli, and Rabia discuss humanitarian needs of Ibb

Human Rights Minister pays inspection visit to victim of Houthi torture

ALECSO Conference wraps up its functions with our country participation

Mahwali stresses importance of polishing young people's vocational skills

Fatah discusses Yemen humanitarian situation with head of AFAD

Office of Coordinate Gulf Relief and Humanitarian Aids affirms continuous support for Yemen

Information Ministry calls for investigation into al-Sharjabi's assassination

Info. Minister meets with AL's Assistant Secretary General for Media

Supreme Judicial Council relocates Higher Judicial Institute HQ to Aden

Minister of Agriculture explores FAO support for Yemeni farmers

South Korea provides 17 thousand tons of rice as humanitarian aid

Saudi defenses intercept two ballistic missiles Houthis launched toward Riyadh

PM pays inspection visit to Momi area in Socotra

PM: How to establish the State, this is the question?

President Hadi receives German ambassador to our country

Hadi: Iran exploited nuclear deal to export violence, terrorism

Hadi receives Dutch parliamentary delegation

PM meets GPC members in Socotra Archipelago

Yemen welcoms Presdent Trupm decision to withdtaw from Iran nuclear agreement

OCHA delegation meets Marib CSOs

President Hadi follows military advancements made in the western coast

Yemen, Slovenia discuss humanitarian situation

Deputy Premier gets familiar with ICRC

Political parties condemn Emirati troop deployment in Socotra

Arab Coalition spokesman says top Houthi leaders targeted in presidential palace airstrike

More than 38,000 persons vaccinated against cholera in Day 1

Training launched to prepare Panel of the Wise in Taiz

Info. Minister lays down foundation stone for Saba Province TV Channel

Governor of Marib meets with OCHA delegation

KSrelief, WHO sign deal for extending provision of medical oxygen plants for Yemen

Three civilians killed, including a woman, in Houthi shelling in Beidha

PM lays foundation stones for 13 projects in Socotra

Fatah calls on int'l organizations to provide relief aid to Yemen

Health Ministry launches immunization campaign against cholera in Aden

The OIC 4th Ministerial meeting concludes in Dhaka

President Hadi receives Belgium Senate delegation

Govt. : UAE's recent military action in Socotra Island Unjustified

Prime Minister calls Socotris to protect their Island

Prime Minister lays foundation stone to security projects in Socotra

Giant carrier docked at Aden Port

Yemen asks more Austrian support

Vice President stresses on activating security police

Information, road minsters inspect Yemen's embassy in Vienna

House-to-house anti-cholera campaign prepared in Aden

Planning Ministry denounces targeting children center in Marib by Houthis

Oman provides Ramadan aid to people of Mahra

Chinese aid food distributed to Taiz's IDP in Aden

Care International projects in Abyan discussed

Oil Ministry urges speeding up freeing prices of oil derivatives

Yemen, Egypt discuss cultural relations

Fatah deplores Houthi attack on war-traumatized children rehab center

Info Minister condemns Houthirocket attack on child fighter rehab center

Fatah calls on int'l community to pressure Houthis end Taiz siege

PM stressesthe importance of preserving national unity

Ambassador Al-Asbahi meets ISESCO Director General

Mahwali, ILO officials discuss technical educationin Yemen

Yemeni-French cooperation explored

VP pays inspection visit to Marib main hospital

Oil Minister inspects Aden Refinery Company

FM meets with the UN envoy to our country

Yemeni-Algerian cultural cooperation discussed

Yemeni-Saudi delegation visits Austrian Parliament

FM received credentials of New Zealand ambassador to Yemen

FM receives credentials of Egyptian Ambassador to Yemen

Yemeni-Chinese bilateral ties discussed

Taiz Governor highlights social support to local authority for regaining order

President Hadi values positions of Omani brothers

VP pays inspection visit to Saba Province University

Prime Minister inspects health ministry's office, 22nd May Hospital in Socotra

President Hadi receives invitation to attend the UN Symposium on Climate Change

Taiz seeing significant transformation, says governor

Yemeni-Ethiopian bilateral ties discussed

President Hadi reaffirms that retaking Taiz an urgent priority

The Judiciary Council holds its first periodical meeting

VP stresses complementarity between military field units and departments

A session launched to raise awareness about NDC outcomes in Mukalla

Fatah, TIKA director discuss relief aid, labor-intensive programs

Interior Minister inspects removing illegal constructions in Aden

PM: The Republic, the Federal State will defeat Houthi soon

Ambassador Al-Salal participates in annual forum of Canadian-Arab Business Council

Supervisory committee approves service tenders in Taiz

Yemen, Turkey discuss coordinating positions in international forums.

First Conference on Autism Spectrum Disorders kicks off in Aden

Yemen participates in session of Arab Ministerial Council for Water

Fatah: Houthi militia's holing oil ships in Hodeida's harbor a terrorist behavior

VP: Militia's misuse of oil sector additional crime exacerbates the peoples' torment

PM orders to carry out several projects in Socatra province

Prime Minister lays foundation stone to projects in Socotra

Graduation of First Batch of Cost Guards from Republic of Seychelles

Fatah: Houthi militia's holing oil ships in Hodeida's harbor a terrorist behavior

PM arrives in Socatra Archipelagoes to inspect the province's situations

PM says Yemen has to defeat armed rebels, restore state

Al-Ruaini: NDC's outcomes aim for new Yemen based on transitional justice

Army launches "Black Mountains" operation against al-Qaeda

Wethaq organizes awareness-raising campaign for parents of traumatized children

Prime Minister launches water project in Abyan

Public Works Minister, UNOPS discuss urban services for Aden, Sana'a and Hodeidah

Al-Kamal tells Hadhramout Social Affairs offices to make optimal use of int'l support

Saudi air defenses intercept 4 Houthi ballistic missiles fired toward Jazan

Prime Minister inspects people situations in Abyan

Four children wounded by Houthi militia shells

Yemen, Kosovo discuss cooperation relations

Mayor of Sana'a briefs VP about Sana'a in the capital city

Yemen condemns van attack in Toronto

Saudi air defenses intercept Houthi ballistic missile fired toward Najran

VP meets Shabwa governor and security leaders

VP, Al-Qawsi discuss situations in the Dhamar province

Yemen, India discuss political developments

60MGW power purchase contracts signed in Aden

Industry Minister praises Kuwait's support for Yemen

VP: Government has to fight defensive war triggered by Houthi coup

UAE Red Crescent funds water project in Al-Qabaita districts

PM appreciates Saudi humanitarian and developmental support for Yemen

The Council of Ministers holds extraordinary meeting in Sayoon

FM: Fighting terrorism a government's top priority

Yemen participates in Seafood Expo Global

MP Al-Shaddadidiscusses Yemen latest development with UN envoyGriffiths

Public Works Minister, WB officials discuss Yemen roads sector recovery

PM awards Medal of Bravery to an Emirati officer

Oil minister inspects PetroMasila's facilities and fields

National Commission inspects Taiz mine victims

Vice President inspects people conditions in Jawf

PM: Federal state proposal a free-troubles future

President Hadi values UN Envoy's peace efforts in Yemen

Gov. delegation explores WB's support for Yemen's economy

G7 Foreign Minsters condemn Iranian support to Houthi rebel militia

Improving oil sector in Hadhramout discussed

Bought energy generators imported to Abyan

Governor launches health projects in Shabwa

PM lays down foundation stones for several projects in Hudramout

VP holds joint meeting of military command in Marib

Yemen Women Union raiseawareness on NDC outcomes

Taiz governor stresses needfor internal unity against Houthi rebel militia

Ambassador Al-Hanaq, Somali Sports Minister discussbilateral relations

Interior Minister, Commander of Anad Axis discuss ongoing battles

Muslim World League launches relief campaign to help Yemenis in Sudan

Relief aid NGOs thank Taiz governor for facilitating their work

Yemen participates in International Ministerial Conference aims to stop funding ISIS and Al-Qaeda

PM arrives in Al-Mukalla on a visit to Hudramout province

Al-Yamani: Above 16 thousand detained, abducted, forced disappearances by Houthi militia

President Hadi receives US ambassador to our country

Yemen has been plagued by landmines scourge more than any place around the world since WWII, says official

Saudi air defenses intercept Houthi ballistic missiles fired toward Jazan city

PM orders security forces to crack down killers of mosque preachers

Taiz governor updates Hadi on campaign to crack down on criminals

FM: Kidnapped people's file is in government's top priorities

Dep.Sports Minister opens Yemen pavilion in Tunisia heritage exhibit

Deputy Civil Service Minister condolesICRC chief

Al-Maliki: Saudi air defenses intercept Houthi ballistic missile fired toward Najran

VP meets with Al-Jawf's governor

Yemeni-Turkish cooperation discussed

Al-Maisari briefed on Ibb developments, inspects Aden Free Zone

PM urges computerizing judiciary through electronic judicial system

Yemen briefs South Korea on political, military developments

Interior Minister directs investigating ICRC employee's killing in Taiz

Houthi militia holds back 19 oil ships in the Red Sea

Govt condemns killing of ICRC staff member

VP arrives in Marib, convenes meeting of national army, Arab Coalition forces

Saudi Air Defense intercepts ballistic missile fired by Iran-backed Houthi militia at Jizan

President Hadi congratulates his Cuban counterpart on his election

Yemeni-Moroccan cooperation discussed

‎Gov. delegation participates in the meetings of WB, IMF in Washington

UAE announces installing 120 MGW Power-Plant in Aden

PM: Political leadership keen to wrest Taiz back

Interior Minister discusses security situation with Dhale'aPolice

Ambassador Sallal, Canadian Senator Fiori discusses parliamentary cooperation

ICRC: War increased mortality rates among kidney failure patients

AYC expresses support for Yemen stability, condemns Houthi crimes

Govt. is keen to make peace based on the three terms of reference, says Info. Minister

Fatah explores more support from WFP

Above 7 thousand food baskets given out to IDPs in Karish

Interior Ministry discusses setting up electronic register

Aden's health projects discussed

Interior Ministry to support police in Hodeida

Taiz governor promises the CPF support, explores OCHA' assistance

VP urges a united stance by political parties toward national interests

Coordination between Yemen, China for peace discussed

Prime Minister inspects Aden Port

Al-Maisari meets with UNICEF's delegation

UN envoy presents his first briefing before SC

Yemen representative to UN renews govt support to UN peace mediator

Interior Ministry issue electronic card

Health officials revise World Bank, UNICEF health project across the south

Youth cooperation between Yemen, Japan discussed

First phase of Safer-Alaber highway to be repaired at 2,4 billion YR

Yemen, Sudan discuss security cooperation

Saudi Cabinet says Houthi missiles prove Iran's involvement in supporting militia

Yemen's ambassador to Warsaw meets Yemeni students

President Hadi returns to Riyadh after participating in the 29th Arab Summit

Prime Minister directs unifying military units under defense, interior ministries

FM to participate in scientific meeting on int'l relations in Geneva

MP al-Shaddadi, British Ambassador discuss Yemen humanitarian situation

Taiz Governor takes care of families of martyrs

Shujaeddeen, Schlaffer discuss capacity building

Hadi attends conclusion of Gulf Shield 1 drill in eastern Saudi Arabia

Thirteen truckloads of food aid for Beidhaarrive in Marib

VP arrives in Dhahran to attend Gulf Shield-1conclusion

President Hadi receives al-Bashir of Sudan

Arab Summit supports Arab Coalition efforts to end Yemen crisis

Al-Bohsini launches charitable heart surgery campaign Balsam 1

Fatah urges more international relief aids

Abu Al-Gheit: Iran backs Houthis to destabilize Yemen, threaten region's countries

Hadi says Houthicoup erupted in the middle of national dialogue

Custodian of the (THM) reiterates commitment to the unity, sovereignty and independence of Yemen

Above 6 billion YR customs revenues of Hudramout

The 29th Arab Summit starts in Al-Dharan Saudi city

President Hadi meets with Russian President's envoy to Middle East

Al-Alimi: Arab Coalition key anti-Iran expansion policy pillar

President Hadi arrives in Al-Dharan city to participate in the 29th Arab Summit

Wethaq launches rehab course for war traumatized children

The SRC distributes 40 thousands rice bags provided by China

PM and other officialsdiscussAden security and services

Central Bank Governor discusses with bankers stability of Riyal

Cabinet reviews internal and external developments

Workshop raises awareness about sustainable development among NDC outcomes

Relief Committee launches distribution of 40,000 rice bags aid from China

Taiz Governor confirms finalizing plans for normalizing life

World Physicians Organization to operate from Aden

Houthis target journalists in Baidha', killing one

Governor of Marib lays down foundation stones, inaugurates projects

Arab FMs discuss draft resolution on Yemen

Prime Minister arrives in Aden

Al-Zayani condemnsHouthi ballistic missileattackon Saudi cities

The CBY takes decisions to carry out its functions

Republican decree by appointing governor of Socatra

Yemeni-Turkish cooperation discussed

Taiz governor inspects damage Houthis incurred on Taizinfrastructure

KSrelieflaunches aid distribution in Aljawf and Hodeidah provinces

Agriculture Ministry discusses cooperation with IRC

Yemen participates in preparations for Arab economic, social summit

VP applauds troops' advancements in Sa'ada province

Arab Coalition: Saudi air defenses intercepted three Houthiballistic

FM, UN special envoy discuss preparations for peace talks

Aden Health office discusses cooperation with Islamic Relief

Arab Coalition says Saudi military downed2 Houthidrones

Saudi-French agreement on organizingconference on helping Yemen

Foreign Ministry: Iran's embassy turned into military operations room

Fatah urges international organizations to relieve the population of Medi

President Hadi receives UN's envoy to Yemen

Governor praises French organization's interventions against hunger

Yemen seeks sponsors' support to UN Envoy's efforts for political solution

Armed forces experts remove tens of landmines in Meedi

Mekhlafi receives credentials of new Bosnian ambassador

Yemen, China discuss preparations for Arab –Chinese Forum

Public Works Minister, Abyan Governor inspect damaged roads

Second phase of Marib-Al-Baidha road inaugurated

FM receives credential papers of IOM representative to our country

Assa'di praises Kuwait's development and humanitarian support to our country

Fatah, head of IOM discusssupporting IDPs and refugees

Lahjgovernor launches shelter aid for displaced families

VP is briefed on the situations in Ibb province

Yemen participates in AL preparatory meeting for Arab Summit

CHR: Houthis killed and injured 53 persons in Taiz last March

Govt investigations dismiss Khowkha rape story as mere smear campaign

Planning Minister chairs opening of Arab Financial Institutions session in Jordan

Deputy Premier meets with UNICEF's delegation

Al-Kamal: Governments sought to re-stabilize economy, reinvigorate labor market

Second batch of rehabilitated soldier children graduated

KSRelief Signs two humanitarian projects to combat cholera in Yemen

Egypt sends second shipment of medical aid to Yemen

Minister of Planning explores UN's projects

Almaisari appreciates Ministry of Public Works' efforts

Dep. Premier, deputy chief of staff discus supplies

Marib Tax revenues approximate 4 billion YR

PM: Federal State a promising future for all Yemenis

Minister Fath denounces continuous relief violations by Houthis

Solar energy project inaugurated in Lahj province

Yemeni students participate in international forum in Rabat

Yemen prepares for Aden's theater festival

Yemen participates in ALO's 54th round in Cairo

Awareness-raising workshop about the ND outcomes

Kafine explores cooperation with Japan

Yemen ambassador: Houthishave had maximalist attitude

King Salman Center grants more fuel tanks to WFP in Marib

Kuwait renews commitment to Yemen's unity and sovereignty

Mekhlafi meets Ecuador's Foreign Minister

NAM Foreign Ministers hail Yemeni government's anti-terror efforts

Info. Minister says Maamari's story highlights tragedy of detainees in Houthi jails

AIPU condemns Iranian interference in Yemen

Yemeni and Azerbaijani FMs discussed bilateral relations

Attorney General: Judiciary independence is cornerstone of justice

Yemeni-Cuban bilateral ties discussed

Yemen's economy's loses above $100 billion, says minister

VP meets with Canadian ambassador to our country

Sayoon Airport workers call off strike, flights resume tomorrow

Al-Maliki announces launch of phase 4 of anti-cholera campaign in Yemen

US expresses concern after Houthi attempt on an oil tanker in Red Sea

Cabinet approves boosting Aden, South's power with 70 MW

Fath condemns Houthi militia's attack on Saudi oil tanker

Vice President denounces attacking Saudi oil tanker by Houthis

Yemeni-Turkish cooperation in Fishery explored

Water projects in Mareb launched

KSrelief Center distributes food aids in Taiz, Hodieda

Water, environment situations in Hudramout discussed

Ambassador Al Jaber: Kingdom leads world countries in supporting Yemen

UN Guterres urges International Community end Yemen's tragedy

Governor, ICRC discuss projects in Taiz

FM, top UN officialsdiscuss Yemen peace prospects

Switzerland, Sweden announces contribution to Yemen

US pledges $87 million worth of aid to Yemen

UK announces new aid package to Yemen

Kuwait pledges $ 250 million to help meet Yemen humanitarian needs

VP, PM discus developments in national arena

Arab Coalition thwarts terrorist attack on a Saudi oil tanker in the Red Sea

VP underlines the need for empowering judiciary

Obstetrics and Gynecology Conference inaugurated in Aden

9 trucks arrives in Marib laden with relief stuffs from KSrelief

Central Bank governor discusses cooperation with Egyptian counterpart

Governor, Care International discuss projects in Taiz

WFP's office concludes training course on school meals in Aden

Aden's health affairs discussed

Launching financial aid to Social Care Fund'scases in Aden

Wethaq organizes healing trip for war traumatized children

Minister of Interior stresses political leadership's attention todefense, security establishments

Yemen's ambassador to Moscow meets Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

FM heads delegation to Geneva humanitarian conference on Yemen

Water issues in Hadhramout discussed

Culture Minister briefs VP on efforts to recover lost artifacts

Cabinet of Ministers discuss assassinations of mosques' orators

Security challenges in Dhal'ae debated

"A'mali" Corporation trains participants on managing projects

National Olympiad for English Language launches in Sayoon

Oil tanker discharge operation discussed in Mukalla

Government denounces burning international food stores

Zammam, US ambassador discusses plan to activate CBY's external relationships

Zammab, British ambassador discuss unifying monetary procedures and policies in Yemen

Fatah calls on UN's agencies to relief Luhj province's districts

323 thousand child receive Anti-Measles vaccine, Houthis prevent the campaign

Yemeni-Indian bilateral cooperation discussed

FM presides over high-profile meeting about entries monitoring

Fatah, British ambassador explore support for relief projects

Kuwait provides 100 residential units to shelter IDP in Nehm area

Houthi coup causes 4 mln children to drop out of school: Seminar

KSrelief distributes 1000 food packs in Taiz

General People's Congress hold on firm to Hadi

Wojoodorganizes workshop on gender-based violence

Fatah condemns Houthi militia holding 16 relief trucks in Ibb province

PM congratulates his Ethiopian counterpart on assuming the premiership

Performance of Yemen's Central Bank in Hadhramout discussed

Al-Shaddadi: Houthi crimes passed Yemenis to neighboring countries

Al-Maisari highlights victories in different warfronts

VP urges integrationof all political forces in Taiz

Houthi shelling forces Beidha villag force residents to leave

Hadi tells national footballers a win in the AFC will relieve Yemenis

VP discuses re-normalizing situations in Hudramout with the governor

Jubari meets with ambassadors of US, Russia to Yemen

Military engineers remove 2,000 mines and explosive devices in Aljawf

Yemen wins six trophies in robot competition

Investigators document 5,432 abuse allegations across Yemen in 7 months

Community College's unpaid payments in Socatar discussed

Refresher training course starts in Hudramout

Yemeni-Jordanian cooperation in health sector explored

Negative impacts of selling oil crude by Houthis discussed in Marib

Al-Mekhlafi: Firing missiles on the KSA a message means the militia doesn't want peace

FM receives French ambassador to our country

France, Russian condemn Houthi militia firing ballistic missiles against KSA

Al-Mekhlafi meets with Deputy Assistant of US Secretary of State

UK calls on Iran to stop arming Houthis

Govt says Houthi missile attack on Saudi Arabia a sign of peace rejection

Yemen participates in Arab robot competition in Egypt

Family Care Association launches food security program in Dhale'a

MoPIC, UN office discuss humanitarian response priorities

Yemen signs treaties in international law, services

VP urges more efforts to operate health services

Governor, Deputy Minister inaugurateAbyan Security Building

FM discuses bilateral ties with Romanian ambassador

Turkish Cooperation Agency carries out cleaning campaign in Aden

Health Ministry inaugurates measles campaign in Aden

Info. Minister urges UN's envoy to get first-hand facts of situations in Yemen

KSRelief distributes shelters to displaced people in Mareb

PM orders a payment of $3 million and 400 million YR for medicating wounded persons

Yemen condemns terrorist attack on Alexandria' security chief

Yemeni MPs meet with Secretary General of IPU

Balkis Company launches its first flight to Aden

Yemen denounces terror attack in France

Yemen, Turkey discuss inclusive humanitarian plan

Bin-Mubarak, US MP discuss Yemen's latest developments

Yemen's ambassador to Cub hands over a letter from FM to his Cuban counterpart

Al-Mekhlafi, Al-Othaimen discuss preparation for Liaison Group's meeting in Istanbul

Houthi sniper kills child, injured another in Baidha'

VP, new UK Ambassador discuss latest developments in Yemen

VP praises efforts of FOY Working Group on Security

Hadi: Jubari active advocator of the national proposal

Houthis must be held to account for the spilled blood of Yemenis: Hadi

HR Minister calls OHCHR to assimilating his ministry's report on Houthi violations

President Hadi receives chief of IOC

Fatah explores Korean support for relief, development enterprises in Yemen

Arab Coalition Forces spokesman: fighter intercepted by hostile missile from Saada

Yemen, UAE discuss Yemen participation in Expo Dubai 2020

Askar, Gilmore discuss Houthi violations of human rights

Cabinet convenes presided over by PM

Foreign Minister meets with UK's ambassador to Yemen

Human Rights Ministry deplores militia's assault on a sit-in by GPC's supporters

Yemen, India discuss relief aid, finalizing constructing Marebpower plant

Preparations underway for Anti-Measles vaccination campaign

PM: Peace remains the basic choice for political agreement

Al-Yamani: Houthis' opposition to peace exacerbates humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Minister al-Fadhli, USAID discuss updating finance in Yemen

Yemen, US discuss trade facilitations

Basoheib discusses opening of FAO office in Aden

Yemen, US sign agreement on renewing support

Fatah explores wish USAID support for income-generate enterprises in Yemen

Medal victory for Yemen in Arab Judo Championship

Saudi cabinet welcomes UNSC condemnation of Houthis

Previous peace talks show that rebels don't honor deals, Hadi new UN envoy

President Hadi receives Swedish minister of state for foreign affairs

Yemeni government welcomes the UN envoy Martin Griffith's statements

Above 40 thousand killed, 27452 injured by Houthi militia gunfire, says minister

Arroaini briefs VP on awareness-raising efforts about outcomes of ND

Al-Mekhlafi, Fatah meet with Panel of Facts-Findings Experts

Agriculture Ministry, FAO discuss joint projects

Fatah Turkish ambassador discuss supporting development projects

Social insurances remittance discussed

Taiz customs, taxis discussed

Chairman of Shura Policy Committee, Chinese diplomat discuss cooperation

Hadi receives US ambassador to Yemen

President Hadi briefs HRC experts on Houthi atrocities

President meets his advisors on latest developments in Yemen

Yemen, Sweden discuss situations in Aden

President, governor discuss situations in Hodeida

Team of Austrian (OMV) oil firm returns to Yemen to resume oil production

VP informed about Cultural Ministry's action

PM directs opening a tender for Mahra power

Syoon's airport workers demands discussed

Fatah: establishing Baihan Corps a military decision doesn't affect Shabwa's geographic and administrative structure

President Hadi congratulates Chinese President on his reelection

Fatah condemns Houthi siege of al-Shaer district

PM praises Yemeni-Chinese historic relations

Hudramout deserves more than two Universities, says minister

Yemeni-Algerian bilateral ties about social development discussed

Saudi Arabia, Yemen sign handover of $2 billion deposit to Central Bank of Yemen

Yemen govt dimisses Reuters' report of secret Houthi-Saudi talks as

UNSC calls Yemen parties to engage in good faith talks

Yemeni-Indian cooperation in energy discussed

Al-Mekhlafi, Eller discuss meeting of OIC Contact Group on Yemen

Abyan governor issues orders to revitalize police stations

(Lt Gen) Al-Maqdeshi meets with Arab Coalition Forces Command in Marib

Yemen seeks intl. organizations' help for facing draught

ThirtyYemeni border guard cadets graduate from Interdiction course in Riyadh

Khadabakh, Kuwaiti Tawasul consider health activities in Aden

Fatah urges International community to stop militia's inference in relief action

Bahomeid praises Malaysia's positions towards Yemen

Wojoodorganizes "Together For Peace" on International Women's Day

Action-plans of (DSF) discussed

Ambassador Al-Hard meets Speaker of Maltese House of Representatives

More than 137,000 children immunized against diphtheria in Aden

Yemeni-Indonesian bilateral relations discussed

Al-Kamal explores partnership with ESCW

Yemen's humanitarian crisis the world's worst catastrophe says ambassador

Al-Maisari discuses obstructions in health sector

Governor of Abyan inspects Central Bank branch

Minister of Interior discusses Taiz situations with governor

Interior Minister confirms govt's support for aid organizations

VP discuses combat operations with governor of Hodeida

Anti-Diphtheria vaccines are safe, approved by WHO, says medical source

Health Ministry distributes 218 thousand units of IV bags

Yemenia resumes flights from Sayoon to Socotra

Houthis detonate houses in al-Baydha

Fatah welcomes new UN Humanitarian Coordinator's arrival in Yemen

Three agreements signed in with international relief organizations

Central Bank Governor meets IFC Representative

Arab University inaugurated in Mukalla

Seminar on national, international mechanisms to deliver justice

56 killed, 127 injured, 65 families displaced in Taiz last February

Interior Minister received international experts delegation

Yemen, US discuss peace efforts

Jandobi: Clashes wasted energies, capacities of Yemen

Minister of Human Rights meets with international experts

China says will send food aid to Yemen

Maysari hands over Yemen humanitarian situation report to Spanish official

WFP to implement student food aid project in three provinces

VP meets Chinese diplomat

Yemen participates in International Solar Alliance summit

National investigators meet Arab Coalition chief of staff

MSAL signs child protection agreement with INTERSOS

Key Southern Yemen figures tell US ambassador they are open to dialogue

Military engineers detonate naval mines planted by Houthis off Meedi coast

International Bank of Yemen opens new branch in Marib

Anti-Diphtheria immunization campaign launched in 11 provinces

FM calls UN for exerting pressures on Houthis for salaries

President Hadi praises Yemeni Chinese relations

President urges activating legal affairs ministry's role

President receives new ambassadors of Denmark, Norway

President Hadi receives UN's representative to Yemen

Fatah urges governors to receive, distribute WFP's food assistance

President Hadi orders exempting expats from customs over furniture

KSrelief distributes aid to IDPs in east of Sana'a

First Center for Motherhood, Childhood, Autism in Marib

PM says govt committed to treating wounded national warriors

Health teams mobilize Aden communities in favor of anti-diphtheria vaccination

KSrelief provides services to Yemeni refugees in Djibouti

Bin-Mubarak briefs US organizations on Yemen's situations

ERC signs agreement to establish water pumping unit in shabwa

Three documentary films on violations against civilians, activists

Fatah denounces Houhi militia abduction of UN's agencies workers

Meeting in Riyadh to review Gulf aids to Yemen

President Hadi instructs governors to mobilize human resources to encounter militia

Austrian humanitarian assistance for Yemen discussed

Marib governor inaugurates $2 million investment enterprise

1433 violations by Houthi militia against politicians, activists, journalists

Yemen, UN discus improving local councils

Mujalli: The legality restored institutions function

PM: Military solution still a choice, we won't allow deposing republic

Ba-Salama, Hussein inspect Cotton Gin in Abyan

FM inspects Yemen's mission at Arab League

National Committee discusses human rights violations

Mareb authority closes illegal gas stations, establishing new four

Security situations in Taiz reviewed

VP urges institutionally military build-up

Sudanese charities to send medical convoy to Yemen

Yemeni, Saudi universities agree to strengthen academic cooperation

Yemenis humanitarian ordeal discussed in Brussels

Minister of Education launches first phase of educational TV

KSrelief distributes 1000 food packs in Hadhramout

VP chairs high-profile meeting in Marib

Yemen, Ethiopia discuss cooperation in various fields

Cabinet celebrates World Women Day

Yemen Journalists Union documents 300 Houthi violations since 2017 onset

MSAL wraps up training of 135 child protectors

Governors honor women on World Women Day

Humanitarian situations increasingly worsening due to militia coup, says al-Mikhlafi

Al-Kamal discusses productive family projects with Khalifa foundation

Yemen, KSA discuss diplomatic cooperation

Taiz governor meets representatives of Doctors Without Borders

Yemen, GCC discuss Yemen humanitarian relief situation

FM calls on International community to press for engaging the militia in peace process

Health Ministry seeks to improve health services in Western Coast

Some 2 billion YR road project, 10 more enterprises approved in Hudramout

Yemen calls UN for help to avoid environmental problem

Interior Minister, military region commander discuss warfronts developments

FM to participate in the Arab Foreign Ministers session in Cairo

KSrelief signs agreements for treating Yemeni injured people

Omani authority hands over Mahra water pipes

Deputy Premier discuses fuels shortages crisis

VP stresses importance of developing army performance

Governor of Marib meets with ICRC delegation

Al-Budheiji: Houthis recruited more than 900 child fighters in 2017

Governor of Marib meets with ICRC delegation

YCMHRV says 92 thousand Yemenis maimed during Houthi insurgency

Yemen ambassador, official Djibouti discuss Yemeni students' situations in Djibouti

VP meets with US ambassador to our country

KSrelief distributes 2330 food baskets in Taiz province

Houthi Militia continue human rights violations

Two Republican decrees

President of Republic orders free-market fuels

Al-Maisari directs reporting on assassinations in the south

Saudi Fund for Development to finance Marib sanitation project

Hadi stresses importance of US role in supporting Yemen

President discusses with German Ambassador peace chances in Yemen

Vice President follows up on function of Legal Affairs Ministry

FM meets with US ambassador to our county

Yemen's Acting Defense Minister stresses finalizing army reconstruction

Academic cooperation between Aden and Abdulaziz Universities

Awareness-raising training workshop on climate changes

Governor inspects preparations for updating Socotra Port

Banking, financial situations in Taiz discussed

Community Colleges situation in Aden, Luhj discussed

Al-Haneq, Mogadishu governor discusses situation of Yemeni community

Minister of Education signs agreement to design English Language Curriculums

Yemeni activists showcase Houthi violations in Yemen

Coalitionlaunches annual report on human rights in Yemen

Info. Minister meets British MP Keith Vaz

ShojaaAdeein discusses Austrian support in training Yemeni diplomats

Arab Health Ministers allocate $100 as urgent aid for Yemen

Yemen Central Bank says news of Saudi deposit postponement fabricated

Taiz governor praises Kuwait support to Yemen

YCMHRV calls for Yemen peace based on the three basic references

UN organizations team inspects potentials of CSOs in Hadhramout

KSrelief provides Aden's health with medical solutions

Kuwaiti relief agency's delegation visits Abyan

Relief, health treaties signed

Lamlasemphasizes on laying down for absorption of support to education

USAID, IMF ready to support institutional building of Yemen's Central Bank

Djiboutian airlines announces weekly flights to Aden airport

Baoom says 16 mln Yemenis lack health care as a consequence of Houthi coup

Deputy Governor discusses with NGOs situation of IDPs in Marib

UN Food Security and Agriculture team discuss cooperation with NGOs

Minster of Human Rights meets with Swiss ambassador to UN

Legitimate government struggles for sustainable peace, says Al-Iryani

YCMHRV documents 189 deaths by Houthi landmines

Shojaa al-Deen, Austrian official discuss Yemen humanitarian situation

Arab Coalition spokesperson confirms support for new international envoy to Yemen

FM meets delegation from the French Foreign Ministry

Houthi landmine injures three Bedouins in Aljawf

Coordination between Judiciary and COCA

Governor of Hudramout launches food aids distribution from KSrelief

Yemeni refugees situations in Djibouti discussed

UNSC's President: Houthis reject UN resolutions, delay solutions

Yemen, Portugal discuss displaced people, refugees' issues

UNSC's President: Houthis reject UN resolutions, delay solutions

Washington, London, Paris blame Tehran for arming Houthis

Foreign Ministry denounces militia's aggression on Iraqi embassy in Sana'a

Yemen calls new UN envoy to aim for Houthi compliance with UNSC resolutions

926 tons of relief aids dispatched to Yemen

Outcomes of talks with Saudi authorities about Yemeni expats' status reviewed

UN outgoing envoy for Yemen makes last briefing to UN Security Council

PM orders setting-up committee to investigate into tax evasions

Yemen, Holland explores cooperation in Human Rights

Yemen calls Intl. community for integrating efforts for fighting terrorism

Ending Houthi coup an end to Yemeni people suffering; says Minister

Hadi underscores depth of Yemeni-Italian relations

Situations of displaced people in Abyan discussed

Socotra Governor directs removing unplanned constructions

FM receives credentials of new UK Ambassador to Yemen

Basalamahopens formative meeting of National Society for Scientific Research

Health Ministry receives IV solutions aid from KSrelief

ERC allocates 12 million Saudi riyals to rehabilitate Khowkha facilities

Taiz governor inaugurates Child Care section in Khalifa Hospital

Officials discuss outcomes of oil workshop in Hadhramout

Minister Jabwani inspects al-Wadi'a border outlets

GIZ Stabilizing Project in Hadhramout discussed

Jojoba tree planted in Mareb

UN's agencies on a visit to Hudramout province

Jojoba tree planted in Mareb

Yemeni-Russian bilateral ties discussed

President Hadi urges judiciary reform

Yemen participates in Cairo's Islamic Conference

President Hadi praises Turkish support to Yemen

PM directs strike with iron fist against those who target the nation

Interior Ministry: Two soldiers killed, 53 injured in Aden terror attack

President Hadi orders investigation into Aden terror attack

Abyan Governor inspects Ba-Tais Dam

Yemen denounces Mogadishu terrorist attacks

Symposium on Youth, Woman's role in NDC held in Taiz

Abyan receives medical equipment

Taiz Abductees Mothers reports 6357 Houthi atrocities in 2017

KSrelief team inspects projects in Marib

Media bandits in Amman call on UN to designate Houthis a terrorist group

Yemen welcomes opening UN envoy's office in Aden

Republican decree establishing Abyan University issued

UNICEF, WHO provide Aden's Vaccination Department with anti-diphtheria vaccines

VP conducts phone call to Taiz governor to follow developments

Textbooks Printers unfold two tenders envelopes, worth 900 million YR

Al-Kamal explores cooperation with OIC

Deputy Minister of Planning signs agreement with international organizations

Yemeni-Turkish bilateral cooperation discussed

Yemen joins International Alliance of Solar Energy

Foreign Ministry official hails China's support to government

FM, Saudi Ambassador address issues of Yemeni labor in KSA

Ambassador al-Saadi, Turkish official discuss Yemen issues

Lahj governor stresses effective collect of revenues

OIC vows to reduce unemployment in member countries

Al-Ashbi submits his credential papers as non-resident ambassador to Kazakhstan

An inclusive security plan endorsed in Taiz

Promising findings for growing new spices of wheat in Marib

Media and political bandits designate Houthis a terrorist movement

Expatriates Committee discusses its plans

Cardiologists' Scientific Conference launched in Aden

Mahra Governor meets members of Humanitarian Coordinator office

Human Rights Minister, Dutch ambassador discuss Yemen human rights

Al-Kamal raises issue of Yemeni labors with her Saudi counterpart

Deputy Premier, Minister of Interior chairs high-profile meeting

Transport issues discussed in Shabwa

Yemen, UNPFA discuss maternity, childhood situations

Yemen, Japan discuss implementation of development projects

JICA to resume technical cooperation with Yemen

Yemen, UNPFA discuss maternity, childhood situations

PM meets with Turkish ambassador to Yemen

Yemeni-Japanese cooperation ties discussed

Mahra Governor inspects Nashton Port

More than 900 Diphtheria cases registered across Yemen

Situations of Hodeida displaced people discussed

UK's Johnson: Iran escalating war in Yemen, destabilizing the region

Yemen's ambassador hands over a copy of Humanitarian Relief Plan

VP urges active operations by industry and trade offices

Marm appreciates Egyptian media coverage of Yemen's events

Governor of Luhj chairs meeting of investors, businessmen

Transports Minister, Shabwa Governor inspect Ataq airport

Workshop on National Dialogue Conference wraps up

SJC chief inaugurates training course for martial court personnel

PM meets with the charge d' affairs of the US embassy in Yemen

France voices concerns about Iran's failure to honor ISC resolution 2216

Germany welcomes appointing new envoy to Yemen

Yemeni-Spanish cooperation in relief discussed

Preliminary meeting of the political parties in Taiz

Heart Physicians Association to be established in Aden

Preliminary meeting in Aden discuss health challenges

Creating custom outlets by militia contradicts international laws, says Minister

Hadicongratulates South Africa's newly elected president

MSAL launches training course on humanitarian response in Hadramout

Hadi emphasizes fruitful cooperation with US

Hadicondoles UAE leadership on martyrdom of Emirati soldier

Yemen's bin-Daghr, UK diplomat discuss peace efforts, fighting terrorism

Aden's Refineries supplies Aden International Port with fuel

Deputygovernor appointed for the Central Bank

Yemen participates in conclusion of Munich Security Conference 2018

PM hails army's victories against terrorist elements in Hadhramout

Jordon host international conference on HR violations in Yemen

Salaries to be paid this week in Taiz, says governor

Technical Education official emphasizes on contemporary programs

Armed forces purge al-Qaeda from Mesinivalley of Hadhramout

Two women injured by Houthilandmine in al-Jawf

KS Relief distributes 2000 food baskets in Taiz

Chinese medical aids and equipment delivered in Abyan

LahjGovernor discusses SOLIDARITÉSINTERNATIONAL'sprojects

President Hadi: Combat operations won't stop until mission accomplished

Yemeni-Saudi banking cooperation discussed

Fuel Crisis in Hadhramout discussed

Governor of Hudramout updates President Hadi about situations in the province

Presidential decrees by appointing commanders of two military zones

Houthis looted USD 7 billion, reject paying employees' salaries; says al-Yamani

Hadhramout Governor briefs VP about situations in the province

One child killed, another injured by Houthi landmine in Beidha

Government welcomes new UN envoy to Yemen

Government welcomes new UN envoy to Yemen

FM participates in the 54th Round of Security Conference in Munich

PM arrives in Riyadh to consult with President Hadi

Aden to host a medical symposium

Yemeni-Cuban ties and cooperation discussed

Mujalli: 21 million in need of urgent aids, lacking clear water

Yemen, GCC discuss preparations next aid

President informed on developments in Western Coast

Bin-Dagher orders pay salaries of judges, prosecution's staff

Houthis indiscriminately shell Adoraya villages in Beidha

Free medical camp to carry out 150 surgeries in Marib

Health Ministry organizes workshop on developing reproductive health

Yemen Ambassador, Somali Interior Ministry discuss status ofYemeni refugees

PM inspects Khor Makasar Power Station

President Hadi sends condolences to family of assassinated cleric

Yemen Supreme Court chief meets president of Jordan's Constitutional Court

KSrelief delivers 1200 tons of food and shelter aid to Yemen

PM stresses the need of retaking all militia-controlled regions

Expatriate issues discussed

Yemen's FM welcomes more donors in Geneva Conference next April

Yemen coordination with FAO explored

Water Project launched in Lahj

Arab Coalition's efforts discussed in Hadhramout

Expansion projects in Marib Military Hospital

UN official welcomes Saudi, Emirati aid pledge for Yemen

Governor directs paying operational budget to Lahj Water Corporation

KSreliefdistributes relief aid to 270 displaced persons in Marib

Minister Fath: KSReliefprovides projects to all provinces

Health office in Soctra inaugurates mobile clinicin Socotra

FM, US diplomat discuss political settlement

Abyan Local Council SG meets UNHCR protection officer over refuge

FM, Austrian Ambassador discuss bilateral relations

Yemen, OCHA discuss humanitarian relief, efforts

Yemen-Chinese bilateral relations discussed

Al-Iryani: KSA the key sponsor of relief and humanitarian operations in Yemen

Two awareness-raising workshops on the outcomes of ND

Yemen, Malaysia discuss cooperation in housing and urban planning

World Urban Forum draws to close in Malaysia

Al-Maliki renews Coalition commitment to support Yemeni military to retake all provinces

Financial issues discussed in Aden

Yemeni-Egyptian cooperation discussed

Yemen, UK discuss measures of securing ports

Foreign Minister holds meeting included staff of our country's embassy in Riyadh

FOA's agricultural projects discussed in Aden

PM sets up a committee to communicate with Saudi authorities about Yemeni expatriates' issues

Yemen, Canada discuss political, humanitarian situations

Minister Basalam inspects technical, agriculture institutes in Abyan

Yemen signs treaties with International organizations

PM meets representatives of university teaching staff

Info Minister inspectsrecovery of war-torn Beihan

Relief Alliance: Up to 47 civilians killed, injured in Taiz in February

Contract for water network project in Hadhramout signed

Yemen, Canada discuss parliamentarian cooperation

New governor appointed for the Central Bank

Hadi assigns orders formation of panel over Yemeni labor in KSA

Governor inspects wounded civilians as a result of Houthi shelling

FM receives credentials of Nigeria's newambassador

KSreliefdistributes food aid in Yemen

Info. Minister goes to frontlines in Al-Baidah province

President Hadi calls for activating Popular Resistance in Ibb

President Hadi receives French Senates

President Hadi praises British support for Yemen in different international stage

President Hadi addresses the nation on the 7th Anniversary of February 11 Revolution

Minister al-Ruaini: 11 February Revolution protected Yemen against plots

Ambassador Maremhails Egypt's positive role toward Yemen

Yemen participates in Arab parliamentsannual conference in Cairo

Socotra governor says local authority to implement urban plan

Fatah calls UN orgs to move from diagnosis to treatment of humanitarian situation

KSreliefdistributes relief aid to 450 IDPs in Marib

Shadadi meets IPU president in Cairo

KSrelief distributes aid and maintenance funds to IDPs, orphans

MOHR condemns Houthi assassination of female activist in Taiz

Fatah deploresHouthi looting and detention of humanitarian relief

Yemen's ambassador to Moscow meets Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

Info.Minister visits prosthetic limbs center in Marib

Yemen, Sudan discuss recent incidents in Aden

Fishery sectors to be activated

Sah Corporation denounces Houthi snipping activists Reham, Saeed in Taiz

RASD denounces targeting civilians, activists by Houthis

emeni-Pakistani humanitarian cooperation explored

26 attacks by Houthi militia against civilians in Taiz last year

Minister of planning, Sudanese aid organization discuss cooperation

Yemenia to operate Socotra, Djibouti flights from March

Ministry of Health distributes Lab. Equipment worth 900,000 Euro

Justice Minister inspects Aden judicial compound and courts

Japan allocates $39 million for Yemen aid

VP pays a visit to KS Relief Center

Yemeni nationals travel across Omani territories discussed

Assa'adi discuses coordination with Yemeni-Kuwaiti Relief Association

Governor inaugurates Passport Automatic Issuance center in Hadhramout

Transport Minister: IMO declares ports of Aden, Mukalla secure

Yemen, South Korea discusssports cooperation

Health Minister: The government will work hard to improve health services

Yemen, Malaysia agreed to revitalize MOUs in various fields

Yemeni-Pakistani bilateral ties discussed

Cabinet of Ministers holds a meeting, approves renewing electricity contracts

Aden's health projects discussed

President receives US Defense official for Middle East Affairs

Aden University, Ministry of Planning discuss cooperation

Facilitations to investors to be granted in Mahra

Human rights violations discussed

Human Rights Minister inspects needs of immigrants

Fatah commends Kuwait Relief Agency's projects in Yemen

Yemeni-Korean bilateral ties discussed

Passports Department issues 35 passports in Marib

Kuwait finances reconstruction of 130 war-damaged houses in Lahj

Emergencies in health sector discussed

President Hadi appreciates Ould Sheikh's good offices

FM thanks outgoing UN mediator Ould Cheikh Ahmed

Al-Iryani: Media has significant impact upon individuals and societies

Yemen to participate in World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur

Hadi orders misuse of Socotra and all state properties to be stopped

Hadhramout governor directs authority to seize all un-numbered vehicles

Minister of Public Works, Saudi ambassador, Coalition's spokesperson highlight humanitarian actions in Yemen

Yemen's Army detonates Houthi sea mines

President Hadi: Combat operations must continue to retake all regions

VP says Houthis undermined the country's political and democratic action

Kuwaiti relief projects in Lahj discussed

Yemen's embassy clarifies on recent visa measures to Egypt

Saudi Arabia supplies Yemeni ports with cranes

Saudi Air Defenses shoot down Houthi ballistic missile

Relief Committee discusses sheltering IDPs in Abyan

FM confirms Saudi govt allowing of legal residents to enroll in private schools

Hadhramout Dep. governor addresses oil labor demands

Governor of Al-Maharah discusses investment with Singaporean Lubex Group

FM directs following up issued of the dead Yemeni student in Russia

Minister of Education inspects damages on the Education Office in Aden

Education Ministry implements extracurricular activities in Aden

Deputy Premier, Minister of Interior chairs a meeting of Interior Ministry senor officers

Conference on blood disorders wraps up in Aden

Hudramout governor inaugurates training course in Al-Mukalla

Situations of displaced people in Abyan discussed

Conference on tumor, blood diseases commences in Aden

KS Relief Center gives out humanitarian aids in Shabwah

Mauritania denounces violent incidents targeted state institutions in Aden

Ba-Kurait bans entry of any armed group to Mahra

Fath informs French organizations on Yemen's humanitarian needs

PM orders one month salary for armed and security servicemen

Pentagon Spokesperson confirms US support to Yemeni government

Yemen, Mauritania discuss recent developments

Quartet's meetings about technical support for CYB concluded

Yemen briefs China on Aden's incidents

FM: Our efforts for defending Palestinian Issue will double

Governor inspects power in Socotra

VP meets with social dignitaries from Hudramout

Ministry of Health: Coup attempt in Aden killed 29 people, wounded 315 more

Marib govt hands over 27 Houthi child fighters back to families

Govt says Aden clashes "failed coup attempt"

Relief organizations in South Africa willing to help in Yemen

Govt says impediments, formation of paramilitary militias violates UNSC resolution

Yemen calls on IFAD Fund to resume its activities in Yemen

UK: Clear prove reveals Houthis use rockets, other Iranian weapons

Mothers warn their kidnapped sons could be used humanshields by Houthis

Jonathan: Clear evidence that Iran missiles and other weapons used by Houthis

Yemenia Airways to resume Aden flights tomorrow

Houthi claim of firing ballistic at Saudi airport not true, says Al-Maliki

Ambassador Qi: China will continue efforts for just solution in Yemen

Mahra Security holds ship fishing illegally

Houthis killed and injured 2917 civilians in Taiz in 2017, says HRITC

Marib unveils four strained of enhanced wheat seeds

Deputy Health Minister visits people wounded in Aden's latest clashes

Kuwait rejects attacking Yemen's institutions; says al-Jarallah

Yemen, South Korea discuss recent developments

Turkey supports peace, stability unit, integrated territory of Yemen

Alyemany: Iran's violation of UNSC resolution 2216part of systematicviolations

The governmentexists in Aden'sMa'ashiq Palace, says spokesperson

Aden clashes left 21 killed, 290 wounded

Kuwait renews its support for Yemen's security and unity

Interior Ministry renews call for outlaw elements to stop clashes

UNESCO condemns Houthi killing of journalist in Taiz

President meets UK ambassador on departure

President Hadi bids Chinese ambassador farewell

Coalition for restoring legality in Yemen urges immediate stop of violent actions in Aden

Hadi-headed meeting says Aden rebellion not casual, raises question marks

Political parties say Aden clashes play into Iranian agenda

Malaysia ready to offer more military for Yemeni commanders

Deputy health minister: 12 killed, 132 injured in Aden clashes

Info. Minister launches first shipment of fuels aids from KSA to hospitals in Sana'a.

Aden local authority rejects irresponsible practices of Transitional Council

FM: disarming militia, eliminate coup first step in peace

Cabinet meets over Aden riot acts

KSreliefprovides 12 tons of medicines to hospital in Beihan

VP meets with Norwegian ambassador to our country

Yemeni-British bilateral ties were discussed

Oman renews support to Yemen's unity, stability

Yemen's PM directs stop shooting, forces back to their barracks

PM: Nobody can stand at this moment in grey spot between hold his country together and portioning

Arab Coalition rejects escalation in Aden, calls factions for liberating provinces

PM: We won't let recurrent 86 tragic events in Aden

Saudi aidcargo arrives in Marib carrying 44,470 food packs

Info. Minister saysIranian agenda will come to end soon

KSreliefgrants maintenance funds to 429 orphans in south Yemen

President Hadi: Signs of victory looming

UAE Red Crescent offers relief aids to people in Hudramout

Ministry Of Interior proscribes any groupings, rallies or demonstrations in Aden now

Armed forces advance in east and north of Taiz

Mujalli discusses strategic plan for agricultural development

PM: We have a big victory that will fully form with Taiz liberation

Saudi HR Commission condemns Houthi use of children in armed conflicts

Yemeni-Philippines bilateral ties explored

President Hadi commends troops advancements in Taiz

Info. Minister arrives in Marib onboard Saudi aid flight

VP: Political leadership resolve to drive militia out of Taiz

Aden hosts scientific conference on blood disorders next month

Yemen asks Russia release arrested national

Turkish developmental support to our country discussed

Assaadi, Turkish Parliament speakerdiscuss bilateral relations

Askar,UNHCR discussproject implementation

Awareness-raising session held in Aden

Aden's custom leaders held their first meeting

Interior Ministry Convention reiterates supports for President Hadi, appreciates Arab Coalition's role

Clear difference between KSA and Iran's supplies to Yemen, says info minister

PM: urges measures to operate Ra's Al-Arah harbor

PM: Peoples' security and safety a government's top priority

Fishery Wealth Minister discuss 2018 projects

Yemen praises Coalition allocation of USD 1.5 billion for relief

Human Rights Ministry's building launched in Aden

DELF organizes workshop on implementing NDC's outcomes

Human Rights Minister meets with ICRC mission

Arroyani: Govt projects to implement National Dialogue's outcomes

Governor of Hudramout province lays down foundation stones of several projects

Fatah discusses with Arrabi'ah 'Relief Aids Plan' of 2018

Yemen, Turkey discuss relief issues

Symposium on Federal Yemen held in Mareb

Yemen, Saudi Arabia sign road rehabs project for Yemen

Yemen's UN envoy points to Iran's vandalism in Yemen

We should not forget that we are in a state of war, says PM

Al-Asbahi extends his credential papers as Yemen's ambassador to Rabat

KSRelief Center signs a contract to extend medical services for Yemeni refugees in Djibouti

Yemen, UN discuss relief, humanitarian situations

Yemen's ambassador to France meets with Waha Organization Director

Electricity Ministry will tackle energy cost across Yemen

NGOs discuss IDPs situation in Mahra

Saudi Cabinet welcomes Arab Coalition's pledged massive aid to Yemen

FM: Conflict in our country between two camps: Pro-federal Yemen and Narrow- sectarian agendas.

PM: Pushing militia out of Taiz a government's top priority

The CBY discusses positive impacts of Saudi deposit

MoPIC signs agreements with two international NGOs

Swedish media team inspects INDPs in al-Meshqafa camp

Yemen launches humanitarian response plan 2018

FM meets with Arab ambassadors to Russia

Yemen, Lebanon discuss peace efforts, Iranian interference

Arrabi'ah: SAK, UAE supports humanitarian operations in Yemen with over $1 billion

Fatah: Houthiprevention relief organizations from work violates int'l law

YCMHRV condemns Houthi killing and injuring of 20 civilians in Taiz

Cabinet meets to discuss map for distribution of fuel aid

Arab Coalition launches nation-wide humanitarian campaign in Yemen

Baath party confirms its support against Houthi rebels

Marib begins receiving KSreliefairlift

Al-Mikhlafi: War imposed upon us.. Lavrov: Yemeni Govt. dealt positively with peace efforts

LahjGovernor meets NRC Coordination

PM appreciates troops' heroic roles in defeating the coup

VP : The Six Provinces Federal State an upright solution to our country's crisis

PM to ICRC: Legal government offered 100% swap detainees deal, but Houthi militia doesn't care

Dammaj meets with cultural figures in WadiHadramout

Saudi FM announces massive humanitarian plan for Yemen

Yemen participates in OIC's emergency meeting

Arab Coalition FMs to hold press conference on Yemen humanitarian plan

Hodeidah governor inspects IDPs in Aden

VP is briefed on our country embassy's activities in Jordon

UNHCR provides Aden with medicines

Governor Torki praises Norwegian Refugee Council efforts in Lahj

PM announces state's general budget of 2018

Foreign Ministers of OIC demand tough measures to stop Iran's support for Houthi militia

Yemen partakes in the First Media Conference on propagating for Arab work

Governor of East Region in Saudi Arabia receives Yemeni Ambassador

OIC renews its support for Hadi's government

In meeting with Dutch diplomat, Hadi points to Houthi avoidances of peace

National Army demines dozens of mines planted by Houthis in Boq'

Yemen's ambassador discusses community issues in Saudi Arabia

Thirteen human rights organizations form one network

King Salman Relief Center offers daiylsis solution, 1250 food baskets

Governors of Tiham province, YGC hold Houthi militia responsible for cooking gas crisis

Marib census of IDPs to begin Sunday, official tells neighborhood chieftains

Hadi praises Saudi stance by Yemen's side

Saudi ambassador affirms Kingdom's continuing support for Yemen against Iran's scheme

Al-Mihlafi visiting Moscow to secure more support for restoring legality.

President Hadi was briefed on the developments and situations in Al-Maharah province.

British Minister of State: We'll keep our support for Coalition forces in Yemen

Al-Iryani outlines media coverage plan

Hadi says 14th October jubilee commemorates a history

Electricity minister says Yemen produces 400MW solar power

Malaysian faculty to provide scholarships, discounts for Yemeni students

Yemeni-British security cooperation discussed.

Central Bank to increase national currency's exchange rate gradually

Ministers along with Saudi ambassador visit containers dock in Aden Seaport

VP Legal government supports good offices for sustainable peace based of the three references

Ambassadors of the countries sponsoring political process in Yemen support UN envoy's good offices

KSrelief accomplishes 85$ of settlement units for Yemeni refugees in Djibouti

Ba-Hameed, Mutafa discuss Malaysian visas to Yemeni students

Public prosecutor inspects Appeal Prosecution in Hadhramout

PM appreciates Saudi $2 billion bailout

UK understands Saudi concern over Yemen

Courts to re-open in Taiz

Health Ministry sends medicines to dialysis patients in Sana'a,Ibb

VP sends a cable of thanks to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Kingdom

Yemen Ambassador, UN official discuss fighting terror and drugs

Arroyani says NDC provided forconcrete solutions to Southern Cause

Cabinet convenes on Saudi brotherly bailout

Aspects of cooperation with International Red Crescent discussed.

Health Ministry sends medicines to dialysis patients in Sana'a, Ibb

Yemen, Somalia discussbrotherly relations

FM briefs Italian envoy on Houthi atrocities

MoPIC signs agreements with four international aid organizations

Al-Kamal explores relief and humanitarian support with KS Relief Center leadership

Al-Aqwa'a discuses UAE's grant to operate Al-Hisswa Power Station

Hadi thanks king Salman for support to Yemen

Yemen-European bilateral ties in youth and sport area discussed

Resumption of political process requires trust building measures, FM tells Escrogim

VP stresses MSAL's role in development

Hadi raises Yemen economic challenges with Saudi Crown Prince

PM receives CNN's teamwork

Yemen participates in Al-Azhar International Conference to advocate Al-Quds

Aden University organizes National Inventions Exhibition

Arroayni inaugurates awareness about NDC outcomes in state institutions

Abyan Local Council SG and OCHA discuss relief and development needs

613 civilians killed, injured within 40 days by Houthi militia

VP meets with EU ambassador to Yemen

Relief Aid officials discuss status of IDPs in Abyan

Exceptional efforts being exerted to stop Riyal decline, says Govt spokesman

Prosecution refers 17 terror suspects to specialized criminal court

President Hadi receives UN's envoy to Yemen

Al-Harithi launches resumption of passport authority in Shabwa

Yemeni community in Malaysia receives visitor visas

FM expresses govt'sconcern about escalating Houthi abuses in Sana'a

KSrelief launched food aid distribution in Hajjah, Tihama and Abyan

Yemeni-French bilateral ties discussed

HRITC appeals for UN rescue of Taiz villages from Houthi genocide

PM government is keen to tackle problems of dismissed employees

Relief Policy of 2018 discussed

Interior Minister inaugurates innovation exhibit

Fatah discusses expansion of WFP activities with representative

Friendly spaces for war-traumatized children in Marib

We had included Houthis in National Dialogue, Hadi tells Calvo-Puerta

President Hadi: Yemenis won't accept new dialogues to revoke national consensus

PM discusses security situations in Aden

PM receives a cable of support from Arab Parliament Speaker

Info. Minister: We will build the federal Yemen which all Yemenis aspire to

Kuwaiti Red Crescent food aid launched in Aljawf

Interior Ministrydetermined to reinforce Lahj security, says minister

Interior Minister issues directives to rehabilitate police stations

Fatah discusses humanitarian needs in different provinces

Heath Ministry, UNICEF launch vaccination training course Aden

VP meets with governor of Taiz province

VP discuses action in Immigration and Passports Authority

Fath urges transfer into second relief phase

President Hadi urges financial institutions to carry out their constitutional missions

Awareness Campaign on mine dangers launched in Shabwa

Yemen participates in international meeting on energy

Minister of Information holds consultative meeting of media men and women in Marib

Troops, citizens jointly battling Houthi-militia, governor says

Al-Iryani inspects relief, rehabilitating recruited children activities

PM emphasizes on border control modernization

Joining constitutional legitimacy the right track, says PM

Houthis committed 2206 violations in Taiz last December, reports HRITC

Health Ministry prepares to launch diphtheria, measles vaccination drive

Prime Minister directs paying USD 100,000 for ba-Suhaib Hospital

Yemen ambassador in Paris meets International Solidarity

Houthi landmine wounds whole family in Beidha

Houthis committed 2250 violations against journalists, says Sada

CMA CGM resumes using Aden terminal

Combating epidemics, health edification discussed in Aden

Humanitarian aid to liberated provinces discussed in Aden

Turkey embraces Yemeni Business Forum

Cabinet of Ministers approves establishing Qana Seaport in Shabwah

Minister of Information: militia's violations against journalists war crimes

Yemen diplomat meets Lebanon's Maronite Patriarch

Human Rights Ministry denounces militia's violations against children, civilians

Hadhramout Governor declares his province cholera-free

Yemen, Global Communities discuss cooperation

Yemen participates in Arab Institute for Planning in Kuwait

Hadi calls preachers to unify against sectarian and regional bigotry

President Hadi : Education is corner stone for building prosperous future

Yemen demands UN to condemn Houthi crimes and urgently intervene to stop them

Interior ministry officials discuss rehab of Police Hospital

Yemen, UK discuss political, humanitarian developments

Yemen's Cabinet discuss economic challenges, tightening security

KSrelief contracts hospital to treat 150 wounded Yemenis

Fatah welcomesUN $50 million appropriation for Yemen

28 billion YR revenues of customs of Hudramout Al-Wadi and Sahara in 2017

VP: Our objective is fighting terrorism, ending coup

Yemen to facilitate measures for French journalists

Mareb Scholars urge unifying national address

GPC in Marib: President Hadi is the leader of the GPC

Mahrah governor says Saudi medical aid to be distributed to hospitals soon

Interior Minister inspects security, police in Abyan

SANA'A Governor distributes shelters to displaced people

Training course on mine dangers in Shabwa held

Miftah says role of int'l humanitarian organizations limited in Marib

FM says Houthis prove everyday indisposition, non-desire for peace

FM emphasizes national cohesion against the Houthi threat

Taiz security committeediscusses life re-normalization

Al-Iryani calls for labeling Iran-backed Houthi militia as terrorist group

Interior Minister inaugurates Military Training year 2018

Yemen welcome Spain's desire to resume work in fishery sector

Fatah: Houthi threat is explicit defiance of international laws

Minister of Information inspects Al-Jawf Radio Statio

Al-Mikhlafi, USA Charge d' Affairs discuss latest developments in Yemen

PM orders urgent measures to improve services in Luhj province

GPC rejects Sana'a violations of its internal regulations

Lasting peace is the goal, VP tells British ambassador

Army spokesman says The Economist misquoted chief of staff

Committee of dismissed southerner employees reviews its actions

KSRelief distributes food parcels to displaced people from Tehama

Interior Minister inspects migration, passport project in Aden

Hadhramout Governor inspects development projects

State general budget High Committee continues meetings

Mechanism for distributing Saudi aid in Mahra discussed

Coalition Joint Command: two pilots evacuated as their jet-fighter cashed

V. President, Taiz Governor discuss developments in the province

Coupistsimposed the war on us, says PM

VP discuses efforts aim to back the military in Amran province

Aden 2018 investment program debated

Yemen, Intl. organizations sign water, relief agreements

SOUL launches malnutrition fighting in Taiz and Hodeidah

Lahj governor inspects future projects in Lahj

Enhancing media cooperation in Hadhramout discussed

GPC says planned Sana'a caucus a bid to hijack the party

President Hadi takes the oath from Ashamiri, Muhmood, Batais

5000 food baskets to be given out in Qashan and Hussween, Al-Maharah

Houthis fire ballistic missile on girls school in Khawkha

Interior Minister: 2018 will be the year of law, regaining order

Government discusses general indicators of state budget

Marib launches traffic regulation plan

Al-Iryani warns of compulsory recruiting in militia held-regions

President Hadi: absurd criminal acts by Houthi militia a manifestation of backtrack, ignominy

Syo'un international airport operates above 900 flights in 2017

President confirms government's care of liberated provinces

Alliance for Relief: 1800 of families displaced from Tiaz in December 2017

Challenges facing Yemeni marine institutions discussed

Oil plan for 2018 discussed

VP discuses developments in the capital Sana'a

State Minister, NGOs discuss publication of National Dialogue Outcomes

KSrelief signs medical contracts to treat wounded Yemenis

PM urges coordination between ministries of defense and interior

Yemen's air, land and sea ports open for receiving aid, says Maliki

President Hadi: Marib province in focus of the government policy

KSrelief distributes 17,500 food packs in north Yemen

President Hadi discusses reconstruction with Saudi ambassador

Yemen seeks Jordanian energy expertise

FM visits the country's embassy in Cairo

Cabinet approves priority guides for 2018 workplans

Ambassadors of Coalition member states in supporting legality gathered in Riyadh

Security not achievable under authorities of multiple loyalties, says PM

VP meets with British ambassador to our country

Health Ministry discusses combating Diphtheria across Yemen

Al-Maharah governor inaugurates KSRelief Center food basket project

President Hadi praises US support for Yemen

President: Yemeni people efforts integrated for facing militia

FM praises Egyptian support to Yemen

Al-Socatri inspects 22 May Hospital Project

Prime Minister, Lahj Governor discuss province's future project

Deputy Sports Minister announces tournament for IDPs

PM 2018 state's budget will be better than 2014 budget

Mahra Governor, local authority discuss 2018 plan

PM meets with governor of Luhj, commander of Navy Forces

Info. minister, GCC Secretary General discuss Houthi abuses

VP appreciates US supportive stance for legal leadership

Ministry of Public Health receives 4th batch of generators from Kuwait

Getting rid of Houthi guerilla only way to advance federal Yemen, says Hadi

National Investigating Committee meet with governors of Tihama province

Baidha' Governor inspects military locations

Mareb electronic site inaugurated

Electricity situation in Mahra discussed

President Hadi praises advancements by military and local fighters in Taiz fronts.

Chief of Staff receives National Investigation Committee's Team

Normalizing conditions in Baihan discussed

Deputy Premier discusses Fishery and Agricultural Union's needs

PM meets with accomplished students of secondary schooling of 2016-2017

Ministry of Technical Education reviews 2017, reflects on 2018

PM says govt intends to implement vital projects in Dhale'a

President Hadi congratulates Sudanese Counterpart on independence

Sayoon Radio, Hadhramout Cleanliness Fund sign awareness raising pact

Hadi congratulates Castro on Cuba's Liberation Day

Training course on obstetric commenced in Sayoon

Coordination between military and local authorities discussed

Yemen News Agency re-opened in Abyan

Cabinet surprised over donors' dealing with rebels

National InvestigationCommittee inspects Mareb's prisons

VP discusses Taiz and Hodeidah liberation with provincial officials separately

VP discusses Taiz and Hodeidah liberation with provincial officials separately

Security forces to be integrated, police stations activated, says Maisary

5,000 of food baskets given out in Al-Hazm district of Al-Jawf

President Haid: Battles must go on to retake the capital, pave the way to establish the Six-provinces Yemeni Federal State

VP is briefed on military advancements in Al-Jawf province

An authoritative official disclaims news story about the incident of Al-Hiaim's market

Hadi congratulates world leaders on the New Year

Marib Deputy governor inaugurates city entrance expansion

New community development association inaugurated in Mukalla

The National Committee inspects victims of mines in Taiz

Governor, Public Resistance leaders discuss situations in Baidha'

PM returns to Aden following a visit to Riyadh

Yemen denounces Egypt Halwan's terrorist attack

Yemeni Foreign Ministry denounces the bias of Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs in favor of the militia, demands replace him

VP.Inspects conditions of injured soldiers

The National Investigative Committee inspects Taiz Radio

Yemen seeks humanitarian support from Spain

Arab Parliament renews support to Yemen's government

Govt communicates with Old Sheikh about militias control over property of pro-legality personalities

President Hadi: Combat operations will continue until desired ends realized.

Landmines victims in Yemen counted 8958 in 2016, says international report

Luhj Governor chairs a meeting of the province executive office

Kuwait provides Health Sector with 16 electricity generator

ERC distributes relief aid to Swayri residents in Tareem

Health Ministry receives dialysis medicines and solutions from ICRC

Al-Malik: Houhi militia has only two options: to relinquish the state's institutions or warfare

The Center of Information and Human Rights Training condemns the militia's crimes in Al-Haima of Taiz

Djibouti welcomes UN report on Iranian interferences in Yemen

Yemen, Turkey discuss situations of Yemeni community

Saudi ambassador: Tehran smuggled missiles in pieces to Houthis, experts reassemble

VP discusses developments in Al-Baidha province

Yemen takes leading share in higher education conference in Cairo

The National Investigation Committee inspects human rights violation in Taiz

India provides anti-Cholera medicines to Yemen

Workshop educates 30 volunteers on landmines

Dep. Planning Minister signs five agreements with int'l organizations

Hadi emphasizes on continuing operations to full liberate Yemen

International silence for Houthi attack on Taiz shameful, says Fatah

Hadiemphasizes on continuing operations to full liberate Yemen

Governor, Minister inspects water, fishing corporations in Socotra

VP is briefed on situations in Sana'a, Dhamar provinces

Marib Dep. Governor inaugurates first hypermarket

Military, security and services situations in Al-Baidha discussed

Interior Ministry leaders inspect Lahj Security Department

VP meets with commanders of military zones

Third phase of Kuwaiti medical aid to Taiz launched

Kuwait Red Crescent launches third relief campaigns in Abyan

VP reviews military operations with presence of some commanders of Coalition Forces

Shabwa Governor confirms normalizing conditions in Baihan

Yemeni-Egyptian cooperation in renewable energy discussed

Mareb local authority to remove unplanned construction

KSrelief starts distributing 12500 food packs in Hajjah

WHO, Health Ministry office inaugurate CFAT in Aden

Hodeida governor sworn in before President

During swear-in of new ministers, Hadi says Yemen is at crossroads

Vice President is back in Mareb

International Security Council affirms its strong commitment to unity, sovereignty, Independence and territorial integrity of Yemen

Hadi issues resolutions naming new ministers, other officials

President Hadi: Out-dated despotic Imamate ages had gone forever

Yemen participates in Higher Education Conference in Cairo

Supreme Committee for Relief Aid assesses performance of aid orgs

Investigators meet Dep. Interior Minister over movement freedom abuses

Socotra Governor inspects performance of police

UAE RC rehabilitates 'Shaheer Entertaining Park' in Ghail Ba-Wazear

Human Rights Ministry calls for helping displaced people in Aden

Yemeni communities in South-East Asia to mobilize relief campaigns, says Yemeni ambassador

Alignment with legal leadership a patriotic duty, says governor of Dhamar

Wethaq foundation finishes rehabilitating 40 child soldiers

Governor inspects government facilities in Baidha'a

Governor inspects Socotri people's needs

Hadi phone calls Palestinian counterpart

Houthisabducted over 18000 persons until July 2017, says NGO

Engineers dismantle three fields of landmines in Shabwa

Jaboobiraises Sana'a physical eliminations with SA official

VP hails army advances in Al-Ajasher

Rasd Coalition; Houthis Militia Abducting and Forcibly Disappearing more than 18 thousand For Three Years

Yemeni-British Solidarity condemns Houthis' terrorizing repressions in Sana'a

FM: What happened lately in Sana'a reveals Houthis are not peace partners

Info. Minister condemns Houthis' abuses against GPC members

Al-Ghaidha's airport resumes operation

Yemen, Saudi Arabia discuss reconstruction

UK expresses concern over hindering arrival aid by Houthi militia

Yemen participates in Arab Ministerial Forum about housing

Food security project totaling $36 million discussed in Aden

200 Internally Displaced Families arrived in Shoqra from Khokha

VP Government is keen to address immigrants concerns

MoPIC, OCHA organize workshop on humanitarian response 2018

Saudi diplomat says Iranian regime continuing support for Houthi militia

Arab Coalition calls for stopping Iran's international terrorist groups

Yemen participates in ESCWA 18th session on Transport and Logistics

Fatah, IIRO discuss humanitarian situation in Yemen

Yemen participates in Gulf 23 FootballChampionship

KSRelief provides $142 mln worth of aid to Yemen since 2015 crisis start

NGO trains young activists in human rights and media

FM praises Moroccan Kingdom's stance in supporting legality in Yemen

Ambassador Mustfa reviews Yemen's developments in Europe

Courts and prosecutions need protection to operate aptly, says minister

Field hospital inaugurated in Aden with Turkish sponsorship

Medical convoy distributed in Baihan, Usailan

Arab Coalition's Command announces keeping Hodeida Port open

Yemeni-Japanese cooperation ties discussed

Houthi missile attack toward Riyadh draws worldwide condemnation

Interior Minister directs normalizing security in Baihan

Ba-Humaid discusses Yemeni community's situations in Malaysia

Yemen renews call for relocating intl. organizations to Aden

Ambassadors condemn Houthifiring of ballistic missile toward Riyadh

VP praises heroic battles have been fought against Iran-backed Houthi militia

Yemen denounces firing ballistic rocket on Saudi Arabia

FM briefs Swedish envoy on Houthi atrocities

Arab Coalition says Houthi missile targeted Riyadh populated areas

Arab Parliament condemns Houthi atrocities against Yemeni MPs

FM receives French undersecretary of Foreign Ministry

Military operations won't stop until all Yemeni territory is liberated, says Hadi

Yemen stakeholders condemn Houthi atrocities

University to be established in Mahra

President Hadi appreciates US support for Yemeni people

President Hadi receives GCC's Secretary General

ICRC interventions in Mareb discussed

Commander of 3rd Military Zone announces driving Houthi militia out of Shabwa province

Efforts need to be doubled to manage challenges facing agriculture sector, says VP

Efforts need to be doubled to manage challenges facing agriculture sector, says VP

FM: the Intl. community is convinced no political party Yemen talks to

Ministry inaugurates distribution of modern irrigation packagesin Lahj

Chinese rice distributed in Taiz

Dep. Minister discusses resuming oil and LNG production with SEPOC

WHO reviews health accomplishments in Yemen

KSrelief inaugurates 2500 food packs in al-Hamili

AGFUND approves financing Al-Amal Microfinance Bank

ERC provides medical apparatus for Shabwa Kidney Hospital

Kuwaiti fund opens clinic in Aden Airport

Yemeni cadre trained on water management in Egypt

Authorities warns of closing illegal money exchange stores in Mareb

Dep. Health Minister, WHO discuss fighting malaria and dengue fever

Lahj local council inaugurates Farm Day with aid for farmers

VP discusses situations in Al-Maharah province

Fatah explores humanitarian assistance with Russian delegation

Miltia violations against humanitarian and relief organizations infringe of International Law, says Fatah

Houthi militia continues assassinations, arrest, bombing houses, says FM

Houthi militias strike villages of Beidha

Houthis incur 39 civilian casualties in Taiz in November, HRITC reports

President arrives Riyadh

Yemen's relations with WTO discussed

Deputy Minister of Planning signs agreements with NGOs

President Haid: Peoples' suffering won't prolong , freedom dawn imminent

KSrelief, WHO & UNICEF discuss Yemen health and childhood

Prime Minister discusses national integration with southern leaders

PM emphasizes interparty unity in the face of Houthi armed rebellion

Yemen participates in Arab Radio General Association's meetings in Tunisia

President Hadi: American decision about Al-Quds flagrant violation of International resolutions

Prime Minister discusses with Chinese Ambassador developments in Sana

VP, PM discuss re-normalization of life in govt-held territories

Addoays briefs Lebanese official on Houthi atrocities in north Yemen

Hadhramout panel to study climate change

Govt. seeks to work out economic recovery programs, says Al-Maitami

Russia evacuates its embassy's staffs in Sana'a

President Hadiarrives Turkey

Yemen, US discuss latest developments

VP emphasizes importance of resuming Shura Council sessions

Sixty-five families losthouseholders in Taiz in two months: NGO

Yemenis observe Human Rights Day recounting abuses

PM receives envoy of the GCC Secretary General to Yemen

Yemen's ambassador to France explains militia's atrocities

Fatah condemns Humanitarian Coordinator's "suspicious silence" Houthis

President Hadi flies to Turkey to participate in Islamic Emergency Summit

New military batch of safeguarding personalities graduated

Yemen participates in meetings of G7+, Arab Trade Ministers

Militia has committed up to 10 violations against citizens in Mareb

Govt. Raises petition to OHCHR about militias' crimes against GPC leaders

Yemen values Germany's increasing support to € 165 million

Al-Awn, Education Office sign school maintenance deal

Marib approves reception plan for IDPs fleeing Houthi horrors in Sana'a

Houthi militia kills dozens and detonates their houses, say Tihamasources

Presidency of Republic mourns Yemen's great singer, Abu-Baker Salim

Abu Baker Salim, Icon of Yemen's music and singing dies

Measures of providing cash to Mukalla Bank discussed

Minister of Information advises GPC leaders and members to realize challenges facing the party

Rasd Coalition: Yemeni people suffer increasing violations by Houthis

Investigation Commission documents over 900 abusesin 3 months

Wethaq foundation raises awareness of child soldiers' parents

Al-Mikhlafi: Peace path is better, our hands remain extended for

Yemen: Establishing a Palestinian state with Quds capital, solution to all regional problems

KSRelief Center distributes 1500 food baskets in Marib

President Hadi discusses with Saudi officials outlines of reconstruction in liberated provinces

VP. arrives Bahrain for participation in Regional Security Summit

FM heads Yemen's delegation to meeting of Arab Peace Initiative Committee

VP points to risks Yemen is going through as Houthis control Sana'a

Tihama Resistance leader briefs President Hadi on locals alignment with the troops

Bahraini FM says Houthis withdrew from all agreed upon agreements

Bin-Daghr directs good treatment with displaced people from Northern provinces

Yemen holds Houthis responsible on evacuating UN workers

FM discusses issue of Yemeni detainees in Iraq with Al-Jaafari

Yemen contributes to discussions on US decision about Al-Quds

FM meets with the Indian Minister for Foreign Relations

Yemen calls transfer's sponsorsto denounceHouthi militia's escalation

VP.arrives Bahrain for participation in Regional Security Summit

Al-Ashabi discusses Yemen's situation in Pakistan

King Salman Center provides more aid to Yemen

Houthis' crimes reviewed in South Africa

Yemen, Mauritania discuss Houthi violations in Sana'a

Sana'a residents viciously harassed, under house-arrest, says minister

Government tackles developments in Sana'a, US decision on Quds

VP meets with US ambassador to our country

Bin-Dagher urges governors of liberated provinces to receive GPC displaced senior figures and members

FM requires international condemnation of Houthi militia

FM discusses situations in Yemen with Swedish ambassador

President Hadi receives an invitation from his Turkish counterpart to attend Islamic emergency summit

Yemen condemns Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital

President praises British stance in support of Legal leadership in Yemen

Hadicalls Guterres to implement UN resolutions under Chapter VII

Arab Ambassadors, military attachés discuss developments in Yemen

President Hadi follows combat operations in front-line battles

Yemen participates in Islamic Conference's sixth round of health ministers

War was not choice of Yemeni government, FM tells British MP Vaz

PM applauds advancements made by troop

Fatah calls UN organizations for more aid in Sana'a and Hajja

President Hadi receives US ambassador to our country

President values Russian support to Yemen in different forums

Info.Minister condemns rebels for seizing journalists

PM: We hold Imamate militia responsible for the abductees of the GPC' members

Minister of Planning discusses WB projects in Yemen

VP mourns GPC martyrs

Mareb expects new displacement wave

Jordan expresses sorrow over escalation that led to Saleh killing

IFJ condemns Yemen rebels for holding TV journalists hostages

FM demnds int'l community to take serious stance against coupists

rrangements for holding meeting by Liaise Group about Yemen discussed

Time to realize that Houthis militia is a terrorist organization, says AL spokesman

In meeting with UK MP, Hadi reminds of his warning of Iran's interferences

Saudi Arabia hopes Sana'a uprising to contributes toward saving Yemen from terrorist militias.

Yemen supports Palestinian peoples' rights, say Al-Aqbari

President Hadi praises Chinese support for Yemen in international platforms

Reconstruction Committee in Taiz to be formed

President calls on public to revolt against Houthi rebels

OIC reaffirms support to Yemen's legality, solutions on three references

PM: Federal State of six provinces will address everybody's concerns

Marib oil, gas Committee approves measures to keep supply stable

Legality calls relief organizations to provide food aid to Sana'a

VP meets with Chief of Staff

FM, UN envoy discuss developments in Yemen

President, UN envoy discuss latest developments in Yemen, peace efforts

President Hadi meets with Russian Federation ambassador to our country

Yemeni-Egyptian cooperation about immigrants discussed

Food shipment arrives in Al-Maharah province

UAE denies Houthi claim of firing missile toward its airspace

VP: The State aligns with everybody stands against Al-Houthi

Medical missionary conducts 150 vision reclaims in Sana'a

Yemeni cooperation with ICO discussed

GPC Pro-Legality leadership calls for participation in anti-militias popular uprising

Socotra Governor launches marine patrols, first police batch

Presidential statement: Everyone countering Houthi terror guerilla will be supported

King Salman provides more aid to Yemen

VP meets with Chef of Staff and Command of Arab Coalition Forces in Marib

China provides $2 million in aid to support Yemeni people

PM inaugurates Ba-Sohaib Hospital

Coalition: GPC's move and alignment with Yemeni people will save Yemen from militias

VP calls for anti-Houthi alliance

Fatah says operating Mahra airport an enforce of decentralization

President and VP congratulate UAE leadership on National Day

Arab Coalition readies Ghaydha Airport for relief aid reception

VP arrives in Marib, discusses military developments with Chief of Staff

Russia ready to provide scholarships for Yemeni students facing hardship

Mujalli: Rebel militias resort to kidnapping children, send them to warfronts

Fatah repudiates UN reports on Yemen's seaports capacities

Ambassador Bahabib emphasizes the depth of Yemeni-Saudi relations

Putschist militias seek to serve Iranian regional agenda, says Al-Mikhlafi

Urgent relief aid arrives to Marib from Kuwait

UNDP Director gains first hand look at Civil Service Ministry

Militias can't see in Yemen but their swollen bellies, they offered Yemen as scapegoat for their masters in Iran, says president Hadi

PM: Chairs meeting of security and military committee

Abyan Governor inspects maintenance work of executive offices

MoPIC signs cooperation agreement with CARE

Court holds second session in trial of terror suspects

Al-AQwa'a: Yemen's electricity sector will grow significantly

Nine diphtheria infections recorded in Taiz, says Dep. Governor

Preparations for anti-Diphtheria vaccination campaign in progress

Arms smuggling to militias threatens int'l shipping, says Minister

Criminal acts won't deter govt from cracking down on assailants, says bin-Daghr

VP discusses Sino-Yemen cooperation with Chinese ambassador

Memo of Understanding between Petromasila and General Electric

Yemen's champion of the earth will make a difference at a home

KSRelief Center carries out 162 projects in Yemen totaling $715 millions

PM inaugurates complex of Ministries of Education and Interior in Aden

Yemen participates in Chemical Weapons Conference

While govt extends hands for peace, rebels stick to the choice of violence

Citizens in rebels-held areas pretty much like hostages, says Info minister

Qadah and Baqreet sworn in before President Hadi

AL welcomes any relief initiative for Yemen, says Afifi

Al Jaber says kingdom keen to save Yemen from rebels' crimes

With joint work we managed to liberate 85% of country, says PM

Ambassador calls for UNESCO protection of Yemen heritage from rebels

The Ministry will open four central gas stations in Mareb, Jawf, says official

PM directs quick preparation of Yemen's budget for 2018

Two Republican decrees

PM meets with governor of Abyan province

Yemen's economy shrank by one third, unemployment rose up to 70%, says minister of industry

Fatah condemns rebels seizure of humanitarian aid

PM chairs meeting focused on counter-terrorism plans

Al-Rabia says KSrelief worked with all professionalism in Yemen

VP informs Turkish Ambassador about rebels' intransigence

Taiz: More relief efforts urgently needed

President Hadi receives (Lt Gen) and Yemen's delegation to (IMCTC) Conference

Yemen partakes in ministerial conference on social development in Tunisia

Yemen participates in Arab Forum About Water

Oil minister convenes assessment and preview meeting

HR Minister calls UN to press for release of forcibly disappeared

PM condemns rebels' torture of forcibly disappeared to death

VP meets with KSA Crown Prince

Yemen welcomes outcomes of second plenary meeting of Syrian opposition

Consultative session on 2018 state budget

PM reviews fishery projects in government held provinces

VP says Tehran supports terrorist groups

Microenterprise owners to organize annual bazar

Yemen's Ambassador inspects student's situations in Canada

Govt committed to controlling territories, Nasher tells Dominican official

Thirty two KSrelief lorries arrive in Marib laden with humanitarian aid

Dengue control campaigns launched in Al-Maharah

Houthi-Saleh militias shell Taiz neighborhoods with Katyucha rockets

Govt denounces "poisoned lies" concerning newly printed banknotes

Legal government gives Tihama province much attention, says VP

PM orders 1 month- salary payment for armed and security servicemen

King Salman Center provides 7,000 food parcels to Yemen

PM condemns terror attack that targeted Egypt mosque

Workshop raises worker awareness on labor law

Washington welcomes re-opening Hodeida harbor, Sana'a airport

PM: Govt pays great attention to Hudramout

Yemen condemns terror assault on al-Rawda mosque

President Hadi consoles his Egyptian counterpart on the victims of terror attack on Mosque Sinia

KSA offered Yemen $8.27 billion in aid, says Arrabi'a

Minister of Industry and Trade asks UNIDO to help Yemen

KSRelief Center distributes 1500 food baskets in Marib

Yemeni-Somalis cooperation in education discussed

President Hadi personally follows Yemeni expats problem in kSA, says minister

Yemen's ambassador to Canada participates in Round-table discussion

Arab hands over letter from President Hadi to Sudanese President

ICRC provides more aid to displaced people in Mareb

Minister of Industry and Trade meets with Director of (OFID)

Spokesperson: Government sent 3500 tons of diesel for Mocha's power plant

Social Affairs Ministry evaluates performance

Yemen seeks facilitationsto citizens in Morocco

Electricity Minister, Ukrainian engineers discuss progress of plantrehab

Fatah calls for decentralization of humanitarian relief aid

Planning Minister, IDB President discuss projects in Yemen

Minister portrays historical impact of Houthi-Saleh rebellion on industrial development

PM orders urgent measures to improve basic services in Jahaf District

Coup militias turned courts into military centers, says minister

Arab Coalition ambassadors discuss humanitarian efforts for Yemen

Fath values opening branch for King Salman Center in Mareb

Arab Coalition permits ICRC air evacuation of employees from Sana'a

Cabinet of Ministers reviews a number of reports, makes decisions about

Govt fighting a defensive battle against rebels, VP tells US ambassador

Arab Coalition to reopen Sana'a and Hodeidah ports for relief aid

Specialized Criminal Court reopens, tries terror case

ERC provides 36,000 liters of diesel to dialysis centers in Shabwah

Yemen, Sudan discuss cooperation in policing and clampdown on crimes

Marib governor Praises KSR Center for its relief actions

Recruited children in Taiz, Amran rehabilitated

Governor launched King Salman Center's office in Mareb

Electricity : Consumption per day costs $million, revenues 500 millions YR per month, says minister

President Haid : We're keen on peace, we're not war-mongers

Yemen partakes in OIC's COMSEC meeting in Turkey

President Haid briefed by (Lt Gen) Mohssen on front-lines combat operations

President Hadi Receives US Ambassador

Al-Mikhlafi orders providing gas to all Yemeni people

Aviation Authority, Petro-Masila discuss cooperation

Marib hosts one million and half of IDP, says deputy governor

Hudramout: Governor praises communal initiatives

Minister of Justice flies to Cairo

Minister appeals for stopping Houthi-Saleh crimes against children

VP reviews military actions on the battlefields

ICRC to provide 600 water tanks and 1300 filters to Marib this year

VP: Marib sets good example for national unity

PM discusses work in progress in Aden

Yemen, Jordon discuss community conditions

Yemen, Saudi Arabia discuss education cooperation

Improving services in Aden discussed

Justice Ministry affords all courts' and judges'requirements

Six Shabwa districts educated about the danger of UXOs

Cabinet says ending Taiz siege a priority

Sixty health works begin course on quick response to cholera

Miftah pleas to World Conscience stop Houthi violations against children

Anti-cholera response campaign launched in Hadhramout

President is back in Riyadh coming from US

Yemen signs cooperation pacts with three European organizations

Al-Mekhlafi, al-Juebeir discuss political developments in Yemen

VP : Houthis are Iran's claws in Yemen and Arab Peninsula

FM: Iranian regime pushed too far in annihilating Yemenis through proxy

Abu-Alghait: Iran interferences destabilized Yemen

Hudramout launches Development Data Base System Project

Arab Coalition acting in accordance with humanitarian law, says JIAT

Up to 88 injured people leave Aden for treatment in India

Prime Minister, commanders discuss building military, tightening security

Houthi-Saleh militias bombard school , civilian houses

Mareb Governor, companies discuss increasing oil, gas production

PM: Projects need to be carried out quickly to improve services

PM: We need to gain military victory and retake Sana'a.

ERC signs agreement to implement water project in Shabwa

VP says government committed to the wellbeing torture victims

Governor affirms commitment to developing Socotra seaport

President Hadi sends cable of facilitation to Sultan Qabos

President Hadi congratulates Moroccan Monarch on Independence Day

HRITC: 12 citizens killed, 26 injured in Taiz on October

VP: Legal leadership determined to retake authority, control

Al-Rabi'ah: Yemen's government-held outlets opened before aid

Fath partakes in meeting on Yemen's peace in Italy

Yemen, WFP discuss relief projects

Yemen's ambassador hands over credentials to Portuguese President

Saudi FM:Efforts on Yemen's solution are based on three references

Production drive shall never stop, says PM

PM: We need to gain military victory and retake Sana'a.

Abyan Governor highlights activating cleaning fund

Two ships, on board 17 thousand tons of metal, wood dockedat Aden Port

PM affirms Interior Ministry's sovereignty in keeping law and order

PM chairs meeting of Aden local authority

Terrorist extremism and ideology of Iran rejected, says Hadi

Yemen needs its int'l friends and Congress support more than ever, says bin Mubarak

Efforts need to be redoubled to save national economy, says VP

HR Ministry condemns Houthi-Saleh rebels' torture of detainees

ERC provides 36,000 liters of diesel for Shabwah power generation

VP applauds Assabaiha tribesmen's sacrifices

Al-Iryani: International community turns blind-eye on militias' atrocities

Houthi-Saleh militias shell Harib Marib houses injuring civilians

Taiz Committee discusses tightening security

Sana'a Mayor briefs VP on Houthi abuses in the capital

Al-Yamani hails US measures for facing Iranian threat in Yemen, region

Hadi says climate change impactsincreasing including in Yemen

VP urges troops to keep on training

Bin-Dagher chairs meeting about counter-terrorism

Yemen: UN Coordinator's statements on fuel exhaustion, baseless

Al-Wahashi dies under militias' vicious torture

Yemeni-Hungarian cooperation discussed

Saudi Arabia announces numbers for tipoff on 40 Houthi terrorists

Al-Bahsani inaugurates Hadhramout University's Colleges Compound

VP : Saudi-led Coalition foils Iran-backed coup

Cabinet say allocates YR 2 billion of Taiz reconstruction

Cabinet say all Yemenis are determined to end terrorists and rebels

3 people killed, 18 injured in terrorist attack in Aden

President Hadi flies to Germany to attend COP 23 Climate Summit

PM returns to Aden, promising better yet to come

Joint security plan debated in Aden

Yemen, Russia discuss Houthi-Saleh's escalation in the region

VP: Military Judiciary , Prosecutions need to be activated

Fatah hails SKA statement about re-open airports and seaports

Yemen political parties throw full weight behind Hadi and government

Hadi lauds political stakeholders' united stance to topple coup

Al-Mikhlaf sees off Portuguese ambassador

President urges on benefiting from Saudi support for boosting currency

VP inspects situations of Shabwah, training camps in Mareb

Supreme Judiciary Council discusses reshuffling of court president in Taiz

CBY Manager: Saudi deposit a good omen for resolving currency crisis

Commanders report to VP about military developments

Presidential decree to set-up Coordination and Follow-up Committee

PM orders paying salaries of displaced employees

Vaccination teams to be send to Socotra's remote islands

VP: Accolades commanders of Coalition Forces

Al-Iryan: Yemeni territories won't be launching-pad to fire missiles on neighboring countries

Yemen condemns bombing of oil pipelines in Bahrain

Joint defense and security plan endorsed

Houthis detonate a house with people in it in Dhamar

Yemen calls UN organization for decentralizing relief activities

President: Saudi Arabia will support Yemen's bank with USD 2 billion

Hadi praises national team's performance in AFC U-19 Championship

Al-Doaystells AounYemen refusesinterferences by Lebanese parties

Iran to setback any political settlement, says Dep. HR Minister

Houthi coup bred misery and destruction to all Yemenis, says VP

Govtpreparing giant telecom project in Aden, spokesman says

Fatah calls on UN orgs to deliver relief aid through govt-held ports

UK Minister says UN investigation into Iran missile supply to Houthis essential

Shaybani calls for technical assistance to Human Rights Ministry

Houthi-Saleh missile directed at Riyadh violation of int'l law, says OIC

Fateh: Condemns enforced displacement in Taiz

Abyan Governor inspects terrorist-cleansed al-Mahfad

Hotuhi violations rank to crimes against humanity, says al-Iryani

Houthi-Saleh militias forcefully evacuate 60 families western Taiz

FM receives phone call from his Ukrainian counterpart

Germany raises aid to Yemen to € 125 million

Retaking Al-Baidh province a priority, VP asserts

Fierce fighting in Nehm Front,17 militiamen killed

Yemen, GCC discuss distribution of relief aid next month

Culture Minister, UNESCO Director discuss anti-smuggling cooperation

Commander of Third Military Region updates VP on developments

Lahj military, security on high alert

Training course on press story in international media concluded

Houthi-Saleh militias' child abductees rise to 20 in Shabwa

Culture Minister participates in Kingdom antique forum

Yemen, Lebanon discuss higher education cooperation

Saudi spearheading of anti-rebelsCoalition will remain appreciated, says Hadi

VP reviews demining plans

Houthi militias ravage Yemeni cultural heritage, says Al-Iryani

Minister inspects girls' school after terrorist attack

Hadhramout Free of Cholera Epidemic campaign launched

Presidency refutes Saudi restrictions on President, Ministers

Yemen, US discuss rebels' recent escalation

Yemen studies means of anti-terror cooperation with abroad

Security officials set up investigation panel into Aden terror attack

Battle will continue as long as Houthi militias refuse peace, says PM

General prosecution oversees law-enforcement authorities' action

Hadi emphasizes on integrated efforts to maintain Mahra stability

Agri. Minister discusses FAO projects with Regional Representative

Media institutions' performance discussed

Yemen's supreme Judge: Islamic Shari'a prohibits suicide, terrorist attacks

Aden's University holds session on academic evaluation

PM appreciates Egypt's support to Yemen

Omani projects in Mahra discussed

President Hadi condoles King Salman

Houthi-Saleh militias shell houses in Beidha

Hadi condoles US counterpart over Texas shooting

KSA announces millions of dollars bounty for 40 wanted terrorists

Arab Coalition says debris of intercepted missile confirms Iran's involvement

Inter. Ministry: 18 martyrs, 35 wounded the losses of Aden's terrorist attack

Security forces besiege terrorists in Criminal Investigation Department

Hadi denounces Houthi-Saleh militias' targeting of KSA civilian regions

Chief of Staff: Troops hunt rabbles eastern Sana'a

Arab Coalition committed to int'l humanitarian law, spokesman says

19 militiamen killed in Taiz front-line battles

Arab Coalition provides 4 gunboats to Coast Guards

King Salman Center provides food to Sana'a's Nihm

Yemen, China discuss investment opportunities

VP briefed on military committee's services for wounded warriors

Hadi discusses Sino-Yemen cooperation with Chinese ambassador

President Hadi highlights Russian role in Yemen's peace

Human Rights Ministry condemns killing children in Taiz

Yemeni-Lebanese education cooperation protocol renewed

Hadi follows-up front-lines battles

WB approves $150 million project in Yemen

GPC's hierarchy to be re-organized, Bin-Daher says

The coup had large scale humanitarian impact, Marib governor tells journalists

Saudi Arabia: UN support to the militia unjustified, unacceptable

Shabwah airport destroyed by Houthi-Saleh militias

UN must move to protect Yemen's children, Fatah says

NDC's outcomes in a workshop in Shabwa

Wethaq Foundation condemns Houthi fresh killing of Taiz children

VP hails Beidha people's heroic battles against terrorists

Eight children killed in fresh Houthi-Saleh shelling in Taiz

Yemen's government encourages child activists

Yemeni Turkish economic cooperation discussed

Vice President briefed on security situations in Al-Jawf

Yemeni-Malaysian marriage contracts documentation discussed

Yemen journalists emphasizeaccountability for rights violators

HR Minister discusses cooperation in UNHRC resolution implementation

Culture Minister lauds Egypt support to Yemeni Govt

Justice Minister: All courts in liberated provinces work normally

Oil minister informs OMV on preparations for its return to Yemen

Yemen criticizes UN for depending on CSOs for information

Yemen Govt condemns Manhattan terrorist attack

Yemen, UK discuss military cooperation

UN delegation inspects human rights in Yemen

Amy shoots down Houthi surveillance drone

Dep. Premier gives President full account on Taiz re-normalizaton

Hadi stresses imperative ofministries' contribution to life normalization

Arrangements for international investigators visit discussed

OHCHR inspects situation of human rights in Yemen

Aden's local authority, WHO coordinate for combating epidemics

Yemen, GCC discuss UN efforts of reviving political process

President Hadi receives US ambassador

FM welcomes humanitarian mission's inspection of projects in Yemen

PM: Chairs a meeting about students abroad

Al-Beidha resistance fighters bring down a Houthi drone

FM lauds IOM for increasing Yemen activity budget to $100 mln

Foreign ministry denounces militias' attack on Sudanese embassy

Ghandour: Sudan committed to contribute to restore legality in Yemen

FM: The Coalition foiled coup's plots of trinity

Rebel militias caused death of 11,746 people, says HR minister

UAE Foreign Minister confirms support to restore legality in Yemen

Al-Mikhalfi: Ending coup, resuming political process can end humanitarian crisis

PM: Government changed Aden's situation for better

Public Prosecutor says tribunals will be set up on abuse allegations

Yemen's stability a vital affair for Arab countries, says Bahraini FM

Fatah: Conscience of international community faces real test ahead

Foreign Ministers, Chiefs of Staffs of Arab Coalition stand with Yemen's legitimacy, security, unity

Kuwait renews support to Yemen's unity, legality

Yemen, China sign debt-forgiveness agreement

Turkey's aid distributed in Socotra

Saudi Arabia reaffirms support, reconstructions in Yemen

Six militiamen killed in Taiz

Egypt says Yemen solution not possible if hinderer not held to account

Campaign against infant polio launches in Hadhramout

Arab Coalition Foreign Ministers and chiefs of staff discuss coordination

Yemen condemns Mogadishu terror bombings

Military affiliates in Taiz got salaries

Yemen partakes in a conference for Arab Coalition

UAE Red Crescent provides food aid to Hadhramout

Yemen, FAO discuss agricultural projects

Yemen demands more facilitation to citizens from Egypt

Dep. Health Minister says 3.711 million U-15 children vaccinated

Ambassador discuss cooperation between Saba andPrensa Latina

Fish deaths increase in Socotra beaches

President chairs meeting include his advisors and PM

VP emphasizes on efforts to fulfill people's demands in al-Jawf

Yemen, European Institute discuss realizing peace

Rebel rewritten textbooks will raise a generation full of hatred, minister says

PM calls stakeholders to join together for federal state

Yemen, China discuss sport cooperation

People of limited income in Hadhramout get houses

PM directs to allocate YR 400 mln for an Ahwar wave breaker

Operating Egyptian power plant in Hadhramout discussed

UN officials inspect humanitarian situation in Lahj

Fatah appreciates KSrelief's role in sustaining relief efforts in Yemen

Yemen participates in Jakarta conference on global health security

EU allocates €150 million for Yemen

Bin-Dagher meets with UN Official for Humanitarian and Relief Affairs

Republic Decrees about establishing Syuon University and Syoun Hospital Administration

FM calls on int'l community to look at Yemen with two eyes

Saudi Authorities allow Yemenis in via al-Wadi'a outlet

Deputy Minister of PIC meets with INGOs

Yemen seeks Italian support for realizing peace

Al-Bahsani opens projects

PM: Proceeding toward defeating the coup d'état

Turkish Red Crescent initiate aid mission in Aden

PM lunches national campaign against Polio

Fatah hails GCC Aid Coordination Office's role

Yemen participates in Tunisian-Arab Tourism Investment Forum

Prime Minister launches anti- polio national campaign

KSrelief launches food distribution project in Taiz

Plans for resuming oil export discussed

Yemen signs MOU for Promotion of SMEs

Yemen condemns Egypt terror attack

Foreign Minister discuses with US Acting Assistant Secretary bilateral ties

Yemen's cabinet discusses political, military, service situations

Govt goal is peace that guarantees security of Yemenis, VP tells OuldCheikh

VP speaks highly of GCC support to the state and people of Yemen

President Hadi receives ِِِِِِِUS Acting Assistant Secretary of State.

Saleh-Houthi militias' arrests of civilians in Hodeida 2304 recorded cases

President Hadi receives UN Envoy

Yemen, UN activate peace efforts

Lahj security authorities seize explosives in a farm

Lahj security authorities seize explosives in a farm

Jubari discusses situations of civil service, insurances, pensions in Aden

PM: Taiz needs to be dealt with as a liberated area.

Bin-Dagher explores measures to maintain Rial's value

Yemen, IOM agree on provision institutional support

Militia support reveals how much misled and biased the UN is, al-Eryani says

New US strategy on Iran exposes Iranian intervention, Bin-Mubarak says

Mustafa hands over credentials to Luxemburg Duke as Yemen's ambassador

Yemen endorses Safe Schools Declaration

Al-Yamani reflects govt's emphasis against child soldier recruitment

Water Minister inaugurates GARWSP office in Aden

Five civilians killed by militia-planted landmine

Yemen denounces Quetta blast

Al-Shadadi appreciates Kuwait's support

General Al-Maqdashi praises Bahrain's troops

Taiz yearning for federal state based on justice, says Dep. Premier

Houthi landmine kills five citizens, injures others in Baidha

China pardons Yemen of ¥ 700 million of debt

Gardening project in Marib

PM: Citizens need to help controlling chaos and coup

Hadhramout governor, CBY address cash availability

KSrelief launches anti-dengue fever drive in Sayoon

FM, Doctors without Borders discuss facing humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Kuwait provides 4000 food baskets to Amran

President highlights marine forces, defense

Yemen participates in Social Development Committee's 11th Round

Prime Minister directs allocating funds for treating injured Taizis

JICA finances training of GARWSP personnel

Minister of Endowments calls for renouncing hatred, extremism

President Hadi condoles UAE leadership on martyrdom of two pilots

Yemen, WB discuss establishing donors' fund

Interior Minister discusses humanitarian coordination with KSrelief

Dep. premier inaugurates re-issuance of passports in Taiz

Ministers discuss contribution to qualification of Yemeni universities

International Integration Organization to operate from Aden

FM receives new ambassadors of Norway, Denmark to Yemen

Future of children in militia-controlled areas in great danger, minister says

Yemen participates in Economic Cooperation Forum in Tajikistan

Yemen participates in BIDEC 2017

Vice President inspects conditions in Shabwah

Yemen praises New Zealand's clear position on support

MP calls for pressing Saleh-Houthis into implementing UN resolutions

FM: Arab Project will beat the Persian in Yemen

More than 4000 households benefit from international relief in Aden

Ass'aadi emphasizes on Yemen reconstruction

Aden University, Ports Corporation sign scientific agreement

Yemen ambassador, KUNA chairman discuss media cooperation

Turbine installation for Petromasilaelectrogas plant 80% complete

Gov't went for peace, certain that coupers not seeking it, Hadi tells UK official

IINA adopts a reference for news on Yemen

Allexternal finance goes for relief, Fatah says

Vice President attends 14th of October Revolution ceremony in Mareb

Mothers protest torture of children in Saleh-Houthi jails

Indonesian MP confirms her country's support to Yemen gov't

VP arrives in Marib to follow up on 14th October celebrations

Yemen Celebrates the 54th Anniversary of October Revolution

Yemen welcomes new US approach toward Iran

Yemen condemns terror attack on Egyptian security checkpoint

If it weren't for Iranian conspiracy, Yemen would be stable, says Hadi

Al-Shadadi reviews Yemen's situation toInter- Parliament Union

King Salman Center provides Aden Airport with Golf Carts

Army to continue defending the nation's sovereignty, Chief of Staff says

Activists rally against militias' violations against children

PM directs gov't provide urgentsupport to Taiz

Premier chairs meeting for Aden Security Committee

Minister of Planning, WB Vice President discuss donations to Yemen

Indonesian Exportersinterested to work with Yemeni businessmen

Prime Minister inspects Aden Refinery Company

Prime Minister launches Tugboat system at Aden Port

President directs government to fund Taiz overhead budget

Yemeni women in Taiz endured all forms of suffering, CS minister says

Militias subjecting many journalists to brutal torture, Info. Minister says

President Hadi Receives UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Republican decree establishing community colleges in Lahj, Shabwa issued

Yemen, Djibouti activate joint trade committees

Health Minister discuss cooperation with Pakistani counterpart

Yemen, UK discuss humanitarian support, realizing peace

FM receives new Greece ambassador

Any settlement must be consistent with three references, FM says

Gov't re-erected pillars of collapsed state, PM says

PM says elites have to rescue Yemen from Saleh-Houthi coup

UN report on children contained misleading information, HRITC says

Yemen ambassador says militias receive big support from Iran

CEDARE to provide environment support to Yemen

Yemen values Malaysian measures regarding citizens

Yemen, ALO discuss production support

King Salman Center provides anti-Dengue fever medicines to Shabwa

Political solution should begin by implementing int'l resolutions, FM says

Government delegation condoles the father of the slaughtered family

VP appreciates Arab Coalition's military and humanitarian support

Sustainable peace not achievable if Iran does not stop interfering, Al-Yamani

Yemen, FAO discuss agricultural programs

Vice President follows up on Hadhramoutpeople's needs

Yemen calls on Humanitarian Coordinator to release Taiz aid

President Hadi discusses with his advisors military developments

President Hadi receives US Ambassador

Yemen, Hungary discuss scientific cooperation

Yemen, Djibouti discuss trade exchange

Hadicongratulates el-Sision Egypt qualification to World Cup

Jordan exempts Yemenis overstaying permit from fines

Health Minister briefs counterparts on Yemen health

Yemen partakes in Arab-Indonesian economic conference

Government delegation launches Taiz Central Bank

PM: Our conflict in Yemen has one prime cause; the coup

UN report should have been further verified, AL spokesman says

Continuing coup negatively affects humanitarian situation, says Shaybani

Agriculture offices to be improved

Premier directs paying salaries of displaced employees

Yemen partakes in WHO's session in Pakistan

Agriculture offices to be improved

PM emphasizes strict enforcement of Financial Law

PM congratulates Sudanese counterpart on lifting of US sanctions

VP says President Hadi directed gov't to fulfill all Taiz demands

HRITC denounces militias' carnage against teacher's family in Taiz

OIC expresses reservations on the UN report on Yemeni children

Al-Zayani says Arab Coalition keen on avoiding civilian harm

King Salman's center implements anti-malnutrition projects in Hodeida

UN report blacklisting Arab Coalition fed misleading material, Gov't says

Ambassador Qi: WFP implements China-funded humanitarian program

Yemen, Cuba discuss improving relations

Yemen welcomes US lift Sudanese economic embargo

King Salman Center continues rehabilitating Houthi recruited children

Yemenis will not forget Egyptian army's support

PM directs Higher Education Ministry to resolve student grievances

Fatah says Gulf aid covered most of the Yemeni provinces

KSA lays emphasis political settlement in Yemen

UAE Red Crescent distributes 3000 food baskets in Shabwa

Fath denounces Houthi militias' aggression against relief organizations

PM directs govt to finance fine arts institute

UAE allocates $2 million for UN humanitarian response in Yemen

Env. Minister participates in Environment Ministers meeting

Marib governor boasts conscription of women to police

Yemen, China discuss higher education cooperation

Kuwait food aid distributed to Nehm IDPs

Government's delegation inspects Taiz institutions

VPmeets Security Taskforce discuss work progress

Government pardons relief trucks of custom fees

Yemen, GCC discuss joining gulf institutions

Oman, Yemen boost relations

WFP'sassistance to Yemen discussed

FM directs embassy in Cairo to take care of Yemeni citizens

VP hails Saudi facilitations to Yemeni expats

Int'l silence for militia raises big question mark, info minister says

VP affirms gov't interest in completing Taiz restoration

UAE projects in Hadhramout discussed

Dep. Interior Minister inaugurates training of Policewomen in Marib

PM orders streamlining justice system

Russian Ambassador receives credentials of Yemeni Ambassador

VP hails Saudi facilitations to Yemeni expats

President: What we have warned off has become a reality in Sana'a

Info Ministry concerned over militias' practices against journalists

Yemen condemns tragic attack of Las Vegas

Government's delegation inspects damages in Taiz

VP praises role of Ibb people

FM praises Egyptian diplomatic support to Yemen

IDBallots USD 2 million as an emergency support

Prime Minister discusses activities of companies, government's institutions

First Military Zone graduates 500 soldiers

Prime Minister launches Water Corporation building in Abyan

Era of Al-Qaeda and ISIL gone forever, PM says

Int'l orgs fall short of relieving Taiz suffering, Dep. Premier says

Saleh-Houthi militias hold passengers hostages for ransom

Libya releases and repatriates Yemenis who failed to migrate to Europe

WFP confirms commitment to help Yemen

BKDC grants people of special needs societies with cars

Hadi congratulates Xi Jinping on China's National Day

SFD commences Cash for Food Program in Lahj

Yemen participates in Arab Conference on woman's rights

President returns to Riyadh

PM lays foundation stone for projects in Abyan

Era of Al-Qaeda and ISIL gone forever, PM says

Hadhramout governor launches Rosy Month

Taiz political parties renew loyalty to state headed by President Hadi

HRC'sadoption of Arab resolution victory for Yemeni diplomacy, says FM

Yemen welcomes Arab draft resolution under the Tenth Article

Netherlands drops call for int'l commission inquiry in Yemen

Jubari meets leaders of political parties in Taiz

KSrelief entertains 40 children rehabilitated from war experience

Env. Ministry participates in first meeting of Minamata conference

Government discusses health conditions, fuel in Taiz

CMV emphasizes capacity building for HR abuse investigation committee

Deputy FM meets Russian Ambassador

Minister Askar meets GCC officials in Geneva

VP stresses parliamentary and community support to state

Yemen celebrates the 55th anniversary of 26 Sep. Revolution

KSrelief educates fathers and guardians of rehabilitated child fighters

PM receives congratulations on 26th September Revolution

Peace not in coupist forces' or Iran's favour , Saudi Arriyadh daily says

Coup process has gone too far in blatancy, Hadi says

Arab Coalition intervened only 6 months after coup hadstarted, FM says

President receives congratulations from King Salman

PM congratulates German Chancellor on 4th re-election

PM says gov't resolved to crack down on al-Qaeda elements

14th October says Saleh-Houthi militias Lebanonizing society .

Yemen, Egypt discuss agricultural cooperation

Hadi: Military solution is more plausible given the militias' intransigence

Guterres expresses will to do utmost for Yemen

PM orders overdue salary paymentsin Taiz

VP congratulates national team for qualifying to AFC finals

CIAA asks Doctors without Borders to share abuse information

FM acquaintsGuéhennoabout Yemen political developments

FM highlights govt positive reaction to UN Envoy's proposals

FM highlights govt positive reaction to UN Envoy's proposals

President affirms to Omani FM his commitment to peace

Investigation Committee records 17,000 abuses across Yemen

FM highlights govt positive reaction to UN Envoy's proposals

President congratulates national team for qualifying to AFC finals

US medical team to evaluate wellbeing of rehabilitated child soldiers

Meeting in New York over Yemen humanitarian crisis

Hungary agrees to up support for Yemen

Promoting human rights ideal way to alleviate conflicts, Minister says

PM lays foundation stone for Mahrah dialysis unit

Coup undermined all expression freedom progress, info minister says

President tells world leaders Saleh-Houthi an extremist religious group

Info minister acquaints Brazilian diplomat on atrocities against journalists

Yemen congratulates KSA on their National Day

Info minister says govt offered many concessions

President acquaints UK official on Saleh-Houthi militias' atrocities

President tells UN envoy coupists are indifferent to peace concessions

Yemen is facing two forms of terrorism, FM tells UN official

PM inaugurates new projects, inspects existing ones in Mahra

President, WB discuss cooperation

Hodeidah official updates VP on militia violations

Appeal to int'l community to stop shedding blood of Yemeni journalists

Askar briefs Arab ambassadors in HRC on Yemen human rights

VP tells US ambassador Iran maintaining arms supply to Houthis

Hadi, Trump discussbilateral cooperation

PM hails victories gains against al-Qaeda in Abyan

Our war with militias for guarding great revolutions' goals, PM says

Fatah values GCC relief aid to Yemen

FM raises coup-induced suffering issue with Maldivian official

PM lays foundation stone for service projects in al-Mahrah

Info minister: 2015 was a year of journalists' bleeding

Fatah denounces WFP's direct interfacing with coupists

Saleh-Houthi snipers killed 32 children in Taiz in 2016-2017, Alyosofi says

VP, Civil Service Minister discuss salary payments

President participates in 72nd UN General Assembly opening

New Yemeni ambassador presents credentials to Queen Margrethe II

PM visits Hawf and Sarfit port of entry

We won't allow the republic or federal unity to collapse, PM says

Italy committed to offering humanitarian aid to Yemen, FM Afano

Al-Mekhlafi participates in Arab FMs coordination meeting in New York

US support needed to combat terrors incl. Saleh-Houthi terror, Pres. says

Gov't reacted positively to peace efforts, FM says

Minister of Planning meets UN's Undersecretary General

Gov't reacted positively to peace efforts, FM says

Minister of Planning meets UN's Undersecretary General

Four children killed in new massacre in Taiz

VP presents Yemen's endurance under the militias to UK ambassador

President participates in UN overhaul meeting

President meets CEDO of GE Power

VP directs gov't to look after families of killed and abducted journalists

Each province to keep 20% of their revenues for themselves, PM says

Poverty rate above 85% as a result of the militias' war, activist says

VP: Will work to implement ND outcomes which give equity to women

Fatah says WFP will target 19 provinces with 6,000 tons food

Militias face govt efforts for peace with massacres, Yemeni diplomat says

No end to displacement without lasting peace, HR activist says

Info. Minister visits Yemen's permanent mission in Geneva

Development wheel has begun rolling, PM says

State comeback opens space for civil and political activity, VP says

VP follows up on public works, roads in Marib

Donor Coordination Group for Yemen to convene in New York

Saleh-Houthi snipers kill three civilians in Taiz

President heads for NY to for UN General Assembly session

PM lays foundation stone for rehab of Hadhramout highway

Relief Committee calls on Humanitarian Coordinator to acton Taiz

PM: War crimes against Taiz civilians won't be barred by lapse of time

Fact finding team assigned to handle Friday's attack in Taiz

VP discusses latest developments with Chief of Staff

Gov't reacted positively to peace efforts, coupists spurned them, FM says

Protesters rally in Geneva over Saleh-Houthi crimes against civilians

Gov't fighting two organizations both seeking chaos, PM says

VP condoles relatives of children killed by Saleh-Houthisin Taiz

PM: We need to rebuild the state the Saleh-Houthi destroyed

Yemen appeals to int'l community to act as new civilian massacre unfolds

Four children killed, 8 injured in Saleh-Houthi shelling on Taiz

Al-Adoofi: Those calling for int'l enquiry want war to continue

Yemen condemns terror attack on Parsons Green

VP comforts persons tortured to disability in Saleh-Houthi prisons

Yemen, UNICEF discuss setting up vaccinations, drugs stocks in Aden

PM calls for collaboration between provinces of Hadhramout region

HR Minister briefs Dutch FM on Yemen's humanitarian misery

FM discusses Yemeni-Chinese relations with the Chinese ambassador

VP emphasizes tribes' role in toppling the coup d'état

VP discusses national issues with PM

New Shura members sworn in before President

Bin Mubarak, US congressman discuss bilateral relations

President condoles Saudi leadersand family of martyred Saudi pilot

Arab Coalition command: Saudi aircraft crashes due to technical fault

President Hadi receives credentials of four diplomats

Indian FM thanks Yemen for securing release of Indian priest

YJS records 130 violations of press freedom in first half of 2017

Humanitarian situation worsening because of coupists acts, FM tells US diplomat

HR coalitioncalls for obliging militiasto implement UNHRC resolutions

Prime Minister launches MukallaCenteral Bank branch

President receives EC humanitarian assistances aid

HR Minister: What is happening in Yemen is full-blown coup d'état

Info. Minister, Chinese Ambassador sign media exchange deal

President receives Turkish Ambassador

Yemeni CSOs are surprised over the High Commissioner's position

Yemen participates in maternal, childmeeting

JIAT releases report on Yemen Arab Coalition strikes

PM hails Hadhramis' for purging their province of terrorists

VP lays foundation stone for Marib-Abr highway

Abu Elgheit: Yemen situations expose coupists' selfish orientations

VP: Breaking covenants a habitual characteristic of the Houthis

FM calls on int'l community to press the militias into peace

Arab FMs Council renews support for Yemengovt

VP stresses institutional building of Defense Ministry

Arab-Japanese Cooperation Forum affirms its support to Yemen

IFJ calls for freeing journalist in Saleh-Houthi militias' detention

Saleh-Houthi militias shell Al-Zaher damaging houses

Minister of Culture, GAA discuss re-importing of smuggled relics

Saudi Arabia to grantresidency to Yemeni holders of Visitor IDs

VP emphasizes completion of army building

VP visits warfronts in Sana'a and Marib

PM: Govt encourages voluntary return of Somali refugees

PM: UN should identify the party impeding humanitarian aid access

Yemen humanitarian situation requires exceptional efforts: Ba-Salamah

VP: the federal state of six regions is the wayout for Yemenis

Shabwa police arrest terror cellplotting assassinations

KSreliefreintegrates 40 minor rebel fighters in school

Vice President meets Ibb military leaders

PM issues directives for rehabilitationprojects in war-afflicted Lahj

PM emphasizes partnership between public and private sectors

HR Minister arrives in Geneva to participate in UNHRC session

Peace depends on militias' abidance by references, Arab League says

Saleh-Houthi militias killed 68 civilians in August, HRITC reports

Vice President hails the role of Abyan dignitaries

Presidential source dismisses news of Seaport and Islands leasedeal

Fatah calls on UNICEF to expose militias' relief aid abuse

YR 55 million Zakat revenues from valley and desert Hadhramout

Yemen government thanks Japan for humanitarian aid

Prime Minister launches power plant in Lahj

Foreign Ministry warns againstputschistsdisposal ofstate properties

Saleh-Houthi missile injures two children in Sharar village in Lahj

VP hails the vigilance of Fist Military Region members

Chief of Staff: We are facing a transborder militia

Yemen MPs raise humanitarian issues with IPU President

Yemen to participate in Islamic Summit for Science and Technology

Deputy FM raises Yemen issues with Kazakhstani official

Saleh-Houthi militias assault an elderly man to death

Aden University, Health Ministry sign scientific agreement

President directs Public Prosecutor to resolve human rights allegations

Int'l community should bear responsibility toward Taiz civilians: Fatah

President Hadi authorizes higher education minister for Astana conference

PM, deputy governor discuss Aden reconstructions

President Hadi receives Chinese Ambassador

Governor condemns militias' breaking into ministers' houses

Yemen condemns killing and displacement of Rohingyas

HRITC: Coup militias overrun village, displace residents

PM congratulates Saudi Crown Princeon successful pilgrimage

VP praises performance of national football team

Coup militiasbreak into Information Minister's house in Sana'a

Chief of Staff: Arab Coalition a turning-point in Arab joint actions

PM:Yemenis will not accept to be ruled by militias

President congratulates Brazilian counterpart on Independence Day

Yemeni orgs want retaining of HR Abuse Investigation Committee retained

Marib issues more than 23,886 passports in nine months

PM receives Arab Coalition commanders

PM and experts discuss sustainable oil product supply

CSOs call UNHRC to maintain support for HR abuse investigators

President appoints new advisor to Armed Forces Commander

Government says al-Qerbi lost his compass as a politician

PM visits a number of beaches and parks in Aden

PM hails successful Hajj of this year

PM hails security personnel's' performance

PM receives commander of the Saudi forces in Aden

PM meets civil and military leaders in Aden

VP attends King Salman's annual reception of dignitaries

FM receives Eid wishes from his US counterpart

President exchanges Eid wishes with more Muslim world leaders

Yemen condemns West Algeria's terror attack

Atiya: No accidents reported this Hajj season among pilgrims

President congratulates Algerian President on Eid al-Adhaha

PM visits HQs of Saudi and Emirati forces

Yemen calls for UN interventionto free militia-detained journalists

PM launches citizens e-complaint portal

Int'l silence emboldens Saleh Houthis to kill more children: Fatah

Pilgrims arrive in Mina to spend day of Tarwiya

Ambassador acquaints OFID Director General on Yemen reconstruction

Taiz Security Committee discusses crackdown on assassins

FM and Egyptian Higher Education Minister discuss cooperation

Torrential rains kill 18 persons in Taiz

YR 5.5 million compensations to families of Maajalah strike victims

Yemen says looking forward to more coordination with ESCWA

VP briefs US Ambassador on efforts to counter coup and terrorism

Yemen Ambassador calls on China to invest in Yemen

Investigation Committee reports over 17,000 HR violation claims

Minister of Interior, US ambassador discuss fighting terrorism

Supreme Court chief: Courts are sorting and scheduling all cases

YCMHRV denounces Houthi shelling of neighborhoods in Taiz

President praises US help in addressing coup & terrorism challenges

Gov't deplores int'l community's silence for militia atrocities in Taiz

Yemen's Human rights condemns UN silence on Taiz carnages

President Hadi receives Russian Ambassador

Four civilianskilled in rocket attack in western Taiz

NGOs sign $18.877 mln study project on Hadhramout health sector

Minister of Human Rights praises King Faysal's Center

Water Minister, CSOs discuss emergency relief interventions

Yemeni official, DRC discuss interventions in Lahj

Civil Service Ministry: Al-Adheha Festivity holiday begins Thursday

Water Ministry's new building inaugurated in Aden

President congratulates Kenyan counterpart on is reelection

WB allocates $200 million for cholera fighting and sanitation in Yemen

President holds meeting with advisors

Transports Minister participates in aviation security conference in Egypt

Arab Coalition: Targeting houses in FajjAttan an involuntary accident

Minister discusses human rights violationswith investigation committee

VP meets governors of al-Bayda, Mahweet

Yemen, Cuba discuss bilateral relations

Fuel to be provided to prevent power cuts: Cabinet official

VP follows up on pilgrims' safety in a phone call

VP emphasizes Social Affairs Ministry's resumption of duties

Al-Arradah acquaints Mauritanian minister on Yemen developments

Fatah discusses humanitarian situation developments with UN official

Minister of Education praises UAE support

Arab League ESC lifts Yemen from high risk countries

Maysari presents credentials as Yemen representative to UNWTO

Yemen requests Arab health ministers to urgently meet

Twenty five journalists trained in conflict sensitive journalism

Decree appointsmembers of Supreme Judiciary Council issued

New Attorney-General appointed by presidential decree

Presidential decree restructurescommittee investigating HR alleged abuses

Yemen Ambassador meets students in Russia

Yemen, OCHA discuss arrangements for the UN emergency response plan

PM affirms govt's commitment to retake Sana'a back from militias

Distribution of Turkish assistances discussed in Shabwah

Training program for several health activists in Shabwah

Yemen Ambassador to Cambodia presents credentials

Human rights are facing real test in Yemen, official says

Anti-cholera campaigners visit over 44000 houses in Hadhramout

Saudi ambassador affirms support to UN peace efforts in Yemen

Saleh-Houthi militias dealt disastrous blow to education: report

Houthi-Saleh coup caused deterioration of situation in Yemen, official affirms

Yemen renews peace choice commitment

Premier Al Khalifa welcomes Yemeni-Bahraini talks

PM: Government to continue working toward stability restoration

President phone calls Endowments Minister on pilgrims' safety

PM concludes successful visit to Bahrain

Public prosecutor investigators discuss HR abuse complaints

Abyan relief, humanitarian projects discussed

Governor: We will not allow councils, components out of State in Baidha

Bahrain King receives Yemen's bin-Daghr

Vice President: Houthisare one of Iran'stools

Customs authority, WFP discuss aid facilitations

Yemen, Bahrain hold official talks in Manama

Shabwah dep. governor hails water quality inspection project

Yemeni-Kuwaiti authority's relief activities discussed

VP meets governors of Marib and Taiz

Turkish relief aid distributed in Shabwah

Premier arrives in Bahrain

Minister of Fisheries: More than 500 boats granted to fishermen

Anti-cholera awareness campaign launched in Hadhramout

Wounded Yemenis arrive in India for treatment

Miftah launches anti-cholera campaign

Houthi militias bomb citizen's house, kidnap villagers

UN: Sana'a authorities hinder efforts of humanitarian partners

Yemen reiterates commitment to solution's references

Aden Governor meets UN Ambassador

Yemen denounces Barcelona crash

Fath heads to New York for peace symposium

Saudi King receives President Hadi in Morocco

Yemeni official hails remark of OCHA Coordinator

President arrives in Morocco to meet King Salman

Military Training launched across Aden's region

IRO to provide Yemen with more relief aid

Counterterrorism Brigade to be re-opened as a police academy

Activities of MSF in Yemen discussed in Netherlands

Agricultural Research Authority discusses research development

Al-Muflihi, US Ambassador discuss challenges in Aden

Yemeni-Dutch relations, cooperation discussed

Educational TV to be launched in Aden

CBY: Floating exchange rate a correction measure not new policy

Investigation Committee interviews families of detainees

Aden University and WHO discuss cooperation in health education

Investigation panel hands list of unaccounted-for to Dep. Interior Minister

ICRC collects testimonies about rebel militias' abuses

VP updated on diplomatic work

Yemen, UK discuss coordination for fighting terrorism

UNICEF meets journalists on anti-cholera campaign

PM praises Egyptian stances towards Yemen

Prime Minister,Sana'a Governor discuss services and security

Yemen, UK discuss peace efforts

Governor inspects flood canals in Abyan

President directs to take care of agriculture

Saudi Crown Prince receives pro-government MPs

FM meets Arab ambassadors toAddis Ababa

VP raises Houthis' peace undermining issue with US ambassador

President Hadi directs taking care of Sana'a injured people

HRITC: Militias killed, injured 89 people in Taiz on July

Social Affairs Minister discusses juvenile delinquent issues in Aden

Peace proposals face Saleh-Houthi intransigence, FM tells Ethiopian PM

PM, governors of Ibb, Dhamar discuss security issues

PM praises victories achieved by national army

VP briefed on efforts of situation normalization

Yemen, Ethiopia discuss cooperation, developments

SJC makes court reshuffle in Hadhramout

Yemen, UN discuss humanitarian situation

Investment, reactivating private sector in Hadhramout discussed

PM discusses Marib development with governor al-Aradah

ERC distributes food aid to cancer and kidney failure patients in Mukalla

Houthi-Saleh militias blow up house in al-Bayda

PM heads to Riyadh

VP highlights importance of unifying media message

Workshop highlights youth role in peace building and development

Al-Iryani, al-Arada discuss measures for launching Mareb TV, Radio

President condoles UAE leadership on four soldiers' death in Yemen

Yemeni-British Bloc support reciprocal lifting of blockades at home

PM, Mahrous discuss projects in Socotra

Prime Minister directs settling teacher salaries in Hadhramowt

Arab Coalition spokesman calls on UN to run Sana'a airport

Government keen to achieve peace, VP tells UN envoy

Investigation committee meets GCC diplomatic missions

President meets heads of parliamentary blocs

FM, Egyptian Ambassadors discuss bilateral relations

Preparations for Mahra Investment Conference continue

Governor directs resumption agricultural development in Hadhramout

Foreign ministry denounces militias' attack on Sudanese embassy

FM, OHCHR official review crimes committed in Yemen

Prime Minister inaugurates Military Academy in Aden

PM inspects edifice of Cabinet's general secretariat

Aden's reconstruction commenced

3000 Kuwait-funded food packs to poverty-stricken Taiz people

PM inaugurates judiciary compound in Aden

Yemen, Netherlands discuss cooperation in investigating HR abuses

Minister of Justice: Govtdevoted to restore formidability of judiciary

PM inspects Arab Coalition's base in Mocha

Socotra governor inspects fish landing center

Coup militia set up customs ports in Almalajem in central Yemen

Yemeni, Jordanian officials discuss Yemenis' residence in Jordan

FM praises Jordan's supportive position to Yemen

Legitimate government is committed to human rights principals, VP says

Social Affairs Minister calls on aid orgs to refer to her ministry

Yemen, Jordan discuss latest developments in the region

Humanitarian situation in Shabawah discussed

UAE distributes food aid in Ghayl bin Yameen of Hadhramout

Prime Minister inspects security, services in Mocha

Humanitarian projects for Yemen signed

Yemen's cabinet reviews efforts of overturning the coup

Oil Minister informs President Hadi on negotiations with ARAMCO

PM lays foundation stone for rehabilitating Basuhaib Hospital

Yemen's rights committee hands over report to President

PM: Govt allocated funds to reconstruct war-ravaged infrastructure

Prime Minister inspects public prosecution office in Abyan

PM attends military parade in Abyan

SJC approves reshuffle in Abyan courts, prosecutions

President Hadi receives Japanese ambassador on departure

ICRC signs agreements to support health and hygiene projects

Fatah calls on int'l community to press rebels into halting abuses

Human Rights Ministry denounces coup militias' attack on Mokha port

Militias used Khaled camplaunch pad for terror operations, senior general says

Mocha port targeted by bombed boat, says Arab Coalition

Government denounces re-targeting Makkah by rebels

Yemen, Morocco discuss political, military situations

FM renews Yemen condemnation of Israeli atrocities

Arab Coalition appoints successor to spokesman Assiri

PM: Gov't pays USD 60 million for oil derivatives a month

About 12,000 acute diarrhea, cholera cases recorded in Aden

President: Republican system will win no matter the sacrifices

President praises victories achieved by national army

Oil minister calls for geological authority return to function

Investment opportunities in Yemen's fisheries discussed

Women union discuss prompt response to GBV survivors

PM callsUNHCR, Intl. organizations support refugees in Yemen

PM calls for pressuring Houthi-Saleh militias to release detainees

Aden's al-Muflihi, UNHCR envoy discuss refugee issues

Yemen mission to UN holds symposium on abductees

PM directs to improve services of Bin Sina Hospital

Saudi Passports Department: Visitor IDs extended for 329,015 Yemenis

Abu Elgheit appeals to int'l community to spare Yemen a disaster

Cabinet discusses progress in regards to state restoration

New Yemen's ambassador to Russia sworn in before president

President Hadi calls for more military vigilance to uproot terror cells

Info. minister calls on Arab media to unify counter-terrorism discourse

Ambassador Shug'addin hands over credentials to Slovenian President

President chairs a meeting of senior state officials

Abyan Governor, Care discuss distribution of relief

Arab coalition firm about restoring legitimate government: Presidential office

HR official, UNICEF representative discuss child soldier recruitments

Deputy premier on an official trip to India

Taiz security committee discusses latest developments

Shabwa governor launches second term exams at oil, education colleges

Military center on dealing with mines opened in Shabwa

Yemen participates in meeting of WCO

President congratulates Argentinian counterpart on Independence Day

UAE vessel arrives in Mukalla carrying 14,000 tons of food aid

Foreign Ministry condemns assault on Sudanese Embassy

Yemen's developments discussed in Netherlands

Vice President, US Charge D'affaires discuss efforts of fighting terrorism

US Treasury Department lifted ban on govt accounts: PM

PM launches Swift system at Yemen's Central Bank

Yemen, Sudan discuss political, military developments

Yemen partakes in Arab meeting on water

Arab League and FAO discuss food and water security

Fatah and WFP discuss latter's expansion of activity

Minister of Justice inspects reconstruction of Judiciary Compound

President congratulates Bouteflika on Algeria's Independence Day

Govt rebuilding security apparatus despite setbacks: HR Ministry

Marib dep. governor launches food distribution to returning IDPs

Expert: 133 died, 20,000 suspected infected by cholera in Taiz

An official source condemns Al-Zabeedi's terror accusations

Shabwah Security Committee welcomes appointment of new governors

Abyan governor launches distribution of 10 thousand food packs

New Hadhramout governor says rights restitution tops his agenda

SJC chairman and Justice minister inspect courts in Aden

Health minister pays inspection visit to water diarrhea treatment center

Yemen cholera-related deaths reach 1500: WHO representative

Supreme Judiciary Council denounces judicial interferences

Recent resolutions a translation of the national political will: Presidential advisor

VP hails the General People's Congress party's patriotic attitudes

President congratulates Johnston on Canada Day

VP hails Marib security authority's vigilance

Cholera infection seeing a drop in 4 provinces, a rise Taiz: MPHP

Arab coalition intercepts ballistic missile over Marib

Presidential resolutions make new appointments

Dep. Health Minister says Abyan health situation assuring

Kuwaiti Fund offers emergency medicines for cholera patients

Chief of staff inspects police forces in Marib

PM declares cholera emergency in five provinces.

Abyan governor calls for contingency plan to fight cholera

Al-Maqdashi pays comfort visit to the nation's warriors

Chief of Staff visits Arab Coalition camp in Marib

Cholera fighting team continue mission throughout Eid: Health Minister

VP congratulates his Arab counterparts on Eid al-Fitr

Pres. congratulates Djibouti and Madagascan counterparts on national days

President Hadi performs Eid al-Fitr prayers in Makkah

President exchanges Eid wishes with Arab and Islamic leaders

President Hadi follows military's latest gains in Marib

President addresses the nation on the eve of Eid Al-Fitr

PM orders prompt financing of Health Ministry office in Taiz

Gov't says journalists welcome to visit Yemen and report what they see

UAE inks deal for more rehab works in Aden Int'l Airport

Endowments Minister: Targeting holy Makkah an unforgivable crime

President Hadi phone calls newly appointed Saudi crown prince

Yemen condemns would-be terror attack against Makkah

I highly value your brave rejection of savagery: President tells lawmakers

Yemen values Saudi Crown Prince's response to control cholera

Over 30 Houthi-Saleh fighters killed, wounded in Shabwah

VP briefed on Marib's developments

PM issues directives to add an extra power plant in Aden

FM congratulates new Saudi crown prince

Kuwait provides oxygen and sterilization units to Yemen healthcare centers

PM directs Health Ministry to provide cholera drugs to Taiz

PM discusses flight increase and improvement with Yemenia

President Hadi meets Sudanese counterpart

Vice president congratulates new Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman

Al-Mekhlafi meets China Friendship Association member

PM forms committee to investigate burning of Chinese consulate

Yemen, Sudan discuss enhancement of mutual relations

FM follows up case of detained Yemeni physician in Iraq

Public Health leaders discuss containing watery diarrhea and cholera

PM chairs exceptional security meeting in Aden

Yemeni-Kuwaiti Relief Agency launches critical dug supply

Civil Service Ministry: Eid al-Fitr holiday to begin on Ramadan 29

FM phones Sudanese counterpart

Chief of Staff calls for safeguarding society against alien agendas

ERC to treat 90 wounded Yemenis at their expense in India

Yemen condemns Darazah village bombing in Bahrain

Saudi Cabinet: Bombing KSrelief aid trucks a threat to humanitarian work

Yemen Ambassador meets Jordanian Speaker of Parliament

Yemen condemns terrorist bombing in London

Yemeni-Kuwaiti Relief Agency launches 2015 food pack distribution in Sana'a

Yemeni students showcase own country in "Morocco of Tales"

PM inaugurates graffiti commemorating martyred liberators of Aden

Yemen's govt welcomes UNSC presidential statement of 15 June: Official source

Preparations for controlling cholera in al-Mahrah discussed

Human Rights Ministry condemns bombing of relief trucks in Marib

Banafe'a launches 8,000 packs of food in Shabwah

UAE Red Crescent launches Eid clothes distribution in Aden

PM orders installation of newly arrived power generators to Aden

Deputy Finance Minister: Taiz salaries will be sent off in two days

Deputy governorsays Aden reconstruction will start after Eid Al-Fitr

Custodian of Two Holy Mosques receives President Hadi

PM to Theresa May: Your assumption of PM position will promote UK pivotal role

Massacre that occurred to journalism will resonate for decades: YJS member

VP, EU official discuss normalization of situation in Yemen

Arab Ambassadors briefed on human rights abuses in Yemen

UNSC committed to Yemen's unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity

VP emphasizes parliament's responsibility to safeguard the country against coup

KSrelief signs agreement with WHO to provide oxygen plants for Yemen hospitals

Militias impede medics' access to regions most infected with cholera: Health Ministry

SCR chairman condemns coup militia's bombing of relief aid trucks

PM strongly slams target of UAE ship

Aden governor meets officials of relief originations' offices in Yemen

Yemeni, UN officials discuss humanitarian situation in Yemen

EU offers €20 million extra nutrition and health aid to Yemen

Minister of Planning and Chinese ambassador sign 30 million yuan worth of food aid

Houthi militias bomb trucks carrying relief aid in Marib: KSrelief

Abyan governor: Army should be on high alert to thwart outlawed acts

PM issues directions to expedite Aden Airport projects

FM directs embassy help Yemeni bus crash victims in Oman

A UAE ship attacked by Houthi guided missile, Arab coalition says

Saleh-Houthi militias bomb a house in Shabwah

War displaced persons in Yemen exceed 2.5 million: an official says

King Salman Center distributes food assistancex in Hadramout

"Kuwait is by your side" launches relief programs in Taiz and Lahj

IOM holds course on health awareness in Aden

Yemen, Egypt discuss media cooperation

Yemen & Saudi ministers discuss supplying oil products to Yemen

Paying back retired soldiers under Trust Building

Campaign launched to teach dengue fever prevention

PM orders paying June salary to government employees

SCR chairman and Turkish ambassador discuss receiving aid vessel

We were appalled by the despicable crime, info. minister tells slain journalists' relatives

KSA's role pivotal in repelling regional conspiracies, information minister says

PM directs to develop water service in Aden

PM: Eliminating epidemics requires following suit of liberated provinces

Hadhramout deputy visits soldiers wounded in terror attack

Yemeni official calls for banning child recruitment

King Salman Center provides food packages for 100,000 Yemenis

Special Forces Commander orders beefing up of security around Marib

Yemen journalists fall every day, international community apathetic, Al-Oseidi

Yemen army foils terror attack in Dawaan of Hadhramout

Human Rights Minister: Yemen and Egypt a strategic depth to each other

Death militia steps up violations against Taiz civilians

UAE Red Crescent launches food aid program in Radhoom, Shabwah

President Hadi meets Russian Ambassador to Yemen

Fifty thousand beneficiaries from IMO medical services in Shabwa

VP reviews with UK ambassador the government's re-normalization of liberated parts

Air raids kill scores of militias in eastern Taiz

Petromasilah provides underwater pump to Ghayl Omar water project

VP hails military's push to break siege on Taiz civilians

Taiz Governor praises victories achieved by national army

Blood of martyrs won't go in vain, President tells family of fallen general

VP stresses importance of normalizing situations in al-Jawaf

PM discuss army's streak of gains in phone call with Chief of Staff

VP and Chief of Staff review progress in the battlefield

Taiz Health Office set to receive large quantity of cholera medications

Yemen human rights group hand over reports to UN Rapporteur

WHO: 102 thousand cholera infection cases in Yemen

Yemen ambassador hands Cuban FM a letter from his Yemeni counterpart

NCVHRV documents 407 abuses during May

KSrelief Center set to deliver 12 thousand food baskets to Taiz, SCR chief says

Minister of Justice and UNDP delegation discuss promotion of judiciary

FM confirms gov't support to UN envoy's efforts and proposals

FM, China Ambassador discuss control of cholera in Yemen

Saleh-Houthi militias strip prisoners naked, mothers say

President Hadi reiterates to UN envoy his commitment to peace

Health Minister: Curability from cholera high, medicine stock sufficient for 900 thousand cases

LA Minister calls on UN organizations to use gov't-controlled seaports

Minister of Human Rights and ICRC mission visit Almansoura prisoners Aden

Saleh-Houthi militias killed 440 people within first half of 2017, HR group reports

LA Minister calls on UN organizations to use gov't-controlled seaports

KSrelief signs two treatment programs for 300 wounded persons

Yemen Minister recounts devastating toll of militia's war

Cabinet lauds efforts of ICRC in Yemen

Yemen, UNDP discuss tackling repercussions of war in Aden

YR 56 billion made available as army salaries, Cabinet source says

Electricity officials: Better power supply to Aden as of tomorrow

WFP hires an area in Moalla seaport for aid reception

Aden governor launches Kuwait-backed health program

Aden governor launches Kuwait-backed health program

PM praises ICRC for alleviating war-related suffering

Humanitarian situation in Amran discussed

Taiz Health Ministry office launches anti-dengue fever center

US ambassador hails Yemen statement regarding Hodeida port

Health Ministry taking measures to counter a second wave of watery diarrhea

Yemen partakes in International Labor Conference

Vice President meets US Ambassador to Yemen

Marib Yemen Women Union promotes anti-cholera awareness drive

Marib's local authority fences the archaeological town

Kuwait continues aid to Yemen

Yemen supports removal of Qatar from Arab coalition's ranks and cuts ties with it

Yemen supports Arab Coalition's decision to remove Qatar from its ranks

Supreme Court chief: Not wise to implicate judges in political and military conflicts

Yemen condemns terrorist attack against civilians in London

KSrelief launches Ramadan Iftar in Marib

VP emphasizes better local authority outreach to the war afflicted

King Salman Center launches a food aid program in Hadhramout

Yemen govt supports UN envoy's proposal of militia withdrawal from Hodeidah

PM emphasizes high vigilance among security forces

Mechanisms of project implementation discussed in Aden

Yemen demands UN to pressure Houthis to lift siege of ports

Taiz: Over 400 casualties in past month alone

Army spokesman: Ceremonials Camp liberated

Aden governor hails Arab coalition for orderly and secure airport

VP condoles relatives of market bomb blast victims

Arroayni:Government holding fast to the three terms of reference for peace

King Salman Center provides food assistances for Marib

Yemen govt condemns militia's terror attack on oil tanker near Bab al-Mandab

Yemen government desires peace but militias are headstrong, information minister

Twenty six CSOs say Mwatana is biased

Yemen asks Turkey to contribute in controlling cholera

AMA calls UN Security Council not to ignore Yemen's abductees

Arab coalition welcomes UN envoy's proposal of Hodeida port handover to a neutral party

FM al-Mekhlafi and UN officials discuss cooperation to counter the coup-caused disaster

Endowments Minister denounces Houthi violation against mosques and worshippers

Yemen denounces Kabul terror attack

Dutch minister: Any resolution to the coup should be lasting one

Yemen, Islamic Bank discuss maintaining fishery facilities

Tueller lays emphasis on US-Yemen coordination against terrorism and Iranian interference

Al-Shuaibi hands over credentials to Finland President as Yemen's ambassador

Yemen partakes in consulates' meeting in Italy

Al-Yamani: Houthi and ISIL terrorism turned our nations' life into a nightmare

Ministry of Information discusses setup of a new media corporation

Ambassadors condemn attacking convey of UN Envoy to Yemen

FM appreciates Oman's support to Yemen peace

Officials discuss women development in Hadhramout and Aden

Endowment Minister calls for further promotion of tolerance and moderation values

PM orders financial assistance to relatives of killed and wounded journalists

Aspects of UAE's assistances for Yemenis discussed

PM orders paying USD 10 million for Hadhramout power

President Hadi addresses the nation on the advent of Ramadan

Yemen's Central Bank warns of fake bill use

Prime Minister welcomes the UAE's power grant for Aden

Press Union says Houthis committed a terrorist slaughter of journalists

Al-Akwa': Aden will get additional 100 MW power

Three Yemeni journalists killed, others injured in Taiz

Yemen denounces Almenya's terror attack in Egypt

Prime Minister arrives Aden, launches power plant

Prime Minister arrives Aden, launches power plant

Deputy Minister of Industry: Houthi militias destroyed Yemen's economy

President Hadi receives Utma resistance leader

President Hadi holds meeting with his Vice, PM over field conditions

Yemen, Saudi Arabia discuss reconstruction, economy recovery


Yemen, China discuss education cooperation, debt relief

Al-Mikhlafi highlights UK generous to Yemen

President Hadi receives US Ambassador to Yemen

Yemen, US discuss activating peace talks between parties

Vice President: Fighting terrorism is a main objective of Yemen's legitimacy

Arab Coalition condemns assassination attempt against UN Envoy

PM, Russian Ambassador discuss Yemen's developments

WHO sends emergency crew to control cholera in Yemen

WHO sends emergency crew to control cholera in Yemen

Yemen partakes in meetings of WHO in Geneva

President Hadi: We will not allow to portion Yemen into micro-states

Civil Service: Monday May 22, holiday on Yemen's 27th National Day

Vice President briefed on efforts of re-operating oil blocks

Yemen partakes in Davos Economic Forum

PM endorses USD 31 million worth treaty for updating Aden power plant

Al-Yamany: Yemen's unity, biggest achievement in Arab history

Yemen, Germany discuss development, humanitarian cooperation

PM, German official discuss achievement of peace in Yemen

President Hadi visits King Salman Center for Relief

PM, German official discuss support of Yemen's reconstruction

PM meets Arab ambassadors to Germany

Kuwaiti Red Crescent allocates budget for combating cholera in Yemen

Yemen Egypt discuss implementation of signed agreements

Implementing UNICEF's projects in Yemen discussed

Interior Minister, UN official discuss Yemen's political developments

China to reconstruct Yemen's economy

Yemen, Germany hold meetings in Berlin

PM urges integration against Houthi coup, warns of split

Yemen's bin Daghr participates in Arab-German Business Forum

Canada renews support to Yemen legal government

Saudi Cabinet stresses importance of providing decent life for Yemenis

Prime Minister inspects Yemeni students in Germany

President Hadi receives French Ambassador to Yemen

Oman reiterates support for Yemen

Yemen partakes in "Belt and Road Summit" in China

FM phones officials of regional, international organizations

Yemen's premier arrives Germany for Arab-German meeting

Yemen denounces al-Qatif Attack, confirms solidarity with KSA

FM calls Gulf counterparts on recent developments in Yemen

About 340 violations made against civilians in Yemen during April

Arab League strongly supports Yemen's unity

GCC renews support to Yemen's unity

Arab: No Cholera infection in government-held areas

PM calls for not remaining silent towards Yemen's recent developments

Yemen's developments discussed in Riyadh

Yemen's Presidency rejects so-called Southern Council

Saba, Antara discuss news cooperation

Baggash reviews Yemen's conditions to Indonesian diplomat

Yemen, Jordan discuss facilitations to Yemenis in Kingdom

SAMA to provide technical support to CBY

Meeting on reconstruction in Yemen held in Riyadh

Vice President stresses importance of exposing crimes of militias

PM highly values Saudi generous support to Yemen

Minister Attiah briefs Turkish PM on Yemen's development

President Hadi commends US cooperation to end coup

President Hadi receives UK Ambassador

Yemen PM seeks WB support for reviving economy

President Hadi receives letter from King Salman over Arab, Muslim, US summit

Sea mines found out in Yemen's coasts

Abyan Governor sworn in before President Hadi

Deputy FM commends Chinese assistances to Yemen

Yemeni appointed ministers sworn in before President

Aden Governor discusses issues concerning people of Aden

Difficulties of Yemeni students in Pakistan discussed

Yemen's PM demands Russian pressure on rebels

Aden Governor urges to intensify efforts for providing services

Human Rights: Towahi genocide will not forgotten by prescription

PM to inaugurate 60 MW Qatar-funded electricity station

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